10 January 2015


Hey guys! Yet again Senopati has acquired another strong member! Guess that it's no longer a surprise, since I think that Senopati is a really promising spot to do an F&B business nowadays and this time it's a super classy dessert house focusing on chocolates called Amber Chocolate Bar! Though the area is already filled with many dessert palace, it won't hurt to add another one to the list. Amber is located right across Cacaote, which I personally think is a very daring and bold move but considering it's one of Mount Scopus Group's, which also consists of The Harvest Patissier & Chocolatier, NEGEV Art Gallery & Bar, Balboni Ristorante, Chateau Blanc and others, I guess Amber is strong enough to survive! What attracted me about this place other than the fact that they're filled with alluring desserts, is that they have 3 floors with each different concepts!

Welcoming with a princess-y interior for their chocolate and pastry boutique, well, first impression is important, right? The first thing that came to my mind when I first stepped inside is 'Wow! This place is so elegant and high-classy, I have to take a shot of every single angle of it!' and the highlight of this room is definitely the table below a gigantic chandelier! On that table is where they showcased their signature Amber chocolate bars, cookies, macarons, and more!

Flowers to accentuate a princess' castle!

See the photo below? Wonder why there's a leather bag here? Well, that's because this is the packaging for if you buy this set of treats that costs about IDR 700K! Sweets and handbags? It's every woman's dream! (Second to jewelry that is) Lol!

Amber's delicious signature chocolates anyone?

The sweetly packaged cookie set! Perfect for gifts or just a delightful personal guilty pleasure!

So on the first floor, they have two sides. On the right side is where the Pralines, Truffles, Macarons, and bakery goods are stashed!

On the left side is where the cakes either sliced or whole is and also their legendary, I repeat, LEGENDARY hot chocolate is made!

You'll find 13 magnificent kinds of macarons here, each cost IDR 15K and what's unbelievable is that they have a curry and chili pepper flavors of macarons! Wow!

For the chocolate truffles and pralines, there're 8 kinds or so, if I remembered it correctly!

The bakeries really intrigued me, especially the chocolate ones, since we are in a CHOCOLATE bar, it's like they're calling out to me!

Now these are some of the cakes, though I didn't try any of it, but I'm sure it tastes delightful and all pretty too!

Let me introduce to you, my FAVORITE corner! The huge glass window just makes you feel like you're in a real wonderland castle!

Although I'm feeling like I'm in a castle on this floor, I do think that it won't suit a guy's taste, cause of how sweet and girly it is!

In this boutique you can not only order all kinds of desserts but also main courses! 

Even though I was a bit disappointed that the real product didn't look as pretty as the photo on the menu and found it a bit difficult to take a good shot of it, I still didn't regret ordering it, cause it was ultimately YUMMY!! The macarons, the chocolate, the ice cream, the fruits, all of them just went perfectly with each other and there's just something different with all the chocolates here, a good kind of different! This is definitely the best chocolate melt I've ever had!

A chocolate wax seal to signify their prestige!

For this one, it actually turned out the same as the menu and I loved it! Don't you think that the plating is just so adorable and gorgeous? Anyways, the cheesecake is actually a raspberry cheesecake but I think the raspberry did kinda overpowered the cheese flavor but still good!

In both corners there're a few sides to compliment the cheesecake, on this side it's raspberry sauce, orange popping bubbles, a piece of chocolate and a sorbet, whilst on the other side is mostly the same, only the sauce is mango with red popping bubbles and a caramel ice cream, which by the way is super good!

On the next floor is a more sophisticated kind of elegance with a LIBRARY theme, hope that those books are allowed to be read freely! This floor is where the guys would be more comfortable at and you can see for yourself in the photo below that there're more men here!

This place is also equipped with elevators for those who just simply hates the stairs! But if you're young and healthy, I doubt you'll use the elevator, right? RIGHT??

This floor might look a bit cramped cause of all the books but the amount of the table is actually the same or even more than the first floor!

The shelves are not only used to store books but also wines, they also has a mini bar, which I don't personally think is that comfortable, considering how near it is to the kitchen, but this place sounds more and more appealing to men, don't you think?

