25 December 2014


Whoops, sorry but I'm just in a really good mood with all the exciting atmosphere of Christmas and especially the holiday! Yeah! If you're also enjoying your holiday, how about visiting this cute cafe at Pantai Indah Kapuk, called The Twig Cafe!

First thing that caught my attention was the name itself, why would they name a cafe; Twig, but I guess that's what makes them unique! Love the cute signboard with that little bird hanging on the 'Twig'! :D

Anyways, I'm really in awe with the sweet and pretty interior and decoration! Do think that the indoor's a bit girlish and I'm sooo glad they didn't use pink as a dominant color, but since I am a girl, this suits me just fine! 

And of course, a little something to remind you where we're at!

Now that we've taken a peek at the indoors, it's time to step outside! But before that, here's a little photo spot that intrigued me!

The outdoors isn't really an actual outdoor, but more like a separate room with different concept, which is more suited for the weather in Jakarta, since not many would enjoy hanging out in the heat! The colors here are mostly black and more elegant with less 'girly', which I, myself, preferred to sit, cause of all the natural light this place has rather than the indoors that has dimmer lighting!

Always a good way to start your day! A little doze of caffeine really helps me get through the day and being able to enjoy it in this beautiful place made it even better!

Now, I don't usually elaborate on beverages but these here just can't be left out!

Amazed with how strong the Oreo taste is! Most Oreo blended beverages are lacking in Oreo but this here's really rich, as if they used a generous amount of the cookies in this! Totally recommended for all Oreo lovers and I bet there're plenty of you!

Very refreshing! If you're looking for something fresh and not too heavily sweet then this is perfect for you! After all those huge lunch, this was the savior of the day, at least that was from my personal experience! Fyi, those orange bubbles are mango popping bubbles!! Another reason why I love this drink!

Out of all the drinks I had, this was my least favorite, not because it's bad, it's just the others were more extraordinary! Guess this is like a higher level of chocolate milk or something like that, still it was okay!

Skinny potato skins loaded with cream cheese, bacon bits, and leeks. Served with special dipping sauce.

I had ALWAYS loved potato skins! If you ever tried the ones from American Grill's salad bar, this is just like those taken to a whole new level with it's bacon and cheese! The perfect starter if you ask me, wonder why it's so rare to find this simple dish!

(Mushroom / Chicken / Prawn)
Healthier choice of Italian pasta dressed in extra virgin olive oil, garlic and chili pepper.

For a healthier choice, this aglio olio tasted delicious! Don't really know why there're both mushroom and prawn, since I thought we were supposed to choose between those 3 main toppings and not that excited about the prawns but the mushroom goes really well with the whole dish and there's just a hint of spiciness to complete a perfect aglio olio. Who says healthy always taste bad?

Love how tender the chicken is, even though it's chicken breast! How many restaurants could make a perfectly tender chicken breast? This really impressed me and the basil cream sauce was a gorgeous finishing touch! The right amount of basil, just the way I like it! Anyways, there's no price in this dish cause it's a new menu, so sorry about that!

Grilled succulent St. Louis pork ribs with our Hickory BBQ sauce, choice of side dish: fries or butter garlic rice.

Oh, the joy of pork ribs! What can I say? I just love pork ribs and there's quite a low possibility that it'll taste bad. The sweet yet savory famous American Hickory bbq sauce was AMAZING by the way! And just so you know, this dish was the only plate that's clean, even when we're too full to finish every single dish here!

Another new menu!! Something traditional for a slight change of atmosphere! Whether it's Western or Asian, all of it tasted impressively good and really blows my mind how they could make a simple fried rice tastes so heavenly with a nice soup on the side for refreshments, the oxtail're exquisite as well!

Breaded crispy chicken chunks, onion and mozarella cheese with our special BBQ sauce!

Was not my cup of tea, maybe cause I don't really like onions, but the taste were also a bit plain for me. The dough was more like a crispy puff rather than the usual pizza dough and it's actually good, just didn't really like the topping. Might come back to try their pizzas with other interesting toppings though!

Can you believe that all of these were a feast for 3?

(Served hot in a teapot, individual serving)
Nymph of The Nile
Organic white peony tea with Persian rose & Egyptian basil.

Now that we're in such an elegant place, why not do as the Romans do and enjoy a nice cup of tea like royalty? Even the tea bags're classy and it really produced a nice fragrant afternoon tea that soothed our too-full-tummy! Can anyone tell me where I could get one of those tea bags? :P

Earl grey lavender tea infused panna cotta with caramel corn flakes topping. Served chilled.

Another classy food is this earl grey panna cotta! Really feels like royalty right now! The earl grey aroma's interestingly strong even though it's only infused! The caramel glazed corn flakes, raisins and almond are also a nice touch that boosted the whole dish! Really recommend that you try this one!

CUPCAKE (Cookies & Cream, Peanut Butter)
The Twig's signature homebaked cupcakes.
Each IDR 20K
Half dozen IDR 110K
One dozen IDR 200K

Don't know if I was unlucky or there's something wrong with the recipe, cause the cookies and cream topping was really bad! I think it has got to do with the butter cause the butter smelled awful! Only the cookies and cream ones though, seeing as there's no problem with the peanut butter and the cupcake itself had a good texture and taste. Hope that they've got it fixed now!

Another little tour to the second floor! Also cute and pretty and they only open the second floor when the first floor is full and the bathroom (which they kept really clean) is also on this floor!

The owner's sister also has a small boutique called Lost & Found that is also opened on the second floor, it sells a lot of cute, vintage outfits! Better check it out girls!

Appreciate how they don't turn on too many lights in the morning, even when the room is this dimly lit! Saving energy for the earth is always a good thing!

The Twig Cafe
Ruko Crown Golf Blok B No. 5
Pantai Indah Kapuk
North Jakarta

Opening Hours :
Tuesday - Friday : 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Saturday - Sunday : 12:00 pm - 12:00 am
Closed on Monday

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