23 February 2015


Hey, I'm kinda stressed out right now and it's all because I'm facing my final thesis! Although I'm still just doing the proposal, it's nerve-wrecking whenever I think whether they'll accept it or not! (And it's just a thesis proposal, not marriage, can't imagine what guys have to go through, lol!) This is what cause the very late post, which I know it just sounds like 'excuses, excuses, excuses!', so I apologize for that!
Anyways, putting all those stressful things aside, I'm gonna present to you today's topic! Eggsss, it's all about eggs!! Yes, it's Benedict! *YAY* I know you're probably wondering why I'm all hyped up about something other than pork and desserts, but that's because I've waited for Benedict to open for quite some time now. If I remembered correctly, it was since December! Came here for dinner, you probably thought it was for breakfast, but nope, dinner! Lol!

This new tough competitor landed itself on Grand Indonesia, across Uniqlo and next to iBox to be exact. Being in the same group as Union, E&O, Cork n Screw, etc, it was expected that they have the similar kind of interior, since their interior designer is actually the same!

Upon entering, you'll find some desserts on display on your left. They look super tempting but unfortunately, I didn't try any of their cakes or desserts, cause I only wanted to try their dishes. I'll save those for my next visit!

Guessing that this is those free-to-smoke kind of place, which disappoints me. As expected, it was a full house when I came here, to the point where the bar seats are also full! Wow! Well, the place is perfect for dining, snacking, and hanging out, combined all the people looking for those into one and BOOM!

And this was on a weekday, at night! Arrived around 7 pm, I had to go on the waiting list, which I was the second group in line. That's not that long, right? WRONG! I waited 'till 9 pm just to get a table! Unbelievable!

Let's go on with food now, shall we?

First of, WHY is it that green?! I'd be just fine if it was light green or something, like how teas are supposed to be, but that just looks like poison in a glass! Lol! Tasted okay though, very refreshing!

Chorizo, peppers, chipotle hollandaise, corn fritters, feta cheese.

This is one of Benedict's signature dish but truth be told, it's not my kind of food, just because it kinda taste like corn fritters with too much flour. The only savior here is the beautiful eggs and hollandaise! I think it's just me though, since I came here with a friend and she liked it!

Look at those gorgeous yolk!

Short ribs, mushroom, potatoes, fried egg, béarnaise sauce, sourdough.

Best dish I had here!! Though it's not really photogenic, the taste made me not care about it at all! Can you believe it? This is one of the all day breakfast menu, so even though it's meant for breakfast, you can still order it anytime! Lucky! I don't know why, but I kinda think it tastes like a modernized Indonesian stew(?) You should really try it!

Dill-cured salmon, sautéed baby spinach, tobiko, hollandaise, challah bread.

Another one of their signatures and a highly recommended by the waiter. It's sort of a comfort food, so expect the seasoning to be very light! However, I personally am not a big fan of light seasonings, since I have Indonesian blood running in my veins, lol! Had to add more salt and pepper into it, but after that, it really turned into a satisfying dish! The challah bread, which I just learnt that it's Jewish, is ultimately soft and topping it with a beautiful salmon and tobiko made it heavenly!

Confit duck, crispy garlic, sous-vide egg, pickled shitake mushrooms.

This was my friend's, since I'm not a big fan of foie gras and really can't understand why people love it so much! It's unusually expensive and there's a certain weird smell plus weird texture, nope, not for me! If you like foie gras then maybe this is perfect for you. There's no complain from my friend, so I guess it's okay, you need to mix it all first though!

Petite brioche slider with a choice of our fav custards.

Inside the sandwich is actually the usual frozen custard, the 4 choices of custards; black sesame, cheesecake, apple pie, and maple bacon. I was gonna order the favorite maple bacon frozen custard but the waiter recommended this sandwich, which already has 3 self-pick choices of custard, so why not? My best picks are the black sesame and of course, the all time favorite, maple bacon, the crispy bacon totally blew me away! Only thing that disturbed me was the paper lining, since the just rip and stick everywhere cause of the custard! Get rid of those!!

There are a lot more dishes that I wanted to try here, but since I can't eat all of it at once, I've decided to come back some other time to try them!! I didn't even get to taste their desserts! Darn it! I guess I'll be seeing you again soon, Benedict!

Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
East Mall 
LG Floor #37 - #39
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta Pusat 10310

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm

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