23 April 2015


안녕!! We're back with yet another new dessert parlour that has decided to invade Pantai Indah Kapuk. You know, I think PIK has been flooded with lots of dessert houses these days! Yeay for me!! Well anyways..this place is called Pungopang and it's Korean if you haven't noticed yet. They're located on the 2nd floor of D'llyst, Pungopang literally means 'fish bread', so you can just guess what they're selling, right? They've just opened for public at 18th April 2015 and I heard a shocking news from a friend that 1 of the owners of Pungopang just passed away. His name is Aditya Suryadi and after hearing the news, I did a little research *stalking* and found out that it was in a car accident. I admit that I was a really shocked and grieved about it, even if I don't personally know the guy but grieving news is always painful to hear no matter what. My deepest condolence!

Back to the parlour, when we arrived we were greeted by a woman, who apparently is also the owner. She said that they tried their best in making the interior concept according to their signature menu, which is a taiyaki and so they decorated the walls with beach paintings and the taiyaki as fishes. For me, the concept is really not my cup of tea, it's a weird kind of cute though!

They have these cute pictures on the walls and they really want you to feel like you're in a beach. There's like boats and stuffs and even the stairway has a sign that says 'beach' when you're going up!

I'm really really sorry but the hot chocolate's price isn't written in the menu, so I'm clueless about it..sorry!! I also did not try it but it looks good and my friend said it's good, so I guess I'd try it on my next visit! I really think it's good though, since it's actual chocolate that will be melted after you pour the hot milk but you gotta do it fast cause once the milk isn't hot enough, the chocolate won't melt and all you'll get is chunky chocolate pieces with milk!

They have 2 flavors of fondue here, this and green tea. Although the green tea one is interesting and all, I'm glad we got the dark chocolate one cause I love dark chocolates! I don't care if it's common! Lol! Well, the chocolate's ultra good with usual fondue toppings to dip in but what really matters in a fondue is the chocolate dipping, right?

By the way, the blurred brownies there behind the cookies were SENSATIONAL!

It's just heavenly goodness!

This is just coconut pudding topped with crushed ice and covered with ice cream, fruit loops, and nata de coco. Really simple but totally yummy! It's a bit hard to reach the coconut pudding though, considering you'd have to finish everything on top first and then doing a little digging with the crushed ice and only THEN will you find the pudding! Good thing the ice cream's super good and better that the coconut pudding is like a real treasure, since it's also delicious!

Okay, now is the time for their signatures! It's actually a Taiyaki but Taiyaki is Japanese, in Korean, they call it Pungopang! I admit that IDR 38K for a Pungopang is a bit too pricey but I guess that's because it's located at PIK, where somehow unreasonable price for particular foods are common. There're 4 flavors for the ice cream; taro, green tea, dark choco, and horlicks. What's a horlick, you say? Well, to put it simply, it's an ice cream that tastes like Energen, you know, that instant milk and cereal, that Energen. I personally think that it's super yummy, since I'm a big fan of Energen anyway! Another plus is that when the Pungopang is still fresh from the oven, where it's still crunchy yet soft and warm, added with a nice flavored ice cream and caramel popcorn, that's the best part! I'd happily pay IDR 38K for this!

The green tea's also really good! Another tip when eating a Pungopang is that you have to realize that the fish bread will become mushy because of the ice cream once the ice cream has melted and after that, you'll have to be very careful when you bite into it cause you'll probably get ice cream all over the place!

The same ice cream on the coconut island but they changed the Pocky into Twister. It's also good but I still like horlicks best! Oh and fyi, the ice cream is all homemade!! Amazing, huh? You won't find these yummy ice cream else where! They definitely did a good job!

Can anyone guess what Toreo is? It's taro and Oreo!! Can you believe it? I can really tell that it's gonna be good just by hearing about that, well it's Oreo! Who can say no to that? The ice cream here are all pretty milky, so if you love milk than you'll probably love this!

Guk-mul is red bean, though the ice cream they used was the horlicks one. I think that they only offer those 4 flavors when it comes to ice cream. For the parfait they also have 4 choices; Nok Cha is green tea, Guk-Mul is red bean, Toreo is taro and Oreo, Chocovo is chocolate. Since the ice cream is the same as the one in the Pungopang, I definitely prefer the Pungopang one, cause you don't get the yummy fish bread in the parfait!

For a soft opening, they already did a very decent job! I really can get enough of the horlicks ice cream, especially when combined with the crunchy Pungopang. The Pungopang here is made out of a waffle batter instead of mochi, which I definitely like, since there are plenty Taiyaki that uses mochi batter. The dark chocolate is also another favorite if you're in for some chocolate. Well, good job Pungopang and I wish you the best of luck!

Rukan Crown Golf Boulevard Blok B No. 57-58
Above D'llyst
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara

Opening Hours :
Monday - Thursday : 12:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Friday - Saturday : 12:00 pm - 01:00 am
Sunday : 11:00 am - 11:00 pm

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