31 May 2015


Yet another new Japanese restaurant has arrived! But this particular one is actually different than the usual, a never-before-seen, called Kushiya Monogatari. Now, I do think it's a bit hard to spell and remember, since it's not those usual catchy name but I guess they're confident that people will remember them for their distinct style! Located inside AEON Mall, a new mall in BSD City, which opens in 30th May 2015 and we feel honored to be invited to try this before that date! :D

A bit about AEON Mall, the owner is actually Japanese, so you'll find that most restaurants here are Japanese. The mall ain't that tall, just 3 floors but it's a really wide one, like Mall @ Alam Sutera. We actually got to try 2 of their restaurants, Kushiya Monogatari and another one is Uchino Shokudo. They're both located right next to each other and even from the same group! You can find them at the ground floor of this mall!

Uchino Shokudo is your usual Japanese restaurant but the way they cooked the rice is different, while Kushiya Monogatari is an all-you -an-eat restaurant! If you're curious then you just have to try it! :p

Can you guest what type of food they're serving? No, it's not the usual all-you-can-eat dishes, like shabu-shabu or bbq, this one offers a buffet of FRIED FOODS! The price is also really affordable, maybe it's because they're located at BSD, only IDR 128K on weekdays and IDR 148K on weekends!

So what we'll do here is first, choose the skewers you want, there're sweet and savory types, whichever you prefer! Then, just fry it or you can even wrap it with flour first! More details below, keep on reading everyone! :p

These here are the sauce and dressings! Look at all the varieties that you can choose from! There're some for the salads and for the fried foods. I've tried the ones for the fried foods and they taste amazing!!

A complete set of courses are all available here! From salads, main courses, even desserts! Interesting, huh? Though the taste of salad can't really get anywhere, as long as it's fresh, I'm good! I also appreciate that they at least, provided something healthy in the middle of all those fried foods!

For the salad, they even have decent varieties, like this Potato Salad here!

Out of all the salads, this is my favorite! It's broccoli, cauliflower, and the best part, CRAB-STICK! Simple, healthy, and delicious!

The famous Macaroni Salad that you could also find in various restaurants that offer salad menus! It's a classic, I guess?

Moving to the main course, they have this yummy Curry Rice! Can you believe it? A curry rice buffet! All you can eat curry! Sorry, but I love curry, so this is something for me! It's not an à la carte, so you can take the rice and curry separately and as much as you like!

Chicken Karaage, not my favorite though! I guess it's just because I've had better ones!

Is it just me or is the Yakisoba here a bit sour? Or is yakisoba is normally like that? I don't really think so though. Well, all I know is I don't really like this!

Don't really know why there's Croquet and Spring Roll but it's good, so I don't mind! Lol! It's seriously good, especially while it's still warm!


The skewer goods to be dipped in the chocolate goodness was only this choux, which is the crispy kind. There're no fruits or other things like usual Chocolate Fondue but the chocolate was really yummy, so it's forgiven!

Other than chocolate fondue, they also have 2 kinds of small cakes, Cheese Cake and Chocolate Cake! I loveee how fluffy and soft the texture was, especially the cheese cake, since I'm the kind of person who likes lighter food than heavy ones! It's like they just melt in your mouth!

I think this is a chocolate cake, though it does slightly look like tiramisu!

Now it's time for some DIY (do it yourself)!!
So they'll provide bread crumbs and sticky flour to cover the skewers before frying or you can also leave them out if you want!

Here're some of the super yummy dipping sauces! This is a MUST, trust me! It's what made everything good!

Some of my pick for the skewers!

For the skewers, they have 2 signatures here! This taiyaki and takoyaki! I know it sounds strange, I mean, where else do you find fried taiyaki and takoyaki, right? Well, that's what made them unique!! Inside the taiyaki is the usual red bean, though I first thought it was chocolate..lol! My bad!

Though their special is fried takoyaki and it's good, I still prefer the normal takoyaki though..sorry!

Ta-da!! This was our fried goodies! In the middle of all tables, there's this frying thingy and don't worry about the oil splashing everywhere, cause they also comes with a lid! Each frying machine has 2 sections and each section can hold a total maximum of 5 skewers!

The place is pretty simple but the foods are amazing! I still can't forget how good the dipping sauce was, though it's kinda of weird to be so attached only to a dipping sauce but that's just how good it was! Be careful of sore throat though, since it is an all-you-can-eat fried foods, be sure to drink lot's of water everyone! For their first day of opening, they already did a great job! Congratulations!!

Kushiya Monogatari
AEON Mall, BSD City
Unit G 21
Jl. BSD Raya Utama

Price :
Adults :
Weekday : IDR 128K++ (70 minutes)
Weekend : IDR 148K++ (90 minutes)

Children (under 10 y.o) :
Everyday : IDR 98K++

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm

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