31 March 2015


Yes, it's another one in Pantai Indah Kapuk..I won't even comment about it anymore. Today, we're gonna share about a restaurant right next to Born Ga, called The Cup! Just looking at the name must've been confusing on what cuisine they offer, so I'm gonna tell you that it's....Korean! Can you see the resemblance? Well, it does has a spoon and chopsticks, which Korean usually uses, even though most Asian cuisine uses the same thing but at least, there's something!

The Cup is an actual brand from Korea and after branching out to other countries, they finally reached Indonesia! Now the whole design here is really simple and neat and they don't strive for something too out of the ordinary but more of a friendly and family-oriented. The foods are still served on bowls, whereas cups are only for take-outs. Now, what amazes me is the fact that the cup also holds soup! So, you can also order something like Kimchi-chigae or something on a cup for take out! That's some cup, huh? Well, let's get munching!

Since I've tried the flavored soju at Arraseo, it has become one of my favorite alcohol and seeing as they offer them here, I decided to try some! I think the soju were a bit stronger than the ones at Arraseo, so the flavor were a bit bland. For those who likes soju might like this but since I'm not that big fan of alcohol this was just okay for me!

Not forgetting that this IS a Korean restaurant, they also offer 2 banchan, Kimchi and this Macaroni salad. Although I do admit the Kimchi is a bit spicy, I still think it's good!

Fresh noodles in rich hot and spicy assorted ocean fresh seafood broth topped with mussels, sliced eggs and garden fresh vegetables.

They weren't kidding about the spiciness! They have 2 sizes for this, medium and large, which costs IDR 70K. I actually ate this one last, so I was already a bit full and didn't try much of this and because the noodles are those thick ones, I only tried a bit but it was good! The noodle's texture was really bouncy and the seafood's fresh! Just gotta survive the spiciness and if you can take spicy foods, try this!

Deep fried farm fresh boneless chicken meat dressed in luscious honeyed sauce over infused premium Korean rice.

Yummy!! I have always love Korean's glazed fried chicken and this one once again, reminded me of why I love it! Below the chicken is a fragrant rice that goes perfectly with the chicken! The sauce is more of a honey mustard plus more honey! Don't worry though, it's not overly sweet or anything other than yum!!

See those beautiful glazed goodness!

A buttery and creamy garden fresh potato soup.

I love potato and I like cream, so having the both together is nothing I can complain about! If I'm not mistaken, that yellow thingy in a shape of a 'C' is a breadfruit or in Indonesian it's more familiar with the name Sukun. If you're looking for a comfort food for when your sick or not, this will be perfect!

Stir fried juicy boneless smoked duck meat with soft silky tofu.

You could really taste that smokey flavor when you bite into the duck. Kinda reminds me of the tasty duck I've had at The ORI, a smoke barbecue bistro in Lotte Shopping Avenue that I rarely go to and I really miss their smoked duck but now, I found this! And by the way, the sauce is slightly spicy but it's really just a slight and it also comes with a silky tofu, so it's definitely more than enough!

Succulent and tender pork meat perfectly cooked in traditional Korean spicy Duruchigi sauce.

Nothing can go wrong with pork! This is another great example of that phrase! Definitely one of my favorite dish here, the pork is really tender and flavorful, even if it is a bit spicy but that just adds the extra kick! Not liking the onions cause I'm not a fan of it but I admit that it makes the dish smells heavenly and I don't know what Duruchigi sauce is but they did a good job to the pork!

Perfectly deep fried farm fresh chicken drumette and wing battered in THE CUP distinctive sweet and tangy sauce.
Served with crisp potato wedges.

This is similar to honey chicken rice but with different sauce and the chicken here is not boneless. For the sauce I prefer the honey chicken but this one's got potato wedges in it!! Torn into two, I decided to just get both..lol! Glad that I did it cause the potato wedges were delicious!

Perfectly deep fried farm fresh boneless chunky chicken cube battered in CHEF signature spicy sauce.

Another boneless glazed chicken but this time I tried to be more daring and ordered the spicy one. There's 2 options, spicy or sweet but the for the spicy one it's both spicy and sweet, so I decided to go with this one. We were told that it's not that spicy anyway but my were we misinformed! It was even spicier than the spicy Jjampong! Can't deny it's good though, so even though my tongue felt like it went through hell and back, I still managed to finish it till the last bite, it's just too addicting! Phew!

You can just judge how spicy it was from how red it is!

