30 April 2015

PONG ME! Table Set by Chef Chandra Francis

Last day of April!! Time flew so fast! It's only 1 more month 'till I have to submit my final thesis and I kept hearing questions about how it's going from everybody... :') I'm depressed.. Well, let's not talk about that. I might be just escaping from reality but anyways, got to try some new menus from Pong Me! And no, it's not the one at Gunawarman but instead it's at Kemang, owned by Nirina Zubir and Ernest!
Sorry that there's no interior photo but it's the foods that are important, right?

Even though I'm not a big fan of onions, I strangely could tolerate deep fried onion rings..guess anything that's deep fried is tolerable? Anyways, not only did I enjoy snacking on these, I think it's also thanks to the yummy sauce!

My favorite snack out of all here! These chickens were really salty but that's exactly how I like it! Love how it stayed decently crispy even after it's cold, but I bet it'd taste even better hot!

It's a bit hard to chew but I think that's mostly our fault cause we let it get cold, yet it's also because it was slightly overcooked and adding the 2 just produced unsatisfying results, so don't let yours get cold everyone! The sauce was good though, it's Thai sweet chili sauce, I think?

There was 2 salad choices here, this and Nicoise, the only difference is Nicoise uses balsamic vinegar and Greek uses fetah cheese and olive oil dressing. I was okay with both but we went for Greek instead. It's good, you'll immediately feel healthy after eating this! Lol! Since I don't usually go for veggies, this is a nice change once in a while! Like a breather in midst of all the fat and protein!

It was okay, crispy, flavorful (well, as flavorful a Thai roll can get) and it was not overly oily, which I really appreciate! Another dish that you can't let get cold, cause it could be really good while it's still warm and don't forget the sauce, cause it's where all the flavor comes from in Thai rolls!

And this is just the starters!

Very delightfully cooked pasta with fresh seafood toppings! I'd say it's perfect if only the calamari's not so overcooked but other than that it's all good, from the texture to the flavor!

My goodness, this is what I miss the most out of all the main dishes! The tender meat, the amazing sauce, just can't help but drool! Most people might not like lamb so much, since it's said to have this certain smell but I don't think this one smell at all! Though I'm not that disturbed by those smells, so I guess I don't really know, all I know that this is good!

Never been a big fan of risotto and the toppings are exactly the same as the linguine, so I'd gladly choose that one over this but if you're a fan of risotto, do try this!

This Gamberi pizza's topping, consists of prawns, tomatoes, and red onions. Sounds really simple but it's surprisingly good! Another plus because the pizza dough is already satisfying! Very thin crust that it's almost crispy on the edges! Just how I like it!

The most generally loved pizza!! Who could ever deny the allure of a meat lovers pizza? I know I can't! Though lacking in pepperoni, I still find it decent with the generous amount of sausage and bacon! Please consider adding some pepperoni!! :p

Love!!! Always been a huge fan of crème brulee and even more for a green tea brulee! I remembered I first tried green tea brulee at Pullman Central Park, while I was training there and totally fell in love with it! Meeting with another one again is truly a wonderful dream, especially if it's a good one and this is definitely it! Great texture and flavor with such a gorgeous look with those burnt caramel on top!

I always adore soft crepes rather than the crispy ones, so I'm really glad that here they offer the soft ones and since the topping is Nutella, I really don't have anything to complain about! Another is that banana and chocolates are a match-made in heaven, so this is just one satisfying plate of treat with a vanilla ice cream to add another plus point!

I'm not saying that I'd go as far as being a regular customer here, since Kemang is a rather far destination for me but I am saying that it's a decent place to hang out PLUS you can play ping pong here! Not only will your tummy be filled but you can also burn some calories too, so no worries about gaining weight here! I do apologize that there're no prices, since this was a food tasting for the launching of their new menus, so I couldn't get the information about the price!

Pong Me!
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 93A
Mampang Prapatan
Jakarta Selatan

Opening Hours :
Sunday - Thursday : 11:30 am - 11:00 pm
Friday - Saturday : 11:30 am - 01:00 am



  1. If you come on a weekend night, be prepared to wait, as this place will be crowded. I had the mcdonalds secret menu here – which was quite fantastic. Seriously - if you haven't been here, you need to go right now.

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