13 February 2015


Hey ya'll! I've caught myself a flu and I blame it on the weather! Lol! But seriously, in this weather, it's very easy to get sick and I hope that everyone is taking a good care of yourselves! Don't worry though, cause I'm feeling better by the day! Anyways, is any of you familiar with Applebee's? Yeap, that one of the America's largest restaurant chains, Applebee's! They focus on America's stereotype dishes in a casual dining style. If you don't know what I mean, it's what you'll think of when I say 'Western' foods!

You can find Indonesia's Applebee's at Plaza Senayan's 5th floor but it's located in the far corner, so you better keep watch for the signage! The signage is pretty big, no need to worry!

Can't understand about their interiors, maybe they're going for some messy and mixed up type but it turns out really cheesy, which is really too bad!

Are they obsessed with traffic lights?

Here're some free-to-take cute apple shaped balloons to make up for the interior!

Head out West and grab this burger topped with crispy onion strings, melted white cheddar cheese and smoked beef bacon. Served on a toasted bun with honey BBQ sauce.

Don't judge from the looks cause this actually tastes amazing! I was also disappointed cause it's not this messy on the photo in the menu (never believe the photos of a dish on the menu!). Maybe it's as they say though, the messier the better tasting! The only downside is that I couldn't find the best angle to take a shot of this and yet, the thick and juicy patty, crispy bacon and yummy onion rings definitely saved the dish, especially the onion ring!

Classic spicy garlic and extra virgin olive oil sauce tossed with fettuccine pasta. Served with toasted side bread.
Half IDR 49K
Add chicken IDR 29K
Add shrimp IDR 69K

Just your everyday aglio olio, as they say; classic! You can order half if this is too much for you but I doubt it! The portion really doesn't seem that big to me. Add some chicken or shrimp to boost the level but it's okay just as it is too!

Our homemade New York Style Cheesecake served with your choice of strawberry, chocolate, or caramel sauce.

Love this! Love it so much! Beautiful cheesecake that actually melts in your mouth with a perfect sweetness level and you can also choose from the 3 sauces! I personally think cheesecake goes perfectly with tangy sauces like blueberries and strawberries, hence why I chose it but the color of the strawberry sauce kinda looks like chili, don't you think so too?

The foods here are actually pretty good but I just don't feel like coming back, maybe it's cause of the interior? Cause I admit, the colorfulness is kind of a turn off. If you don't have any problem with the colors, I'd bet you'll really enjoy it here!

Applebee's Indonesia
Mal Plaza Senayan
5th Floor Unit CP-519
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
Senayan, Jakarta Selatan 10270

Opening Hours :
Sunday - Thursday : 11:30 am - 11:00 pm
Friday - Saturday & Holiday : 11:30 am - 01:00 am


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