08 December 2014


BREAKING NEWS to all Japan lover!! A newly opened temporary cafe has landed itself at Gandaria City and it's called WAKUWAKU Cafe! Why is it temporary? Well, cause it's only opened for 2 months only from 28 November - 28 January, so you better get going NOW! They're located at Kaffein, who generously shared their space for WAKUWAKU Cafe! Don't worry though, you can still order some of Kaffein's menu though WAKUWAKU's menu might be more dominant!

Does the name WAKUWAKU rings a bell to you? That's because WAKUWAKU is actually a Japanese TV channel operated by SKY Perfect JSAT and has been airing in Indonesia for 9 months! This TV channel broadcasts special selected Japanese contents, which includes Drama, Musics, Anime, Sports, Culture, Entertainment, and Documentary, in local language for 24-hour a day! In Indonesia, WAKUWAKU Japan is available in paid TV like Indovision, Okevision, BiGTV, FirstMedia, OrangeTV, Transvision, so contact your local operator now!

Why does a TV channel wants to open a cafe you might ask? It's so that we could get a glimpse of a real Japanese atmosphere and scenery from the decorations to the menus of this cafe, at least that's what Makoto Makino, the Acting General Manager, Overseas Business Division dan Multichannel Pay TV Business, said!

And he's not kidding! When I stepped into this cafe, it really does feel like I'm in the actual Sakura nation! The lantern lighting, Sakura blossom decoration, even to the tatami tables, they're all meant to a sheer purpose of making you feel the Japan air! Yet don't expect the place to be spacey, since they're sharing with Kaffein remember?

I'm sooo grateful to be able to try their authentic Japanese specialty food first handed on the opportunity last month at 27th November! All I could say that you could rest assured about the taste cause it's really a top quality food you'll get here!

Starting of with the most notable and common Japanese widely known food in Indonesia; TEMPURA!

A substantial dish with freshly-fried ingredients.

Now, before you get a heart-attack from looking at the price, I'll quickly explain the reason of this pricing! It is said that this is the exact amount of money you'll pay for the exact same foods in Japan, so if you're planning of visiting the beautiful country, this is just like a heads up before, pretty convenient if you ask me! Back to topic! Just a quick info, Chazuke or Ochazuke is a simple Japanese dish made by pouring green tea, dashi, or hot water over cooked rice and you can expect that they offer the best quality of an authentic Japanese even just for this simple dish! You can really smell the oriental scent of tea from the soup, which I think was very refreshing and balanced out the oil-fried tempura!

A colorful dish with a variation of fresh seafoods, vegetables and thin strips of egg.

New and authentic way to eat sushi! Though it's not exactly new in Japan, Chirashi Sushi is what you could call Scattered Sushi which is very popular as an easy way to eat Japan as a home-cooked meal! Don't you just love how Japanese are good with making their food looks colorful and fun to eat? Here in Waku Waku is no different plus the ingredients they used are very carefully picked, so you can rest assured that the taste is phenomenal!

Never eaten something so colorful and pretty before!

A delicate topping of freshly sliced sea bream.

Never tasted raw fish this fresh before! The highlight of today's food adventure, this high quality sea bream eaten with rice and fragrant soup! I have never tried raw sea bream before and from this, I definitely have a great first impression! Love the texture and how it just melts in you mouth!

A bowl of quality that also comes with a price but who can ever put a price on perfect quality?

A great combination of grilled salmon with soup stock.

Finally! What we've been waiting for; salmon! So you'd probably have known by now that I'm not a big fan of cooked salmon but this! Definitely changed my mind! Didn't expect that grilled salmon could taste like this! Even when it's grilled, it still have this soft texture that goes perfectly with the soup, no, the soup had totally taken it to the next level!

This pretty table in pink can be found on the outdoor room. Though the tables here aren't tatami but just the usual one, it still has the Japanese feel! I don't really recommend sitting outdoors though cause of Jakarta's hot weather, especially with all the raining going on these days. Do hope that you stay warm and healthy! :)

After getting our tummy filled, it's time to explore more of WAKUWAKU's fun event at Gandaria City's PIAZZA Atrium! The event is over now though, since it's only from 28th November to 30th November, did you get the chance to experience it? If not, don't worry cause I'm gonna share about it all today! 

The event was more like a bazaar that was made to look like it took place in Japan with the beautiful Sakura blossom everywhere and the interesting booth consists of traditional Japanese games, snacks, and even a booth to try on Japanese real yukata! All of it is for free as well!

The 3 influential and widely known fashion blogger tried out their own favorite yukata! Don't they look dashing? And by the way, notice the one with red, does anyone recognize him? He's Arif Muhammad, the writer of a best-seller comedy novel, Poconggg Juga Pocong!

There's a stamp rally for the games where you'll get a stamp for each games you've won and collect all the stamps for a 30% discount to dine at WAKUWAKU Cafe! One of them is this Shiki-Oriori Wanage, which is a ring toss game and winner gets a Shiki-Oriori, which is WAKUWAKU's original assorted cookies designed to bring the experience of Japanese FUMI and four seasons!

Next is this Kendama, a wooden toy known all over the world! To play it you have to flip the ball to the smallest cup, then the largest, then the medium-sized one, in that order, then toss the ball so that its hole slides over the pointed tip!

Here's a Japanese originated guy who made it all looked easy! He's the 3rd best Kendama player in Japan! So Cool!

Other than games, there's also a performance from WAKUWAKU's ambassador JKT48 and HIM! The famous and probably many people's childhood hero, ULTRAMAN MEBIUS!! Really brings back memories, huh? And another thing, the guy behind the suit is a real Japanese guy and he's always available in this event and for photo too!

Kids just love their Ultraman!

Just another quick reminder that WAKUWAKU Cafe is only available until 28th January 2015, so I suggest you try it now before it's too late! Fyi, there's also desserts menu that wasn't available yet when I went there, which is why I'm sooo coming back for them! The desserts are Matcha Shiratama Aimitsu, Imagawa-Yaki, Hiyashi Zenzai and all for only IDR 50K and it also includes Japanese traditional tea with 3 choices of flavors; Matcha, Sencha and Houjicha! The tea is refillable and is worth IDR 30K and comes with a Shiki-Oriori cookie!

Thank you WAKUWAKU for the unforgettable and beautiful experience!!

Gandaria City
Mainstreet Dining UG
Unit #MUC33
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda No, 8
Jakarta Selatan 12240


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