13 February 2015


We're finally back after all the flooding! Yes, I'm one of the victims..lol! Anyways, hope that you all survived and well, also praying that there won't be anymore floods!! Enough about tragedy talk, it's time for the future favorite restaurant to be put on spotlight! So this place we're gonna talk about is located at Panglima Polim, near Mama Goose and it's called Patio. Careful though, you could easily mistaken the place for an ordinary house, since it's not only located on a housing, it looks like one too! Seriously, without the signage, this place would fit right in!

Upon entering, you'll be struck by a whole different aura that definitely feels like royalty! Just take a look at it yourself, you'll get what I'm talking about!

First, you'll be asked about the usual things from the greeter here, so this is somewhat the reception. Amazing first impression is what I'll say!

Then, you'll be escorted to the actual mansion!

Ta-dah! This is what the 'inside' looks like! Sort of ancient medieval-ish, huh? And they're really just too obvious about their love for Indonesia from those table cloth! Is it intentional or just a coincidence, I wonder!

Here is also the perfect destination for a special Valentine date! I guess the white and red can also suit Valentine's day..but I'm sorry, the color white and red just strikes 'Indonesia' to me!

Best seating spotted; comfy sofas!! And notice the cool chandelier there? Yeap, totally loving this place!

There's also a bar, which I didn't pay attention to since I'm too caught up with the crazy interior but of course, medieval is familiar with their alcohol involvement!

Best looking smoking room ever! Be thankful smokers, cause you got the greatest spot here, I hope you're happy!

Gorgeous pizza stove right there, open for the public to see!

Why of course something like this is to be expected! It's obvious this place doesn't only look like royalty but also serves like in a royalty!

Hate to burst your bubble but this is just mineral water guys, though it does look like some spirits or other alcoholic substance at first glance! One thing I can say is; even the water here is fancy! Lol!

Way to really make it seem like an alcoholic beverage!

Slow roasted medley wild mushroom, talegio, fontina, thyme and shaved grana padano, Escargot.

Okay, reading the description, they kinda lost me after the 'wild mushroom'...but there's escargot in it, so why not! Sadly the escargot didn't stand out and was unbelievably overkilled by the cheese and garlic. Even though the pizza's texture is good, I paid IDR 189K in hope for the escargot, yet what I received was plain cheese and garlic...I feel ripped off! :(

Duck leg confit served with french bean cassoulet, orange candied and orange sauce.

Now this is worth paying for! Even if it's just duck leg confit, I'd spend my money on this anytime than the pizza cause this one tastes super good! Not only that, it's also really pretty! I love how colorful this plate is and the texture of the duck is very tender! Perfetto!

Linguine, king prawn, garlic confit, anchovies, kalamata olive, chili, capers, wild rucola.

This kinda tasted like aglio olio with seafood, a bit tangy and oily with crazy good prawns! For the price, IDR 309K is for the sharing portion, though you can see that the normal portion is big enough, at least for me it is!

Penne with baramundi in tomato sauce.

You're probably wondering why it doesn't look like it's in a tomato sauce like what the description says. Well, it's cause you can actually ask to change the pasta and sauce here! You can replace the penne with any pasta you like and same goes for the sauce. For this one, I chose the creamy sauce instead of tomato, since I'm not a big fan of tomato based. Anyways, this is really delicious and I appreciate the generous size of baramundi there!

Grilled prawn, garlic mashed potato, ratatouille, mesclun and saffron sauce.

The prawns tasted if not almost, exactly the same as the ones in the Primavera, which means they're awesome! The mash also complimented it nicely and created a whole plate of goodness! Yum!

You'd probably have gone berserk after seeing the price of this not-even-a-slice of cake but the quality you'll get is a no joke! If you're looking for what real tiramisu tastes like, then try this one! Can't put price on quality, huh?

Has your inner pirate awakened yet by looking at this wall-art? Cause mine sure has!

Bad news for me cause this perfect room is also another smoking room! Darn! So it's like the place is divided into 3 sections and each of it is gorgeous, ultimately gorgeous! For a house-like restaurant, this place is pretty big, don't you think so?

I guess I can say that every penny I spent here is a money well-spent, except for the pizza, but considering the ambiance, the interior, and the food quality, it's all worth it! Good job, Patio!

Patio Trattoria & Pizzéria
Jl. Wijaya XIII No. 45
Panglima Polim
Jakarta Selatan 12160

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 11:00 am - 11:00 pm

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