31 March 2015


Yes, it's another one in Pantai Indah Kapuk..I won't even comment about it anymore. Today, we're gonna share about a restaurant right next to Born Ga, called The Cup! Just looking at the name must've been confusing on what cuisine they offer, so I'm gonna tell you that it's....Korean! Can you see the resemblance? Well, it does has a spoon and chopsticks, which Korean usually uses, even though most Asian cuisine uses the same thing but at least, there's something!

The Cup is an actual brand from Korea and after branching out to other countries, they finally reached Indonesia! Now the whole design here is really simple and neat and they don't strive for something too out of the ordinary but more of a friendly and family-oriented. The foods are still served on bowls, whereas cups are only for take-outs. Now, what amazes me is the fact that the cup also holds soup! So, you can also order something like Kimchi-chigae or something on a cup for take out! That's some cup, huh? Well, let's get munching!

Since I've tried the flavored soju at Arraseo, it has become one of my favorite alcohol and seeing as they offer them here, I decided to try some! I think the soju were a bit stronger than the ones at Arraseo, so the flavor were a bit bland. For those who likes soju might like this but since I'm not that big fan of alcohol this was just okay for me!

Not forgetting that this IS a Korean restaurant, they also offer 2 banchan, Kimchi and this Macaroni salad. Although I do admit the Kimchi is a bit spicy, I still think it's good!

Fresh noodles in rich hot and spicy assorted ocean fresh seafood broth topped with mussels, sliced eggs and garden fresh vegetables.

They weren't kidding about the spiciness! They have 2 sizes for this, medium and large, which costs IDR 70K. I actually ate this one last, so I was already a bit full and didn't try much of this and because the noodles are those thick ones, I only tried a bit but it was good! The noodle's texture was really bouncy and the seafood's fresh! Just gotta survive the spiciness and if you can take spicy foods, try this!

Deep fried farm fresh boneless chicken meat dressed in luscious honeyed sauce over infused premium Korean rice.

Yummy!! I have always love Korean's glazed fried chicken and this one once again, reminded me of why I love it! Below the chicken is a fragrant rice that goes perfectly with the chicken! The sauce is more of a honey mustard plus more honey! Don't worry though, it's not overly sweet or anything other than yum!!

See those beautiful glazed goodness!

A buttery and creamy garden fresh potato soup.

I love potato and I like cream, so having the both together is nothing I can complain about! If I'm not mistaken, that yellow thingy in a shape of a 'C' is a breadfruit or in Indonesian it's more familiar with the name Sukun. If you're looking for a comfort food for when your sick or not, this will be perfect!

Stir fried juicy boneless smoked duck meat with soft silky tofu.

You could really taste that smokey flavor when you bite into the duck. Kinda reminds me of the tasty duck I've had at The ORI, a smoke barbecue bistro in Lotte Shopping Avenue that I rarely go to and I really miss their smoked duck but now, I found this! And by the way, the sauce is slightly spicy but it's really just a slight and it also comes with a silky tofu, so it's definitely more than enough!

Succulent and tender pork meat perfectly cooked in traditional Korean spicy Duruchigi sauce.

Nothing can go wrong with pork! This is another great example of that phrase! Definitely one of my favorite dish here, the pork is really tender and flavorful, even if it is a bit spicy but that just adds the extra kick! Not liking the onions cause I'm not a fan of it but I admit that it makes the dish smells heavenly and I don't know what Duruchigi sauce is but they did a good job to the pork!

Perfectly deep fried farm fresh chicken drumette and wing battered in THE CUP distinctive sweet and tangy sauce.
Served with crisp potato wedges.

This is similar to honey chicken rice but with different sauce and the chicken here is not boneless. For the sauce I prefer the honey chicken but this one's got potato wedges in it!! Torn into two, I decided to just get both..lol! Glad that I did it cause the potato wedges were delicious!

Perfectly deep fried farm fresh boneless chunky chicken cube battered in CHEF signature spicy sauce.

Another boneless glazed chicken but this time I tried to be more daring and ordered the spicy one. There's 2 options, spicy or sweet but the for the spicy one it's both spicy and sweet, so I decided to go with this one. We were told that it's not that spicy anyway but my were we misinformed! It was even spicier than the spicy Jjampong! Can't deny it's good though, so even though my tongue felt like it went through hell and back, I still managed to finish it till the last bite, it's just too addicting! Phew!

You can just judge how spicy it was from how red it is!

Yeap, a feast for 4 people, it's not that much, right? :p

Love it!! Below this is not a normal shaved ice but it's a snow ice, so it's way softer than normal shaved ice that you won't even feel like you're eating it, since it'll melt immediately as it touches your tongue and it also has a sweet milky flavor to it rather than plain water from ice. It's also overloaded with toppings, lot's of yummy toppings from green tea ice cream, red bean, wafers, tteok (rice cake), pocky, and green tea powder. Totally suitable for Jakarta's hot weather!

Don't know what Injeolmi is? Well, it's Korean's special tteok or mochi or rice cake or whatever you wanna call it and it's also a very popular snack in Korea cause it's easily digested and nutritious! Here, they used the Injeolmi as a filling in a toast covered with powdered dried soy beans and almonds, topped with vanilla ice cream! Guess you could say that this is delicious and healthy!

At first, I wasn't expecting much out of it, since the place looks like a fast food restaurant but my, did I learn about not judging a book by it's cover, cause the foods are awesome! So happy to leave this place with a happy tummy, although it might not be the same for my wallet, since I do think that they're a bit pricey but that never stops me from getting my good food!

The Cup Indonesia 
Bukit Golf Mediterania
Ruko Crown Golf Blok D No. 50
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara, Indonesia

Opening Hours :
Monday - Thursday & Sunday : 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Friday - Saturday : 11:00 am - 00:00 am



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