24 February 2015


Hi! How's your day? I hope it's great! My holiday just ended and I've started my first week of back in university..devastating, yet this is what I've been waiting for as well, since I really want to hurry up and graduate! *Sigh* The struggles of last semester students... Give me strength peeps!
On my last day of freedom, I decided to visit somewhere further from home; Kelapa Gading!! The times I've been to Kelapa Gading can still be counted with my fingers, which just shows how rare this opportunity is! I came here specifically to try a Thai cuisine, which is gonna be posted later on, and also for this beautiful cafe, Le Epicure! (So French!)

You might be astonished by how deserted this place is but you're not the only one! I would never thought there would be such a gorgeous patisserie in this neighborhood, you have to check them out yourself to understand what I'm trying to say! Seriously! If it wasn't for Instagram, I wouldn't have known about this but because they're deserted, the place is almost empty, which made it super comfy! My friends and I definitely made ourselves at home here! 

Firstly, you'll face a pretty high stairs even before entering the cafe and inside you'll find more stairs, which leads you either to their bottom floor or middle one, where the cakes are displayed, we'll also place our orders here. They have 3 floors here and the seats are only on the bottom and third, there's also a fourth floor but it the office or something, which non-associated people are not supposed to enter! The photo below is the bottom floor by the way!

Here's the second floor! See how pretty and sweet the place is? Might be a bit too girly but since I'm a girl, I'm totally loving this! I do think these kind of designs for a patisserie has become too mainstreamed though, but it's still pretty so I'll let it slide!

Some of the displayed goods!

I chose the third floor to enjoy my desserts and you'll see how amazing this place is here! Truth be told, I decided to sit here because they said the third floor has sofas..lol!

And once again, the most amazing view and interior has to go to the smoking room! :( But I guess it's a given, since this is the outdoors. A patio-like outdoor separated by a glass door from the indoor!

The coolest part of this is the fact that they're glass-floored, so you can see through to the bottom floor from here! Warning to the girls wearing skirts though, since if we can see what's below, the person below can also see what's above them!

This is really a perfect spot for a photoshoot! Not only because of the beautiful interior but also because there's so much natural sunlight coming in!

One of Pierre Hermé's wonderful creations, a French pastry chef who is called 'The Picasso of Pastry' and is famous for his macarons! The original recipe consists of Dacquoise biscuit with crunchy hazelnuts, hazelnut crisp, thin wafers of milk chocolate, milk chocolate ganache and milk chocolate chantilly and here they created an almost similar one! Though it still looked like a sloppy work, I can really see them going somewhere if they perfected it! The taste was pretty standard but seeing the price, it was kind of worth it!

Okay, I can really say that they don't have the best eclairs. The choux dough was too dry and you can't really taste the hazelnut. I don't recommend the eclairs, no matter how affordable it is!

Don't judge by how it looks cause this is one of my favorites! Cookie crusted dark chocolate ganache with a hint of coffee flavor in it! Simply satisfying!

Very ordinary and what I don't like about mille feuille is that they're so hard to cut! By the end of succeeding in cutting it, they'll probably be in a mess! The cream was okay and it's not bad, just really standard!

So.very.sour!! I know it's gonna be tangerine-y fresh but I didn't expect it to be this much! After eating all the sweet heavy pastries, this was our lifesaver though, but it doesn't change the fact that it's really sour! The colors really pretty and that is what attracted me the most!

This is worse than the hazelnut, since vanilla is like the most basic of all flavors, which made this eclair more unattractive to my taste bud! :(

This was decent enough and the simple plating is actually kinda cute! Though it's not the neatest job with the layering, at least the taste is okay!

The price here is really affordable!! Too bad they didn't develop the taste more or it'll be perfect but I guess this is the highest quality we could get with just IDR 15-25K. Even if there's nothing special with the pastries, I'd definitely come back just for the sake of the calm and inspiring ambiance! I could really see myself getting some work done here! I hope they'd step up on their taste so that this place could become the perfect spot in Kelapa Gading!

Le Epicure Patisserie
Jl. Raya Kelapa Hybrida Blok QH12 No.5
Next to SMAK5 Penabur and Jakarta Taiwan School
Kelapa Gading
Jakarta Utara

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