Yeap, a feast for 4 people, it's not that much, right? :p

Love it!! Below this is not a normal shaved ice but it's a snow ice, so it's way softer than normal shaved ice that you won't even feel like you're eating it, since it'll melt immediately as it touches your tongue and it also has a sweet milky flavor to it rather than plain water from ice. It's also overloaded with toppings, lot's of yummy toppings from green tea ice cream, red bean, wafers, tteok (rice cake), pocky, and green tea powder. Totally suitable for Jakarta's hot weather!

Don't know what Injeolmi is? Well, it's Korean's special tteok or mochi or rice cake or whatever you wanna call it and it's also a very popular snack in Korea cause it's easily digested and nutritious! Here, they used the Injeolmi as a filling in a toast covered with powdered dried soy beans and almonds, topped with vanilla ice cream! Guess you could say that this is delicious and healthy!

At first, I wasn't expecting much out of it, since the place looks like a fast food restaurant but my, did I learn about not judging a book by it's cover, cause the foods are awesome! So happy to leave this place with a happy tummy, although it might not be the same for my wallet, since I do think that they're a bit pricey but that never stops me from getting my good food!

The Cup Indonesia 
Bukit Golf Mediterania
Ruko Crown Golf Blok D No. 50
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara, Indonesia

Opening Hours :
Monday - Thursday & Sunday : 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Friday - Saturday : 11:00 am - 00:00 am



Are you ready for another new restaurant at Pantai Indah Kapuk? Cause it's happening! Not only that, I also feel a new trend has arrived and that is Singapore's restaurant branch. Did you realize that most new restaurants are a branch from Singapore? For example Song Fa, Itacho, NamNam and now, Tim Ho Wan! Tim Ho Wan is famous for their delicious dimsum in Singapore and also Hongkong. This time, they decided to open a branch in Indonesia on 28th March 2015 at Pantai Indah Kapuk and I went there straight away! They were going to open at 11 am and I was thinking that most new restaurants that open at PIK will be crowded, so I decided to arrive earlier at 10:45 am and guess what...it's already SUPER crowded! Lucky me, my fellow foodie Eddy and Shelmi was already there and was first in line! Yeay!

Going off topic here but the grand opening bouquet of flowers were really beautiful, since it's their first day of opening, which means these were still very fresh! This was also my first time seeing valet parking service at PIK. Can you believe it? It's so crowded that they needed a valet parking service!

Anyways, there's a system here that I don't know whether it's only for the grand opening or will it last but to get your table, you'll need to put your name on the list and request the seat's quantity, then when your name is called, your group needs to be complete, so if you requested for 5 people, you can't sit until all 5 people is present! It means no saving place for someone who's late! Might sound harsh but it's for time efficiency, since there are a lot of others that's waiting to be seated as well!

They have 2 divided seating areas, 1 is in front near the glass window on the earlier photo and next is this, which is pretty spacey! The interior and everything is like the Chinese restaurants you see everyday, typical for a place of dimsum!

Pan fried carrot cake.

Okay, I used to eat this whenever my mom or grandma would buy it in the traditional market and it's supposed to taste a bit salty and eaten with a yummy spicy sauce...but this is just too tasteless! Seeing as I usually ate the ones in the market with a very affordable price, I consider this very overpriced and not with a better taste, which is really too bad!

Baked bun with BBQ pork.

Thank goodness the pork did not disappoint! This is the best dish I had here. Even though it's just a simple pork bun, the taste is amazing! Buns are really soft and there's like some icing sugar sprinkled on, so they taste a bit sweet with a combination of those tasty BBQ pork! Heaven!!

Braised chicken feet with Abalone sauce.

Not a big fan of chicken feet and this one is really plain! Usually, they're really soft and you can just slurp it up but not this one and it's also a bit tasteless..so nope!

Beancurd skin roll with pork & shrimp.

Guess this one's okay..can't really see anything wrong with pork in it. Just that it's not that special as compared to the price, since I was expecting something much better with that price. Turns out, it's just like any others that has lower price than this!

Wasabi salad prawn dumpling.

Wow, seriously? IDR 43,8 for 3 pieces of little dumplings? What a rip off! At least it tastes good, the wasabi's not that strong though but it does look paler compared to the photo on the menu!

Spring roll with egg white.

Another tasteless dish! I'm guessing this is because Singaporeans do not like strong flavors unlike Indonesians but they should probably consider adding a bit more flavor for Indonesia's branch cause the problem is literally just in the flavors, the texture is perfectly fine and crunchy, so please fix the flavors!

Steamed egg cake.

Don't know why I'm suddenly jumping to desserts but there are no rules in dimsum! At least, not for me! Well, it's obvious that this cake uses brown sugar hence the brown color, so it's faintly sweet and fragrant! What I love most is the super soft texture!! I just love soft textured cakes!

