18 February 2015


Is anyone out there enjoying your holiday for Chinese New Year like I am? If so, why not trying this super cool spotting at Bintaro, which I know is a bit far and untouchable (this is also just my second time visiting Bintaro), I can understand if you guys are taken aback but that's why I'm suggesting a visit now, while it's a holiday and it only took me like an hour more or so to make it here! Trust me, you won't regret coming here!

This unique place is called Ind.ustrie, the Ind. is actually short for Indonesia, smart!! Cause the name is Ind.ustrie, the interior is made out of recycled things, which creates this industry like atmosphere. Fabulous and green, love it! For you coffee addicts out there, they use Tanamera's beans here as well! Really impressed by how wide Tanamera has spread their wings!

Such peaceful atmosphere they have here, instead of the hectic life in Jakarta that made me more and more intrigued by this place! Lovely natural lights too! No wonder there're many who uses this place to work and study!

Talk about creative, just look at what they could make from recycled items here!

Said to taste like Snickers and it actually is similar, so all you peanut butter chocolate lovers, this is for you! It's really rich and creamy, yet strangely lighter than I thought it'd be!

Judging by the name, this is probably their signature, which is made from Tapai or better known as cassava. They're usually used to make local traditional desserts or alcoholic drinks, so trying this is really different, a good different that is! How high their nationality spirit is really admirable!

All the drinks they recommend are good but this is my personal favorite! Perfect combination of avocado, chocolate and a hint of coffee! I admit I'm not a big fan of avocados but this is amazing and surprisingly light for such a creamy beverage, yum!

Let's start with some appetizers, shall we? If you've seen Ind.ustrie from a food bazaar before, then you'd be familiar with this menu cause it's one of their best sellers and I can see why! Perfectly juicy chicken with crispy skin and yummy sauce on the sides that works wonderfully together! Love the cute holder, very efficient!

Taking spring rolls into a whole different level, how? Deep frying it, of course! Anything deep fried can hardly go wrong and what screams Java better other than peanut sauce? Yeah!! It's the beauty of a local Indonesian dish!

Another favorite menu from their bazaar, a simple crispy wonton!! Don't underestimate it though, cause their a favorite for a good reason! Yummy is all I can say, especially when dipped on the sauce!

Relax, no monkey was harmed in this dish! The meat you'll find is chicken and fish instead. From the presentation, it's somewhat a 'nasi bakar', another Indonesian inspired dish! Even though I'm almost full, I can't help but munch on this one! It's a bit spicy but that just made it more addicting!

One of the best meals here and the best deal if I could say so myself! This whole plate is the perfect size for me and only for 40K too! If only this place is nearer, I'd happily visit often. For this exquisite Indonesian dish, which is also their best seller by the way, I'd say the taste is well suited for anyone. The chicken can be a bit spicy but eating it with the uduk rice makes a perfect combination! I really recommend this one!!

You're probably wondering why they have Japanese cuisine out of nowhere, since mostly they consist of Indonesian foods. Well, this is because they say that there're many Japanese in the neighborhood, so they taught 'hey, why not make something that will suit their taste as well?' and who doesn't like a decent ramen? Even I do, though I'm an Indonesian! The first thing that attracts me about this bowl of ramen is the generous toppings! Just look at how full the bowl is and the also put in some yummy popcorn chicken in there, which is delightful! The ramen is not as good as a specialty ramen shop like Ippudo or others but it's decent enough, which I think is a lot coming from a non-ramen-specialty restaurant!

Please excuse our big feast! :P

The BEST cheesecake I've ever tasted in my whole life!! No kidding! Healthy too, since they use honey as their sweetener instead of sugar, which is why it's named 'sugarless'. Who can ever resist this? This beautiful cheesecake is sooo light and just melts in your mouth, also combining it with the strawberry puree is just heavenly! Don't you dare miss this one out!!

Decent coffee with a wonderful cake? The exact definition of a fine afternoon!

Smoking room is also available here, which is located on the outdoor. It's not that big but I still think it's simple and pretty, plus the photos you take here would be amazing!

You'll know where to find me whenever I feel like wanting to get away from Jakarta's hectic life! A part of me wishes that they open somewhere closer to home but other part is also glad they didn't, hence making this place the perfect getaway spot! If I'm not mistaken, you can order their cakes online from their website, which is definitely what I'm going to do!! Again, their cheesecake is to die for!!

IND.USTRIE Kitchen & Coffee
Ruko Kebayoran Arcade 2
Blok B3 No 58
Bintaro Sektor 7
Tangerang Selatan, Indonesia 15224

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 08:00 am - 10:00 pm

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  1. love the interior of the place and such positive and tradition vibes it gives alongside keeping up with the trend. seems like a place i would visit. keep updating us with more