29 December 2014


Hola! I'm counting days away 'till saying goodbye to 2014! How was the year people? I'd love to hear you're part of stories! The year has been pretty eventful for us, since it's also the year where we've first started blogging, so I'd say 2014 was a good one, filled with unforgettable memories! Now, to add another chapter of 2014 just before it ends, here's North Pole; located at Pantai Indah Kapuk and in line with Shirokuma! If you still can't find them, try looking for a picture of three cute Husky heads, which is their logo. I love Huskies! :D

Such an ADORABLE cafe, that I can't help but be filled with glee as I enter and even now while I'm writing about it! A lot of people has been buzzing about this place and even though they planned on soft opening on December 26, there're already so many urging to try their treats before the set date until the owner finally gave up and decided to have a trial opening on December 23! How cool is that?!

Presenting a gelato galore! I can see those drool just waiting to fall! Anyways, they have some really rare flavors there, don't they? I especially loved the Thai Iced Tea and Forest Berry!

A fruit-loops covered cone to complete the wonderful gelato experience, why not? The fruit-loops is sticked with melted marshmallow!! The flavor that is most suitable for this cone, in my opinion, is this Mango sorbet! A very refreshing taste in a hot day with it's slightly sweet tangy flavor!

Not a fan of fruit-loops? Not a problem, as there's also the Oreo cone and who doesn't like Oreo? And what better combination other than Oreo and Ferrero?? Two of my favorite snack combined into one perfect treat!! I think I'm seeing bits of heaven!

Filled with colors of white and blue with wooden furniture adorning the room, giving the atmosphere of a north pole! There's also a wall where the owners themselves painted a cute drawing but since the place was too crowded, I didn't get the chance to take a shot of it!

On rainy days such as these days, having a cup of this hot babyccino is a perfect way to go! Though it might not be as perfect as coffee for those who can take their caffeine, it's much more universal, since it's much like a hot chocolate or maybe it is? What do you think?

A famous luxurious chocolate snack made into a beverage! Who wouldn't be interested in trying that? It was most unfortunate that I didn't try it because it was my friend's, but that just means I'm so gonna come back to try it next time!

Said to be their signature drink aaand it's a combination of things I don't like; I don't like white chocolate and freeze or any kind of ice blended drinks, it feels like trying to suck ice cubes from a straw! I'm okay with mint but my toleration is that they must come with dark chocolates! So this is a no for me!

Not only filled with desserts, North Pole also offers 2 kinds of snacks and few pastas! One of the snacks is this, which I think is necessary! After all the desserts and other sweet stuff I went through, this was like a breeze of fresh air! Though it's not really that special, I still appreciate the mozzarella inside that melts inside your mouth after a bite!

Of course, if it's snack we're talking about, then fries are bound to be found! Still, I'm glad the fries here tasted good and with a fair amount as well, since there're a lot of place where the fries are too expensive or tasted awful or even too small of a portion!

Slight intervention; Rainbow spoon!

Two small scoops of beer gelato in a small beer glass with a side of peanuts.

A new and entirely different way to have beer! A similar one can also be found at Playroom, yet the beer taste here is not as strong as Playroom's, which is a good thing for me! Don't underestimate this cause it really is as if you're tasting beer! Though I may not be a beer fan, this is a beer I can enjoy!

This is so CUTE!! My gosh, I could seriously died by it's cuteness!! Not only is it cute, it's yummy as well and I can't believe they have a tea version of affogato, using their thai tea! Definitely my favorite dessert! You just have to try it, you won't be able to resist it!

Twin chicks ready for a sweet bath!

Waffle, corn flakes, vanilla ice cream, chocolate, crushed Ferrero Rocher.

Another one that contains the delicious Ferrero! This place just keeps on making me happy! This waffle pop is like parfait with a waffle, which is very delightful! Waffles were nice with a perfect crispy outer and soft inside, dipped in a clash of wonderful toppings, and enjoyed to the last bite. The highlight of this dish is the chocolate sauce or mousse or whatever, but it's definitely the bomb!

Lemon sorbet, cheese cake, corn flakes, popping candy, crumbs.

Get ready to get struck by this lemon, literally! When it first reaches your tongue, all you'll be able to taste is an over the top sourness but after you get through that sensation, you'll meet a nice sweet aftertaste, which I seem to strangely enjoy! Anyway, do you remember popping candy from your childhood? Well, there's a bit of it on the side that you can add to this treat, hence where the 'electric' name came from! Eating it with all the ingredients mixed in one bite will give you the best flavor burst you'll ever get!

Salted caramel ice cream, milk pudding, corn flakes, crumbs, caramel popcorn.

Personally, I prefer this one than the lemon, cause here they use most of my favorite things! Salted caramel, milk pudding, and caramel popcorn, all in one palate! YES! Totally content with everything here, no complaints!

6 flavors of our gelato, sorbet, and ice cream in a smoky pan with whipped cream and fruity pebbles on the side. A must try!

Now, we've reached North Pole's special! Really don't get how they expect this for 2 pax though, since the scoops of ice cream is sooo small! Okay, so they have 6 flavors but judging by the size, it's like 2 scoops of the usual sized gelato divided into 6 smaller scoop! Kind of a rip off but I guess they're putting a price on the presentation, which I admit is totally cool and brilliant, plus you get to try most of the various gelato flavors they have!

The pan comes in many different colors as well!

The 6 flavors of gelato are from the ones that was showed on the ice cream display above, they are Oreo (brown), Forest Berry (grayish purple), Thai Iced Tea (orange), Cherry (beige), Bubblegum (baby blue), Lemon (white).

I'm delighted to see so many unique stuffs they have! From the beer gelato to the uber cute affogatea! And saying they're cute is down right insulting cause they're not cute but totally endearing! This place is worth the try, I hardly believe you'll be disappointed! By the way, just a little unimportant fun fact, the 3 huskies' names are Coco, Waff, and Cream, so adorable!

Northpole Cafe 
Ruko Crown Golf Blok A 57
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Pusat

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 11:00 am - 10:00 pm

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