20 January 2015


Hola! We're back with yet again another restaurant in Senopati area!! Hope that you haven't got tired of hearing Senopati yet :p (but I totally understand if you do, lol!) Located in line with Holy Crab, this restaurant is really easy to find and it's called H Gourmet & Vibes! Hmm.. I wonder what the 'H' stands for, any ideas? Definitely not the name of the owner though, since the owner is Vidi Aldiano. Yeap, no 'H' there!

Something that I find unusual here is that they have 3 floors here, okay, not that weird..but the first to finish and open is the 3rd floor! Way to ruin the flow of numbers! You can reach the 3rd floor by using their elevator though, so that's cool! Okay, they're forgiven!

I personally like how they set up the place, despite the fact that it made the place look cramped!

You can probably guess from the photos that this place is more of a 'hanging out' kind of restaurant, which is mostly how 'hip' restaurants are nowadays. Even the tables for a proper dining is lesser than the bar tables, a definite sign of what the place is meant for!

First thing you probably would've notice about this bar is without a doubt the huge clock, right? Is the steam-punk interior the new 'in' thing right now or something?

Can't deny that the huge clock is amazing though and that the steam-punk interior really works for this place!

These ones here are high chairs, which also works a standing chair. The whole room here is a smoking room, kinda expecting this though, since the owner is Vidi, so you should know that it's not my favorite place no matter how awesome the place is!

This spot is my favorite cause it's near the windows and you guessed it! Overflowing natural sunlight!

So the place is divided into 3 sections by a separating mid-low walls and the section below is the nearest to the bar, which is a bit dimly lit even in the afternoon!

Just wanna show you this cool floor tiles that I'm currently obsessed with!! <3

Love this pretty spot, which by the way is around the DJ stand. Key point; DJ STAND! Now, I'm sure this place is gonna turn into a club at night, though won't they hit the tables while dancing cause of how cramped the place is?

Good'ol American grilled cheese sandwich w/ our (H)ouse dips.

For the appetizer, we started with this 2 sets of sandwiches. They have 2 styles of it, either classic, which is only with cheese, or with swine or turkey bacon (for additional price of IDR 20K). We decided to go with the classic, since it's going for a role of an appetizer, yet even just the classic is good! 2 slices of brown toast with melted cheese in the middle, you won't be able to resist  the temptation! On the sides are some dips, which I don't know really well, but the green one tasted like mints and the brown one is like an Indian sauce, tamarind or something, last but not least, is chili sauce. With or without dipping, this sandwich is still yummy!

Look at that cheese!!

Take a feast on out homemade 200gr fatty, topped with coleslaw and (H)ouse aioli.
(Patty) Beef / Swine.

The only available burger then..but I guess I'm not too disappointed, since it did turned out delicious! You can choose either pork or beef for the patty and I, of course, went with pork, though it's not 100% perfect, it still tasted amazing! Other than the patty, there's also the not-overly-grilled bacon, which I'm glad of cause then they'd came out juicy and full of flavors! You gotta try the chips dipped in the brown Indian sauce though, it's really different, a good kind of different! Additional IDR 35K for double deck!

Jamaicans favorite dish. Special (H)ouse jerk-seasoned grilled chicken + sweet potato fries / jerk rice.

I do admit that I'm taking a save road by going with the rice, since I personally think that the savory chicken won't go well with sweet potato but it still bugs me till today that I didn't try it nevertheless it's still satisfying! The biryani-like-rice goes really well with the PERFECT chicken, especially with those green sauce that kinda looks like guacamole! Though it's Jamaican, it really is similar to Indian flavors so if you like Indian tastes than you're bound to love this as well!

Our lunch scene!!

After reading some of the menu description, you'd probably have guessed that H stands for (H)ouse cause that's exactly what happened to me! Foods here are wonderful but I doubt I'd be coming here often, since the place would reek of cigarettes, which I have low tolerance of! And if I really do want to dine here, I'd at least hope that it's empty!

H Gourmet & Vibes
Jalan Gunawarman No.41
3rd Floor
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12110

Opening Hours :
Monday - Friday : 11:00 am - 02:00 am
Saturday - Sunday : 11:00 am - 03:00 am

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