07 January 2015


Hey everybody! How was your holiday? Hope that it was fantastic! Well, our holiday was sooo addictive that we got a little carried away, hence the super late post..really sorry about that, but we are back now and ready to update you about the places we enjoyed on our holiday!!

One of them is this super simple and neat new coffee haven that can be found at Gading Serpong! It's a bit complicated to explain whether this place is far or not, cause it's not at Jakarta but not as far as Bandung, just Tangerang. The place is not that hard to find, the only problem I had was that they didn't have a signage yet! They're next to Sun Life Financial, just ask the security if you have any trouble finding it!

A lot of coffee enthusiast has visited the place as well, which probably means that Turning Point has some pretty good coffees! Anyways, does anyone recognize that tattooed dude in the photo below? He's none other than Mikael Jasin, the head barista of one of Melbourne's finest coffee shop, Operator25! He came to help out his friends a bit for a day and we're lucky enough to get a taste of a coffee made by him, which is AWESOME!

Yeap, this actually is the whole kitchen, so don't expect any main courses here! They do intend to have some bakery goods and sandwiches though, so that's good! What better breakfast than a sandwich accompanied by a nice cup of coffee?

The interior is still very plain and neat but they did say that they're planning to step it up a bit, maybe adding a mural painting or something. Guess I better keep an eye out for them!

Drops of heavenly goodness, don't you agree?

Time to decorate those drops of heaven with a beautiful tulip latte art!

Or maybe pour it into scoops of vanilla ice cream for some magic!

What I love about this simple place is these giant windows! Just look at how much natural light I'm getting here, can't appreciate this place more for it!

Can't get enough of how pretty everything turned out because of all this light! The wooden furniture, pastel colors, and flowers just made it sweeter!

On a mood for flat white and was satisfied with this nice and unique blend! They're using Morph coffee like the ones 1/15 uses with each own signature blends, which are very different from each other!

This is something I'd definitely make for my kids in the future! Just drinking it makes me feel like a child and I mean it in a good way. One sip of this sweet milk will make you feel all warm inside and with that price, I'd happily have seconds even though it's a very simple drink!

Chocolate Souffle Cake.

All of the cakes here are supplied by Lareia, which is an online cake shop famous for it's yummy delicacies! This chocolate souffle totally proved me how delicious Lareia's cakes are! You can just see the thick chocolate and caramel layer on top of their moist cake, be sure to take a shot of it BEFORE they're heated!

...Or else it'll turn out like this, lol!

Perfect set of table for an afternoon coffee!

Gooey Milk Pie.

Okay, confession! I wasn't planning on ordering this but after tasting how good the chocolate souffle was, I just can't help but get tempted to try this milk pie as well, especially after seeing many other customers ordering it...and I'm glad I did! You can really smell and taste how rich the milk is in this pie and there's also oats in it! Lareia cake really is the best!

Turning Point also has a semi-outdoor room, which is located in the back. Even the outdoor is really pretty and also has a nice breeze, or was it just because of the rain season?

Maybe it's because they're not entirely roofless, so it's not so heated even with only a fan! The roof can also be shut if it starts to rain, don't worry about getting wet!

No, we did NOT stay until late, this photo here is actually taken in daylight! This is how the room will look like after the rooftop is shut, they suddenly turned into a romantic atmosphere!

Turning Point Coffee
Jl. Ki Hajar Dewantara
Ruko Golden 8 Extension Blok K no. 10
Gading Serpong, Tangerang

Operating Hours :
Monday - Saturday : 10:00 am - 05:00 pm
Sunday : Closed



  1. The first one around to write about Turning Point. Nicee! That outdoor area with greens <3

    Ruby - Wanderbites.com

    1. I know, right? I just love the whole interior, simple yet pretty! Thanks for visiting our blog btw! :)