25 May 2015


Hey there! Anybody up for some shabu-shabu? Well, today we're gonna talk about Kobe, which by the way, is still 1 group with Shabu Shabu House, since it's written Kobe by Shabu Shabu House..lol! I first found out about this place from Tere's video on Instagram (again) and got me hooked from their many varieties in their all-you-can-eat menu. It's almost like what a hotel would offer, there's sushi, dim sum, shabu-shabu, and even chocolate fondue! Even with all of these, I heard that the price is really affordable, so who in their right mind would say no to that? I know I wouldn't :p

The place is quite spacey and when I went there, it was not too crowded and not too deserted, I could at least see some taken tables. Located at Pondok Indah Mall in the Street Gallery, near Boka Buka. Here, they offer 3 packages of all you can eat; Regular, Deluxe, and Wagyu. In all packages, you'll get the same variety of dishes, the only difference is in the meats. For Regular, you'll get Australian beef, Deluxe; premium US beef, and Wagyu is well, wagyu! On weekdays, you'll get 2 hours to enjoy your all-you-can-eat but on weekends, you're limited to 1,5 hours. Even though they put time limits, I do think that you'll probably be full anyways if you spend 2 hours eating non-stop!

You'll see a lot of older customers here, either it's a businessman or women doing their get-together (or as Indonesian likes to call it, 'arisan'). Very few teenagers were seen here, though I wonder why? For the shabu-shabu, there are a lot of things that you can put into it, like veggies, seafood, and even udon!

They also have chicken karaage, which I think is actually mediocre but what makes it good is if you dip it into Kobe's curry soup! You'll definitely see them on a different angle!

Here's some bulgogi, though I've had better bulgogi than this!

The fish here was a bit smelly! I think they need to improve their quality control here!

So...this was supposed to be aglio olio but clearly the color already shows that it's not. Instead of tasting olive oil, what I got from this was soy sauce taste and it's really dry! Definitely a downer!

This is their chawanmushi, though it tasted just okay, I'm glad that there's a lot of its prawn and mushroom inside!

Not meaning to sound rude but I didn't really enjoy their dimsum, it's dry and tasted weird. All of their dimsum will be put into 1 in a bamboo bowl, consisting of 2 dumplings and 1 wonton. Do improve their taste!

After some disappointments, we finally got something decent and that's the sushi here! Though it's not 100% didn't disappoint cause there's no all-you-can-eat for the sashimi!! :( They only offer all-you-can-eat sashimi on weekends..that's really too bad!

You can either get the sushi set like the photo above or just get the ones you want!

Now it's time for the all-you-can-eat steaks!! Lol! These steaks goes with 3 sauce selections; onion, soyu butter, and black pepper. At first, you'll be asked whether you want to go with steaks first or shabu-shabu and we chose steaks first and the rules are that after we finished with steak and went to shabu-shabu, we can't go back to steaks. I guess that is still understandable but what irks me is the service here! It's super bad and impolite! Here's the story, so I went here with 2 friends, making us 3 people in total. We decided to get 1 steak each and yet, since it's an all-you-can-eat, we thought that we could actually eat all the steaks we could and was going to get another steak, making it 4 steaks. You know what the waitress said? She said, "but there's only 3 people?", well isn't this an all-you-can-eat? Well, that's not really the problem but how the waitress informed us was really rude!!

Anyways, it's a good thing the steaks were good and the first one was served really fast and it's really tender, even though it's well done, I'm impressed! The second one however, didn't go as smooth as that, it took a long time and there's too much fat on it and really hard to chew, so much for being consistent... By the way, if you get the deluxe package, the steaks will be served on hotplates to keep them warm but for the regular package, it'll only be served on plate!

This one's the soyu butter sauce, which I think is the best one out of all 3 sauces! Really love the strong flavor!

My second favorite would be this milky onion sauce!

Last would be the black pepper sauce, since there's nothing really special or different about it. It's good though!

Next would be shabu-shabu time!
Because they are Kobe by Shabu-Shabu House, I was expecting the shabu-shabu to taste exactly like Shabu-Shabu House but boy, am I wrong! It's way below Shabu Shabu House, even the dipping sauces, though it's the same ingredients, it tasted really different! 

The soup base will be original but you can change it into konbu, curry, spicy miso, miso, sukiyaki, kimchi, collagen, corn, tounyu with an additional IDR 30K. If you're going to change the soup, I suggest getting the curry!

During my shabu-shabu time, I encountered another case of bad service! When I asked for the meats, they gave us 3 slices of it, which I have no problem at all, I just asked for another. After a certain times of refilling the meat, when I was about to ask for another refill, the waitress (different from the first one) said, "if you can't finish it, you'll be charged!"....okay..I can clearly read that rule, which is written on the board on each tables! They should really learn some manners, especially when talking to customers! Don't they know that bad service is crucial? Way to spoil my appetite!

Well anyways, the original soup here really tasted like water, no salt nor pepper, absolutely tasteless! Good thing there's salt and pepper one every table! For the meat, it's really thin, so it cooks fast and really nice and tender! Each person will get their personal stove to cook, instead of a big bowl in the middle!

Angry bird meatballs! So cute!

Lastly, desserts!! They have chocolate fondue, though it's really too bad that the chocolate was not rich, so after dipping sweets or fruits into it, usually the chocolate will freeze over but it didn't here! Which is weird! Wonder what chocolate they use?

Not only choco fondue, they also have soft creams!!! Yeah! Soft cream with 2 flavors to choose from; matcha or vanilla or you could even have a half-&-half! The matcha might not be as good as other dessert cafes but the vanilla's great!

Create your own soft cream sundae with various toppings provided! There're Fruit Loops, M&M, Oreo, chocolate sprinkles, and lots more!!

Or you could go for a more filling desserts, CAKES! I personally didn't try any though, cause after a feast, I prefer a lighter desserts!

These are lemon macarons but they're way too zesty for me!

For the quality of the food, I could still tolerate it, since it only costs IDR 149++ and with various options too but their service is a total turn off! It's really a shame, since if I remember correctly, Shabu Shabu House's service was really good! Hope that they'll do some training or something to fix it! Good luck!!

Kobe by Shabu Shabu House
Pondok Indah Mall
Street Gallery 2nd Floor
Jalan Metro Pondok Indah

Weekday :
IDR 149K++ Regular
IDR 249K++ Deluxe

Weekend :
IDR 177K++ Regular
IDR 299K++ Deluxe

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm


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