06 April 2015

RASA RESTAURANT - Intercontinental Hotel

Happy Belated Easter, everybody!! Did you do any egg hunting? Did you prepare your bunny costumes? No? Well, you're no fun...just kidding! Anyways, when it comes to a special occasion going to a hotel is a really classic way to spend the holiday, which is why today we're gonna tell you about a hotel that we had lunch at last week. Introducing InterContinental Jakarta MidPlaza's Rasa Restaurant in Jendral Sudirman!

The restaurant's relatively small but Rasa is just 1 of InterContinental's many restaurant but just because they're small doesn't mean you can underestimate them!

Don't you just think that the interior really gives off an Indonesian feeling? And yet they could still make it surprisingly elegant, so it's traditional and elegant at the same time!

This is where we decided to sit, since we're just a comfort freak! I'd rather pick this sofa than have to elegantly eat at the other table with chairs! :p

Let's get started now, shall we?

Of course you have to start your meal with something healthy! Uh huh! Well, it's not everyday that I eat salads and I really didn't touch these salads, if you're wondering..but still, if you guys eat salads daily, you're awesome! I wish I liked salads more, since there're a lot of choices that you can mix to create your own special veggie goodness here!

Here's a plate that consists of random things thrown in and sadly, it's not mine. You guys might've figured that out already, right?

Next course would (of course) be soup! Since there's 'Soup of the day' written, I'm guessing they change the menu everyday and that day was pumpkin soup and Indonesian's Sroto or better known as, Soto! Didn't really try any of it but when I walk past it, they really do smell good!

You can't forget about noodles, seeing as we're in a country that has a huge love for noodles! They also offer various toppings to add to your noodles, from veggies to meatballs. All of the toppings really looks good, so how will you make you're noodle?

Breaded chicken or you can just call it Chicken Katsu..lol! The chicken is thin enough that it's not that hard to chew and I'm so glad that it's not dry, cause I really don't like my Katsu dry! Tasteless is one thing, but dry is a total 'no!' and this here is neither!

Okay, I honestly don't know what this is called but this prawn is the best! This is my favorite dish out of all the things I had here that I even finished more or less 5 of these! Really recommend you try this one, though I think they'll change the menu every now and then and I just hope you'll get the chance to see this when you decided to visit!

Yeap, they also provide fresh sushi! There's the all time favorite sashimi and both my favorites are present; salmon and tuna! You'll also find sushi rolls and nigiri, which both are also well-made! You can't really do anything wrong with sushi if you have fresh ingredients and the right rice!

Other than sushi, they also have other fresh seafood, like crabs, prawns, and clams. For the prawns, the chef will kindly peel off the skins if you ask them to, which is both a good thing and bad. Good, cause I'll be able to eat lots of it! Bad, cause I'll be able to eat lots of it...I really need to check my cholesterol!

Welcome to your daily dose of sugar! The variety of desserts are just the right amount, not overly a lot but still with many choices. Heard that they're best with their cake but I didn't really tried the cake cause for dessert, I decided to go for their crepes instead!

I wonder if that's a real leave..why would they use a real leave? Not complaining about it, just really curious! It does look pretty though!

Here's the crepes I was talking about! You can add various of toppings and fillings. My favorite fillings are NUTELLA (yes, they have it here) and pastry cream (or something cream), favorite toppings would be chocolate sauce and vanilla sauce!

You can also add ice cream to your crepes! Or you can also eat your ice cream in a cup, whatever floats your boat. I'd recommend you try their Stracciatella, which I think is really just vanilla and chocolate chip ice cream but is strangely satisfying!

Alcohol drinks are also available but I'm pretty sure it's not included in the buffet rate. Careful with your alcohol, kay?

If you feel the need to enjoy a breeze of fresh air, then don't hesitate to ask for a table outdoor, just be warned that you won't be able to escape Jakarta's heat but your photos will definitely be all pretty!

Just a little bit of an extra info, you have to dress smart casual here, which means no slippers are allowed! I apologize for not remembering the buffet rate but I think it's IDR 298K++ per person or something like that. Well, the food here are not much but at least they're good quality! Always remember, quality over quantity!

Rasa Restaurant
InterContinental Jakarta MidPlaza
2nd Floor
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 10-11
Jakarta 10220
021-2510888 ext: 6605

Opening Hours :
Breakfast Buffet : 05:30 am - 10:30 am
Lunch Buffet : 11:30 am - 03:00 pm 
Dinner : 06:00 pm - 11:00 pm 
Sunday Brunch : 11:30 am - 03:00 pm


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