Now, let's get your spoon ready!

The perfect sign of being a fine dining restaurant! And I'm really grateful that it's good, which means they pay attention to every little details when it comes to taste!

Deeply sorry about forgetting the price yet again, but whatever the price is, I recommend that you TRY this! The BEST hot chocolate I've ever tasted in my whole life! Rich and creamy chocolate, yet very smooth and not heavy at all! And what better beverage to have at a chocolate bar than a hot chocolate?? Seriously, try it!!

Other than hot, they also have the iced ones, the difference is they're already packaged in a bottle like in the photo below and there're many other flavors as well! The Caramelia I tried is unfortunately, nothing special unlike the hot chocolate, which is sort of disappointing, but I just can't stop myself for being curious of the other flavors, yet maybe next time, I'll try it in hot! Who wouldn't get attracted to trying the hot/iced chocolates, when there're just so many flavors to choose from and in the menu, it's like they're purposely trying to lure you into it!

So happy that we're given to try these macarons! Each of them were surprisingly delightful and yummy, especially the daring curry flavor! The only downside was the texture of it, since it was too fragile and crack easily (it even cracked just by me moving it with a spoon)! Though the texture wasn't 100% perfect, the taste's definitely perfect!

Before you go berserk cause of the price just for this salad, I'd just tell you that there's wagyu beef here, so it's iceberg lettuce, tomato, anchovies, parmesan, poached egg, and instead of chicken, they have wagyu! Yeah!! Although the poached egg wasn't the perfectly creamy yolks that I'm looking for, it was still satisfying plus the dressings just completed the whole dish! And I still can't get over those wagyu beef, just wished they'd put more meat, but I guess that'll beat the meaning of salad, lol!

A bit out of my expectation, since I was already imagining the crispy skinned on top of the pork's fat with it's juicy meat, but turned out it was only meat! No fat whatsoever was found in it and when I asked about it, they said that they actually removed all the fat! I know some people doesn't like the fat in pork bellies and it's also not healthy, but they could at least leave a little bit of it! The meat was a bit hard but I guess all in all, it's still a decent and good dish. Fyi, the sauce's carrot (I thought it was pumpkin, lol)!

We've reached the highlight of today's food adventure!! Of course, anything with a fancy name is bound to be good and it's proven again! This salmon was soaked in that green sauce, which is made from wasabi and edamame! You can just taste the Japanese sensation tingling on your tongue with each bite! The salmon is 3/4 cooked, which I forgive cause of how good it goes with the sauce! Might look small for the price but as always, quality over quantity!

There's also a whole edamame on the sauce to enhance the edamame taste!

Unlike the usual creamy risotto, this is more of a dry one, which is actually not my type of food. Since the risotto is dry, the texture turned out to be a bit hard, whether it was supposed to be like that or if there was an error, I still didn't like it. The risotto is topped with squid and wild mushroom and while you can clearly see the squid on top, I failed to find the wild mushroom! Maybe it was the seasoning or something. Anyways, even though there're a lot of things that didn't sit well with me in this dish, I'm still glad that it was seasoned well! That definitely helped the situation a lot!

And the plating is just beautiful!

In the third floor is a sky lounge! So for this floor it's where everyone can let loose and have fun! The floor doesn't open until 5 but it's always available if you want to take a few shots here, they won't mind! Be sure to visit it if you'd like a drink or two!

Since it is a sky lounge, the room was filled with glass walls, hence why they open at 5, if it was earlier, you'd be heated to death! (Yes, I'm exaggerating!)

The interior is definitely cozy enough to enjoy a nice drink with companies!

They also has an outdoor complete with bar's signature stool!

I definitely recommend this place, cause they have a place for every occasion, be it to for an elegant girly time on the first floor, for a great dining experience on the second floor, and even for a night out on the third floor! Heck, you might as well spend the whole day here!

Amber Chocolate Bar
Jl. Senopati Raya No. 61
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan

Opening Hours :
Pastry Boutique : 07:00 am - 10:00 pm
Library : 10:00 am - 11:00 pm
Sky Lounge : 05:00 pm - 01:00 am

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