08 May 2015


Second post in May! Yeah! So today we're trying something a bit more traditional and could even pass as a home cooking, which is of course, Indonesian foods at Tambak Bayan. This place is actually very popular and famous in Surabaya, so I'm thrilled that they decided to open in Jakarta, which is at the ever-so-popular Pantai Indah Kapuk, located near Beatrice Quarters to be exact and in line with Pungopang. Actually, they started opening for public on April 30th, 2015 (if I'm not mistaken) but at that time, the menu's incomplete and there's no congratulation bouquet in front that shows that this place is new, so I didn't really notice the place.

And so, we went here on May 1st, 2015, when the menu's already completed and you'll find lots of bouquets in front! Got here at lunch time, which is a really bad idea cause the place was unbelievably full!! This usually happens to new restaurants in PIK but since it's Indonesian food, I didn't expect it to be this crowded, guess I underestimated it! Well, the fact that it's a public holiday, might also had something to do with it!

You'll find an outdoor with a fan and indoor with an AC, for the indoor there're 2 floors but when I came here, it was all full! Isn't that crazy?! Just look at how crowded it was from the photo below!

Their signature dish here is the Nasi Campur, so there's the original Nasi Campur and there's another where you can add empal (Javanese sweet and spicy fried beef) to it and we, being the food obsessed people we are, of course went with the one with empal!

In this plate, there's an egg, yellow bean curd, stewed bean curd, vermicelli, and empal. The taste was okay, very simple and plain but I guess that's because I had high expectation for it. In all that is in this plate, my favorite was the empal, though it might be a bit dry, it's still very tender and delicious, especially the crispy bits with strong garlic flavor on top of it! Yum!! Another specialty here is the chili. Be warned that it's VERY hot, yet very addictive!

They also offer pork satay, separately of course but I think it's the perfect addition to this Nasi Campur!

This one's the original and the only difference is that there's no empal here but personally, I think without the empal, it became really simple. The vermicelli was a bit too mushy for me but overall it's still decent and it still has that killer chili!

Love the krecek but the rest of it was a bit lacking in flavor, I think it needs to be much stronger, since Indonesian foods usually have strong flavors but yet again, the chili here was amazing!

Pecel is an Indonesian salad from Java, it consists of mixed vegetables in peanut sauce dressing. Here, they usually serve it with rice but since we're going to try a lot of things, I decided to not have the rice, cause it'll be too much. This pecel was really good, especially the peyek, which is a Javanese cracker!

The soup was really good and they're really generous with the meat! It's all pretty perfect but I do think that it needs to be more spicy cause the ones I had before are usually really spicy, so it kinda beats the meaning of a Lontong CGM if it's not!

The only non-halal food here and of course, my favorite!! They only come in portions of 3 which is IDR 30K and this one, which is 5. Can't get enough of how yummy this is, the meat was super tender with a sweet seasoning! Gosh, I'm drooling just by remembering it!

Generous amount of tender meat but the soup kinda smells like medicine to me or maybe that's because I'm not a big fan of rawon? Nevertheless I'd happily eat the meat, just not the soup!

Guess what! This is actually almost all of the menus they have, what's missing is just their Sop Buntut or Oxtail Soup and we didn't get that just because we're too full already! Here, you can also order à la carte, like their empal only or their stewed bean curd only and so on, so it's the perfect place to order some home cooked meal! Perfect for all ages and I think it's a nice change from all those Western or other countries' foods, having a good Indonesian meal always made me proud as an Indonesian!

Depot Nasi Campur Pojok Tambak Bayan
Jl. Rukan Crown Golf Blok B
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara 14470

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