Beancurd skin roll with shrimp.

This is wayyy better than the egg white ones! I'm guessing cause they use beancurd skin and shrimp, so it has more taste. I'd definitely choose this one rather than the egg white anytime!

Prawn dumpling.

I love Hakau, but this one's really not my favorite! For me, the skin is way too thick, which from experience will taste worse after it gets cold, since the skin will become stiff and tasteless!

Pork dumpling with shrimp.

Truthfully, this tastes good but it's really ordinary. No offense..but you can find better tasting ones with lower prices in other restaurants. 'Nuff said!

Rice with beef & fried egg.

It's really cute how they uses a stainless-steel glass plating! So basically, there's rice and beef below that egg, you'll be given a cheong-fun sauce to go with it as well. Tastes unique with a strong herb scent! Not saying I love it but I don't dislike it either!

Beef ball with beancurd skin.

Well, this is disappointing..not only that the beef ball's texture too crumbly, which might be unfair being said by someone who likes bouncy textured meatballs, but it's also tasteless! So I'd have to say no for this one!

Pork rib with black bean sauce.

This is YUMMY!! Not just because it's pork but it's really good overall, it's a really proper Paikut even if the black bean sauce is not that strong. Though I'm a bit upset by the foods here, I'm really thankful that this one turned out great!

Vermicelli roll with BBQ pork.

The BBQ pork used here is the same as the ones in the pork buns but here they wrap it in cheong fun. Everything here is perfect, the pork, the sauce, there's just 1 flaw...the cheong fun skin is too thick!! It's sooo close to perfect! Darn it!

Vermicelli roll with sweet and sesame sauce.

No, this is not a dessert, though it's somehow like eating cheong fun with skippy..so it's just plain cheong fun with lots of sauce! Warning; it will stick to your hard palate, if you don't know what that is, it's the upper part of your mouth!

Vermicelli roll with prawn.

Same problem as the one with BBQ pork, perfect with a slight flaw! The prawn is huge and generous and goes perfectly with the sauce! I just can't get enough of that sauce! Yum!

The photo below is just a few of what we ordered, since we had 2 or 3 plates per dish and we even ran out of space on the table! Guess we really went overboard, especially since the price is not too friendly. I don't want to repeat my disappointment but I do want to again, say that the BBQ pork bun is the BEST!! I'd definitely take some home on my next visit! And when that day comes, I do hope that they would've improved then!

Tim Ho Wan Indonesia
Bukit Golf Mediterania
Ruko Crown Golf Block D No.8-10
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara, Indonesia

28 March 2015


Back with another hotel buffet review..and today our lucky choice is the all time famous SATOO, Shangri-La! We're given the chance to try SATOO's recent crazy idea, which is called Red Night that started on 20th November 2015. This program is available every Thursday evening and everything here will all be red! From the decorations to most of the foods, even the staff's usual orange uniform will turn red! They first came out with the idea of this for seafood only, since red is from how seafood turns red when cooked but decided otherwise and just made everything red! Not only that, at 7 pm, there will also be a dazzling parade of red desserts going around the restaurant before placed for us to feast on!

Starting off with red meat appetizers. Now, don't make me explain why I'm starting with these meat version of salads but I'm a person who'd choose meat over veggies!

I'd prefer a thinner slice of salami but this one gives off better flavor, just not better the texture!

Can you sense those hints of reds? Look at that red pasta! Though it looks lovely, I don't think I'm gonna eat it until I know they uses natural coloring!

Pasta section! No, there's no red pasta here (thankfully) but here are the usual pasta with various choices of toppings and sauce. Just ask the chef to cook it to your liking!

When it comes to pasta, aglio olio is a must for me cause you can really judge someone's cooking skills from the simplest dish, right? I'd say, they did well with this! For the topping, I asked for salmon and bacon, my 2 favorite aglio olio toppings and having the chance to get it in 1 plate is the best thing I could ask for!

Next to the simple aglio olio, we decided to try something more daring and that is this cheese filled tortelloni and not stopping with cheese filling, we went overboard and asked for a carbonara out of it! I do think it tasted okay but since we ate it after it turned way too cold that the cream kinda frozen off, we definitely had a hard time devouring it. Admitting that this is our fault, sorry!

Next to it is the noodle section, where a lot of Indonesian traditional noodle toppings are prepared! From eggs, bean-curd to meat and fish balls!

I immediately skipped to the Chinese section, where these beautiful peking ducks are!

The peking duck is like any other peking ducks I've had and the usual ones are already good, so I have no problem at all with this!

All I could say is that the Chinese section is probably my favorite one, cause not only do they have peking duck, it's also where various of pork are!

