08 February 2015


Hey yo!! My exams are all done!! Woot woot! Can't be more excited cause now I can go back on doing the 'fun' things..lol! This is also the start of the month of L.O.V.E and for that I'm gonna open this month's posts with Shaboonine (Shaboo9)! Why? Don't ask, maybe cause I love Korean foods? Anyways, I think there's still not many Korean shabu-shabu house. If you know some, do tell. Personally never had Korean shabu-shabu and I don't know why I had such high expectations for this place!

You can find Shaboo9 at Gandaria City near Piscator, which is an all you can eat seafood restaurant by the way. The place is not that big and a bit deserted but trying to stay positive, I blame it on the wrong positioning and also because it wasn't lunch or dinner hour when I came!

Divided into 2 sections, which are the darker and lighter room. Yes, that's the only way I could put it, since that's really the only difference!

Loving the cuteness of this wall design! Those veggies are just lovely!

Like any other Korean restaurants, the essential Banchan is also available here and of course, KIMCHI!

Fried chicken cooked with sweet and spicy sauce.

This is like one of those fried chickens you can find at Bonchon. Tastes sweet and spicy but I think they went a little overboard with the spiciness! I'd enjoy this very much if it wasn't this spicy! :')

Hotplate wagyu beef chunks.

Though it's wagyu, there's nothing really special with the taste. Just as it says, beef chunks on a hotplate, good but not as surprising as the price!

Korean traditional rice cake and fish cake in spicy sauce served with deep fried squid.

Again with the spicy problem but given the name is 'spicy' dopoki, so I guess had to forgive them! The thing I can't accept is the deep fried squid that really doesn't get along with the whole thing but it's actually good, if standing alone! Other than the spiciness and deep fried squid, it's all good! You can also add; fried enoki, fried dumpling, seaweed rolls, and fried squid to this too with an additional cost, of course!

Assorted vegetables & mushrooms
Guksu noodles
Special fried rice
Mixed fish balls
Choice of; Australian wagyu beef (140gr) or Dori fish (200gr) or King prawns (4pcs).

The highlight of today, the actual shabu-shabu! This is the Guksu noodles that you'll put into the soup to cook, looks and tastes like a normal green noodles to me!

For the meat choices, we got the Australian wagyu beef (140gr), which I'm sure won't be enough for even me alone!

And of course, the assorted veggies and mushroom for a typical shabu-shabu!

There's 2 choices of soup that we can choose from; original and spicy. This one's the original, which kinda disappoints me. I really expected something different from a Korean shabu-shabu but it turned out to be your everyday usual shabu-shabu! Seriously, there's nothing special about it!

As you guess it, this is the spicy one! Kinda tastes and looks like Tom Yum and I prefer this one, since it's not too spicy and has a stronger taste but still doesn't mean it's really good, just better!

Can you guess what this is? Scroll down to find out!

Ta-da!! It's the special fried rice! Yeap, this is the same thing as the photo above! At first, I was also confused of how is that a fried rice but after the waiter came and asked if it's allowed to be cooked now, it all made sense! I seriously thought we only need to mix it up like a bibimbap but it turned out that it needed to be cooked first in the kitchen! Lol! Feeling pretty silly right now!

Now, THIS is the real highlight! Unlike the shabu-shabu, this fried rice actually tastes amazing! Too bad the portion's not much, I might even finish it in 3 scoops! :P

Wonder why is it called 'Pingsu', I'm pretty sure it's spelled 'Bingsu' but I'm not a Korean expert, so oh well. They have various types of 'Pingsu' here and we got the Merry Berry, which I first thought is gonna be sour but turns out really sweet and yummy! Remember to mix it all together before digging in, 'kay? Just ask for a bowl to mix it in! My sweet-tooth is VERY satisfied with the dessert!

Shaboo9's recipe is all homemade and originated from 'Choi Gane Bossot meuun Kalguksu Shabu-Shabu', which is very well-known among Gingham people for its authentic and healthy shabu-shabu! That's why I was putting a high expectation here but I guess it's either a fail here or just not my cup of tea! There's also another branch in Senopati but I don't know the exact location 'till now!

Shaboonine (Shaboo9)
Gandaria City Mall
UG Floor M-U38
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda
Jakarta Selatan
021-29236776 / 7260999


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