29 May 2015


Ready for some cranky crabs? Lol! Cranky Crab is another one of those eat on the table kind of restaurants and actually, it already has 2 branches! The first one is at Kelapa Gading and this one is at Jalan Wijaya 1. Don't worry, the place is really easy to find! You just gotta go straight from Beezy Kafe and look out for the Cranky Crab logo!

Cranky Crab at Jalan Wijaya is a franchise restaurant, so this one has a different owner than the one in Kelapa Gading. The place here is a bit stuffy and small, though I don't really know about whether it goes for the one at Gading as well, considering I've never tried it!

I think it's small because it's gonna joint up with a Korean restaurant that has yet to opened! They told me the name but I completely forgot..sorry!

You could see the owners all looked Korean, don't they? Maybe that's why there's gonna be a Korean restaurant! So these people are the ones that owns Cranky Crab and the Korean restaurant that's coming soon!

So before we continue, I'd like to apologize before, cause there'll be a little ranting here. You could just skip this if you'd like!
At first, the event was delayed about an hour or so but I guess that's the usual for the people here in Jakarta, so I wasn't that bothered by it. Next, the food preparation really took a long time and after that, they had to put the foods on the display table where the Tumpeng was on, which they took a while to styled the positions and such (my first time seeing the restaurant doing the positioning, usually it's the one who'll take the photo). After they're satisfied with their styling, we got to take photos of the foods whilst they explained about the foods and there's also some Q&As going on, since the ones who came were only 2 bloggers and the rest were medias. The medias asked many detailed questions, since it's their job and they needed to get as many info as they can, right? After that long stretched time, we're finally done with everything and it's dining time! I really thought that it was gonna be like at The H*ly Crab, where we'll be seated in groups and foods will be served on each table, 'fresh from the oven' foods! Turns out, the foods were the ones on display! You know, the ones that were already served like an hour or more before, the ones that were probably stone cold by then, yeap..those ones! And since they only prepared 1 portion for each sauce, we had to choose the ones we're gonna try, so we didn't get to try all of it! How do you expect us to review about cold foods or even the ones that we didn't get to try? Well, I was shocked and disappointed but I gotta do what I gotta do..
I don't know if the other bloggers or media felt the same way as me or if the other branch did the same thing when they invited other bloggers or medias, I hope not! Well, sorry for being negative but I just wanna share my story.

Anyways, here's the snacks that they prepared so neatly!

I know that it's supposed to be CRISPY and SEASONED but since it's already cold, sorry but what I tasted was SOGGY and TASTELESS!

Didn't get to try it, since there's only a few of these and many of us, so people tend to fight for the foods here! Especially since they made it into a buffet style, where they won't refill the finished foods!

You could say they have the same problem as the fries. Don't think that they used any seasoning here, so it's tasteless!

I don't really understand what is wrong with all of these snacks but they all have the same problem, so I don't really see the point of repeating it!

For the mix bag, they have 2 options and the only difference is Mix Bag 1 has crayfish in it, while Mix Bag 2 doesn't! What's inside this mix bag other than crayfish are clams, mussels, shrimps, corn, sausage, and potato with 8 choices of sauce! This one's Asian Addict and I'm really glad that it didn't have any fishy smell and generous portion as well! Even though it's already cold, at least it's edible! Thank God!

This one's called Garlic Madness and yet again, I didn't try any of it! Well I had to choose between this or the Asian Addict, so that everyone will get to try at least one of it!

For all the menus, whichever you choose, whether it's crab, mussels, or even mix bag, you can choose from those 8 sauces! The sauces are 3 universal sauces; Asian Addict, Lemon Pepper Junkie, Garlic Madness and you can choose how 'cranky' you wanna go (meaning: spicy) or the other 5 Indonesian heritage sauce; Asap, Black Pepper, Saus Tiram, Saus Padang, and this one, which I think is the most interesting and unique one, Angsio! It's really too bad that I didn't get to try this one! :(

Didn't get to try this Black Pepper one as well but I bet the pepper is really strong, just by looking at how black it is!

This is the Asap and you can clearly judge how long we had to wait by how dry the sauce had become!  </3

Now THIS is the one that I tried and my usual favorite when it comes to seafood, Saus Padang! It was really strong and spicy, just the way I like it! The meat inside it was also satisfying! I'm really glad that the coldness didn't really destroy it, though I bet it'll taste better warm!

This is their famous gyu tan don and you can either add egg like this one or no egg! It was pretty good, nice tender meat, yet it needs to be more spicy! Gyu tan don has to be spicy!

Okey..the worst dish to be eaten cold is officially, fish and chips! It's like eating fried food that had been put into a paper bag and closed tightly for few hours...yeap, exactly like that! :')

Really similar to the Ujung Pandang fried rice, which in this case, is a red colored seafood fried rice. It's almost perfect, well-seasoned and generous amount of seafood but it's almost because I think the rice is a bit too crunchy! I know that fried rice is best using a harder texture of rice but for someone who likes soft and fluffy rice, this is too much for me!

Well, thank you for the generous invitation and I'm deeply sorry but I didn't enjoy my time there. How about improving the service a little bit, especially when you're holding an event such as this? Good luck!

Cranky Crab
Jl. Wijaya 1 no. 65
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 11:00 am - 00:00 am


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