Look at that glazed charsiu and they fit the theme perfectly, since charsiu is red!

That is officially the thickest roast pork belly I've ever seen! I love how crunchy it is and not overly hard as if you're biting glass! Really need to check on my cholesterol after this! :')

Not only Chinese, there are other Asian cuisines here, like this curry and of course, it has to be RED curry! Didn't really try it but smells amazing!

Another favorite Asian food of mine is this ribs soup (sup iga) and I'm really upset that I forgot to try it!! When I saw this, I was still holding onto a plate and was planning to come back for it after I'm finished with it but I totally forgot!! Stupid me!

Going off topic here but I wonder how they grab those pans above. It's sooo high up!

At the meat station, I'd give the spotlight to this yummy beef!

You're recommended to eat the beef slices with these Yorkshire pudding! Trust me, it's really satisfying! And you can clearly see that it's a perfect medium rare, so expect some tender and juicy meat!

Moving on to another world's best cuisine, Indian!

I only tried the prawn tandoori, since I'm halfway full and the only thing that interest me is this. The spices are really strong, typical of Indian foods, they're strong point is their seasonings!

Sushi and sashimi time!!!

Well, nothing can really go wrong when it comes to sashimi as long as their fresh and there's no need to doubt the quality control of SATOO. They're famous for a reason!

Can't deny that they look super tempting! There's no way I can ignore them!

There's also a nigiri version of the tuna and salmon if you're more into that. Personally, I prefer the sashimi, since the rice will just make me full before I can satisfy my cravings!

They don't only have tuna and salmon but also octopus, tamago, and snapper. Yeap, the whole gang is here!

They also have not only makizushi but also temaki!

And of course, Red Night's highlight; fresh seafood! My love for seafood totally shines through here, I can't count on how many prawns I had that day...all I know is a cholesterol expert won't be happy about it!

Even their raw oysters are super fresh! It's not smelly at all and if you've been curious about how raw oysters taste like, I suggest you try this one! Don't forget those lemons too!

On the far back is where the refreshments are, from juices to fruits!

And if you're torn on picking juice or fruits, why not go for a fruit cocktail? It's both in 1..perfect, right? For the juice, don't expect fresh juice though, cause they only provide bottled juice. I recommend you try their special jamu, there're various kinds that you can choose from! I love the ginger and brown sugar one, which is said to give you more energy and yes, each different one has different benefits!

Last but definitely NOT least; DESSERTS!!! Yeah! My favorite part! On a glance, you can really feel the overwhelming pretty red color!

If the red is not obvious enough for you than check this out! Red chocolate fountain! Ha! Although it's not really red, it's pink but I feel safer eating a soft colored food rather than a blazing red one, since who knows how many food coloring put in it! 

You'll find some unusual things to go with this pink fondue and that is candied fruits! I'm used to fruits like strawberries, melons, grapes, etc but I've never seen candied ones provided for a fondue but don't worry they also have the normal fruits available, so if you don't like candied fruits, there's still those and this Indonesian traditional cake, Lapis Surabaya!

Now, for some red dessert madness! Here's some of the red desserts provided!

..and I decided that I'll try every single one of them! Call me crazy but that's just how I roll! Lol! What can I say, they're all begging for me to try them!! How many plates do I need for all of them you ask? It's a total of 3 full plates of desserts!! :D

Out of all the delicious desserts, the one that left a sticking impression would be the macarons! The best macarons I've ever tasted! It's not too sweet with a perfect texture and I kinda ate more or less 7 of them...that's just how good they're!

Some extra that for you gentlemen, if you're planning to propose your loved ones here during the Red Night, you should tell the staff beforehand upon reservation and you can get a 50% discount from both of your bills, excluding the alcohol of course, and you'll also receive a cake and rose to make that night more special! If that's not a good deal, I don't know what is! Book your reservation now!


Buffet Prices :
Red Night (Thursday) : IDR 398,000++/pax (including drinks)
Weekdays Dinner : IDR 320,000++/pax (excluding drinks)

Shangri-la Hotel Jakarta
Kota BNI, Level 1
JL. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 1
Jakarta Pusat

Opening Hours :
Breakfast :
Monday - Friday : 06:00 am - 10:00 am
Saturday - Sunday & Public Holidays : 06:00 am - 10:30 am

Lunch :
Monday - Friday : 12:00 pm - 02:30 pm
Saturday - Sunday & Public Holidays : 12:00 pm - 03:00 pm

Dinner :
Sunday - Thursday : 06:00 pm - 10:30 pm
Friday - Saturday : 06:00 pm - 11:00 pm