27 April 2015


If you have read my last blogpost about Bastardo Pizza, then this is the ramens I was talking about! It's a ramen house that is kind of new and it's really close to where I'm living, so I had wanted to try this out ever since I've found out about it but had just recently got the chance to! The name is Kadoya Ramen!

The place has a really simple interior with a lot of Japanese decorations and wooden furniture and like most Japanese restaurants, they also have an open kitchen. It's located at Greenville, next to Padang Express, right across Jakarta Fruit Market, really easy to find, since it's the only restaurant with a classy logo!

Don't know why but I just love this cute toilet sign!

This is their outdoors, though in this photo, it seems like there's a lot of natural light, reality is that it's not that bright here and the same goes for the indoors, plus I do think the lights are too yellow!

In the photo, the gyoza might look short and small, but they're actually a decent size. For taste, I don't think there's anything extraordinary, it's good, just not memorable!

Miso ramen with king prawn.

Don't really understand why the strange price, so this is actually IDR 50,825, strange indeed! Out of the 3 bowls of ramens I had here, this is my most favorable one, since the broth's much more flavorful. Guess it's because of the king prawn. The eggs were disappointing though, I was expecting a melting egg yolk like how it usually is in ramens but turns out it's a hard-boiled!

Shoyu ramen with deep fried chicken.

Okay, you're probably wondering why I chose something so plain but it's not my fault! Because it's still just a soft opening, all the interesting menu is still unavailable! :( Anyways, the taste of this is also really plain and I'm starting to think that all their dishes are still lacking! Considering the price, I don't really think this is worth it!

This is the deep fried chicken that goes with the Torikara ramen. Nothing can go wrong with a deep fried dish as long as it's not still oily, so this one's safe!

Shoyu ramen with seasoning salmon.

Another weird pricing! This time, it's IDR 50,350! I really don't get why the salmon is made into a minced meat! I thought that it'll be raw or at least in 1 piece but no...it's turned into a minced meat. Guess it's okay, since they're kind of generous with it but still, the taste is too ordinary!

I admit that I'm disappointed, seeing as the price is already not suitable for Greenville's market, I thought that at least, they'll provide a sensational taste! Guess this is another lesson of never to put too much expectation! Well, if they want to survive in Greenville with a price like that, they need to do something with their flavors or they won't make it! Even Maro Anders, who serves yummy foods, didn't survive because they're too pricey for the market! I wish you the best of luck then! Fyi, for the soft opening, they're offering 20% discount!

Kadoya Ramen
Across Jakarta Fruit Market
Jakarta Barat


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