08 March 2015


Been enjoying my days a bit too much than expected considering I was upset of my university for changing my schedule on their own without giving any announcement or asking first! I even had a meeting planned for that day and had to cancel and reschedule..I'm not happy! So now I only have 2 off days per week, whereas there was 3 before. What's the point of making us register our own schedule if you're just gonna change it as you like really? Well, sorry for ranting, let's just change to something that will lighten up my mood..FOOD!
Just a few days ago, I went a little further out of Jakarta, which is Serpong and decided to dine in this eccentric Korean restaurant; Mujigae!

Mujigae is located inside Summarecon Mall Serpong and it's a more casual, healthy fast food kind of place. The portion they offer is also more of a single portion, so if you're eating alone, don't be afraid to try this place, cause not only will the portion fit you but there're also some Korean entertainment available for you, which is a huge LCD showing some of the popular Kpop music video or a variety show, like Running Man!

The photo below is about a contest that everyone can enter, the information about it is on the last paragraph of this blog!

If you come here, I'd suggest you go straight up to the 2nd floor cause it looks way cooler! The 1st floor is a bit smaller and more of an outdoor, so expect smokers!

This place is like a Kpop haven and all you Kpop fans will definitely like it here! It has all the photo of some of the famous singers and everything, all in pop art!

Another cool thing about this place is that you order with an iPad! Yeap, each table gets it's own iPad! Imagine how many iPads they have in the whole restaurant! You can not only order but also request a song from that iPad and even calling a server to your table, all the things you need will be in that iPad. Amazing, huh?

Clearly from the photos you can see how generous the natural light is in this place! Can't be more thankful of it!

The most popular beverage (or more like dessert to me) here! They have 2 varieties, it used to be 3 but the red velvet one is said to be rarely ordered, so they decided to just erase it. Went here twice and in my last visit, I ordered the lemon sea salt, which is why this time, I wanted to try this one! Personally, I prefer the lemon one, though I'm not a big fan of lemon, I think the lemony flavor is more compatible with the sea salt, whereas the bitter green tea just made the whole drink taste salty!

Wohoo! I'm like a baby who first discovered milk with this one! Seriously, the second I found out about this, the only thing replaying in my head is 'I HAVE to try this'! High expectation for this one and turned out not that disappointing. I didn't taste any banana in it though, which is a good thing, cause I don't like banana flavored drink and usually, they always have this strong flavor and scent but not this one! I especially love how smooth and silky the nutella pudding was!

Very refreshing! Out of all, this was the oasis, perfect to accompany you through you're heavy feast! It's more like yakult mixed with soda with a mango pop, simple but very lethal and I love mango pops or any pops actually, how the flavored liquid just burst into your mouth with slight pressure is the best feeling!

There's 2 type of fried chicken; the chicken wings and this one, the only difference is this one is boneless, so of course I'll pick this one! (Yes, I'm that lazy!) Well, you can pick for it to be either spicy or not. I had the spicy one and it was still tolerable for me, cause it was more of a sweet and spicy, which is just yummy!

Emphasis on the shininess! Lol!

One advice, this is gonna be a bit overwhelming, so order with cautions! I know topokki is usually a snack but combining it with fried chicken and with this portion, I'm sure it's qualified to be main course! Good thing it tasted decent!

You've heard about Bibimbap and you've heard about Ramyun but do you know Bibimyun? Yeah, me neither..which is why you should try it here! Usually ramyun has soups but for this bibimyun, it's dry with a lot of toppings like how a decent bibimbap is! I'm okay with all of the toppings except for the fried eggs..yeap, those're fried eggs right there. If they just put non-fried eggs with my favorite melting yolks, that'll be perfect!

My favorite dish here!! Surprisingly, I think the spiciness is what made it taste much better! The marinated minced beef kinda reminds me of the spicy skewers my mom used to make, which has been my favorite dish since little, so it's a 2 thumbs up for this!

Kinda wonder why all the meats here tasted sweet, this one is even sweeter than the bulgogi! Not saying it's bad though, cause they're actually really good and this is just the normal beef bbq. There's a premium beef bbq here, wonder how good that one is! I personally prefer to eat it without the dip, what about you, guys?

It was like a pampering for my stomach to enjoy lunches like this! Everything is so affordable as well, which is very rare, since mostly anything that's labeled 'Korean', or any other country, is usually hell'a expensive! Been here twice and I'm so going back here again some other time, you can count on that! Fyi, they're also holding a competition called 'Love Lock', where you have to bring the most uniquely made padlock and put it on their 2nd floor, the winner will get 2 free tickets to Korea! Yeah!

Mujigae Bibimbap & Casual Korean Food
Summarecon Mall Serpong
Ground Floor, Downtown Walk
Jl. Boulevard Gading Serpong
Serpong Utara, Tangerang

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm


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