21 January 2015


Finally! A new restaurant that is not in Senopati or SCBD or PIK for it's in Gandaria, yet not inside the mall, just in that area! Owned by the famous Masterchef Indonesia's judge, Chef Degan, which explains a lot why the place is called Letter D.! I think it's easy enough to find, seeing how huge this restaurant is!

Here they have 2 floors and this is their 1st floor! See how it's so bright because of all the windows? It's like they don't even need lamps to brighten the room as long as there's sunlight! <3

Unlike some restaurants that prefer to have different concept with each floor they have, Letter D. has the almost exact same setting in every floor, so you'd most probably find these wooden furniture in the 2nd floor as well!

Since it's the raining season, I've got the chance see this amazing view of the fogged up window, like those in the movies, so pretty!! These seats are near the barista's station, so it's the perfect chance to enjoy the view with a nice cup of coffee!

A dreamy date scene! (Mine, at least)

The barista station I was talking about. Cake of the day can also be found here, they offer different cake each day!

So shiny and perfect that it looks fake!

Anyways, did you know that Tanamera is ruling the coffee in some restaurants nowadays? I've seen some of the popular upscale restaurants, (like The FCTRY Bistro & Bar) using their beans! Well, who wouldn't accept quality coffee into their business?

Even though they have Tanamera's beans, they certainly do not have Tanamera's perfect red velvet latte! Not that this one is bad, just not as perfect as Tanamera's!

I prefer the ones at Tanamera because theirs are sweeter and richer but if you're looking for ones that are less sweet than this might be perfect for you!

I probably should have warned you guys that there'll be a lot of interiors before we move ahead..can't help but admire how gorgeous everything is!

Even their menu book is pretty!

Let's move on to the next floor, shall we?

Instead of coffee, on the 2nd floor you'll find a bar instead! Time to let loose! Fyi, this floor is also the smoking room!

Familiar, isn't it? Yeap, this is not a double take of the 1st floor but is how the 2nd floor actually is!

Don't worry of not getting any seats cause this place is HUGE! It's like a 2 stories version of Locanda!

See? Perfectly well-lit even without turning on any of the lamps!

Just a simple garlic bread but surprisingly satisfying!

Chargrilled beef burger, tomato, gherkin, cheese, green salad, shoestring potato.

Although the taste is decent, I still think it's a bit overpriced, since there's nothing really special about this burger..just your everyday proper burger! I was expecting something a bit more extravagant cause the place is run by Chef Degan. Guess I should learn to be less expectant!

Foil-baked snapper, tomato, olive, caper, onion, basil, mint.

Guess I'll let the price slide this time, since the size of the snapper is really generous, yet I'm still disappointed cause of the seasoning! I don't really know if the taste is supposed to be this faint or because it was under-seasoned, all I know is I feel that it was lacking!

Can't really show you how they actually set the tables outdoor. The chairs were lined up like that because of the rain!

Though I'm enchanted with the interior, I was harshly brought down by the foods! Maybe it was the wrong choices of menu, maybe their specialties are the Asian foods, since there are more Asian food choices in the menu, especially Indonesian, but I expected that every single menu is gonna be amazing, it's Chef Degan for crying out loud! Well, I hope you have a better dining experience here than us!

Letter D. Cuisine & Bar
Jl. Ahmad Dahlan No. 16
Jakarta 12130

Opening Hours :
Sunday - Thursday : 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Friday - Saturday : 11:00 am - 2:00 am


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