28 April 2015


So last week we went to a super cute restaurant called Macaroni House. Why I said it's cute? Well, just take a look at the decorations! The place is all colorful and everything, plus there's a really funny comic illustration of how Super Macaroni House came to be!

The place is located at Pesanggrahan, which is really close to home at West Jakarta, right next to Sandwich Bakar. It's really easy to find but the parking lot is a bit limited, so be warned! Come as early as you can!

My favorite part of the room is this glass cabinet filled with little Japanese ornaments! There's girls in kimono, different costume set of Hello Kitty and a miniature glass with Japanese paintings on them!

Very refreshing and yet, surprisingly not that sour! For this, the yakult they used is really generous and you can see it from when the strawberry juice got separated from the yakult after leaving it for a couple of minutes, the yakult is almost half of the glass!

Calling all Oreo fans!! This will be perfect for you, I especially love the Oreo Pocky! Last time I checked, Oreo Pocky is still an imported snack, so for the price, this is really worth it!

Delicious cheesy chicken topped with mushroom sauce! The mushroom sauce is not yet poured in the photo though, so that white melted sauce there is the melted cheese! I love how simple, yet yummy this is! It's not like cordon bleu or something but it's definitely decent, especially the smooth mashed potato and let me tell you, making the mashed potato into those shapes is not easy! Since I'm a culinary student, I've tried making those before and it was hard, you need the perfect consistency of the mashed potato, so it's not to mushy but stiff enough to mold!

Though I'm not a big fan of lasagna, since I'm not a fan of tomato sauce and sometimes, I think lasagna is too overwhelmed by tomato sauce, yet this one is surprisingly light! Maybe it's because the lasagna is rolled, so there's not many layers, which will lead to more layer of tomato sauce. Lovely!

My favorite dish here! I love curry and I love a cheesy baked rice! Here, I can have both, so what's not to love!! When it first arrived, I was sort of taken aback by the strong smell of bell-pepper, since I don't like bell-peppers, but because it's curry and baked rice, I forced myself to try it and I'm glad I did! The bell-pepper wasn't overwhelming at all! I even thought it was perfect for the dish instead! Yeap, I'm surprised myself!

Now, here's the reason why this restaurant's built in the first place! It used to just be an online shop that sells these lovelies! Their special macaroni and I had high expectation, yet at the same time, wasn't really expecting much because this is the reason they made the restaurant but on the other hand, it used to just be an online shop. After one bite, I was totally blown away though! It's really good and surprisingly light, since most macaronis I know is really heavy, so I love this!

Actually, above Macaroni House, there's a child of theirs called Dapoer Ethnik. It's owned by the same person, it just offers a different type of cuisine. Macaroni House is obviously Western and Dapoer Ethnik is Indonesian!

It's an authentic taste of Teh Poci! A traditional Indonesian tea, usually accompanied with rock sugar. I love the cute tea set and how Indonesian it is! The tea was really soothing as well!

I was kind of wary about trying this because they told us that it was very spicy and it's convincing because of the looks of it! Just look at those chilies on top but after eating it (without the chilies, of course!) turned out, it was not as spicy as we expected. It's actually pretty enjoyable, if you like glutinous rice and salted fish, then this will definitely satisfy you!

Love this Indonesian dessert! The pudding tasted like coconut milk mixed with pandan leaf and below it is sweetened black glutinous rice and it's drizzled with palm sugar. Perfect level of sweetness and fragrance! I totally dig the black glutinous rice!

It's really heartbreaking that they didn't get as many customers as they're supposed to because of the problem with the parking lot, cause the dishes they offer is really good! I really recommend that you try this! By the way, they also offers catering service for your special festivity, just give them a call! They also still has their online shop going by Facebook! Ps. for ordering through delivery takes 2 days!

Macaroni House
Jalan Pesanggrahan Raya No.168D
Kembangan, Jakarta Barat 11610
Delivery : 082112034570 / 021-5803464

Opening Hours :
Tuesday - Sunday : 11:00 am - 09:00 pm
Closed on Monday


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