15 February 2015


Can you believe that another new restaurant has made its appearance in Senopati area? It just keep popping up non-stop and most of them have such interesting concept, which is why I'm always curious when there's a new one! This one has actually opened since January but I still consider it new! Located on the 2nd floor of the well-known coffee shop, Crematology, this place is called Cantina 18!

If you're thinking about 'isn't Crematology's 2nd floor, Commune?' well, Commune moved to another place. The Foundry 8, if I'm not mistaken and is replaced by Cantina 18! I was expecting a cool interior for this place cause like I said, most restaurants in Senopati has amazing concepts, but it turns out to be very ordinary, so I admit I was a bit disappointed. It's not bad but just too ordinary! Guess they're really living up the name Cantina (Italian for canteen)!

You'll mainly see red, grey and white here and there's not much difference in the noon nor night cause the windows are all covered with curtains, which prevents natural light from entering the place!

For me personally, I think this place is more suitable for a romantic dinner on Valentine's day rather than a hang out place, even if it is canteen-like! So if you still haven't decide about where to take 'her' for Val's, book your tables now boys!

There's also a more private table here, which I guess is the VIP room, suitable for meetings and such!

Don't be fooled by the looks cause these breads are hard as rocks! Yeap, the welcome breads are hard rolls with olive oil! The sticks are good though and if you don't mind the chance of plucking your teeth out, then do try the rolls!

A very refreshing beverage and just by reading the name, you probably have figured out that this is gonna be sour...and you're right! It's not the bad kind of sour though, in fact, the sourness is what made it so energizing and with a hint of sweetness to boost your happiness level!

And of course, another fancy brand of mineral water to make it classy! Lol!

For the salmon's portion, 95K is really worth it! And considering it's a restaurant in Senopati makes it more surprising! I guess Cantina 18 can be classified as an affordable restaurant in Senopati area. Grilled to perfection, this salmon is the exact example of simplicity at its best! Highly recommended!

Even the potatoes are yummy but maybe that's because it's salty, just the way I like it!

This is the salads for the salmon. Maybe it's separated as to not disturb the pretty presentation of the salmon?

In other name; grilled pork chops...PORK! Yeap, another large portion with an affordable price. I'm loving this place more and more! The plating is also pretty and tastes amazing, even though there are some parts that are still red and undercooked, which is totally bad for your health! They better pay more attention to that, cause I never heard of pork being cooked in 'medium'!

Bad news for me, they only have 5 desserts here and the only one that attracted me was this one! I need more desserts!! Anyways, I admit I didn't give this enough credit at first and was expecting it to taste like genji pies or something but one bite of it and it all changed! Beautifully and carefully prepared, the presentation's really an eye-candy! You can really taste that the strawberries are fresh and goes perfectly with the puff pastry and lemon cream. Expect it to be tangy and fresh!

I'm satisfied with the overall dishes, which I think is really worth their price! Love the stone plates by the way, very different in a good way! The only downside's the undercooked pork and I do wish they could do a little upgrade to their interior!

Cantina 18
Jl. Suryo No. 25
2nd Floor
Kebayoran Baru
Senopati, Jakarta Selatan 12180

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 11:00 am - 11:00 pm


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