30 May 2015


This is newest restaurant by Arena Group called Miyagi. Does anyone else realize that Arena Group's restaurants are mostly in Gandaria City? Well, here's another one I guess? This time it's a Japanese restaurant with premium quality, yet very affordable!! At least, that's what the PR said..lol!

In this place, there're 3 almost separated rooms! 1 right after the entrance and is somewhat like an alleyway, where you can also see the busy streets in front. Next is the middle room (interior shots can be seen on the last part of this post). Last is the inner part of the room and my favorite, since it's where the sushi bar is!

As usual, we sat near the window in the inner part of the room. I love how each room is super separated!

There's actually no table with white sheet like this one below but they generously provided us with it because they understand about photo quality! How cool is that?

Egg omelette, cheese homemade sauce.

This maki is like a tamago sushi, since it's not only wrapped in eggs but also filled with eggs, so all you'll taste is egg. Not saying it's bad, it's quite the opposite even! There's also a bit of abon and kani, you could also taste the premium quality of it! So I could say that I like this, since I like eggs!

Salmon, crunchy tempura, chili oil & mayonnaise.

This colorful maki has the same filling, so it doesn't matter whether you choose the orange one or the green one. Inside it is baked salmon with crunchy tempura, so it's really standard but I love how simple, yet pretty the plating is!

Premium wagyu beef fried rice.

It's really too bad that the taste was really nothing special, since the name is really attractive! I can't really find any significant difference between this and other common fried rice. I guess the difference is that this is a Japanese fried rice that is cooked using teppanyaki style, which means it uses an iron griddle to cook food!


Their sashimi is really super duper fresh!! You can really see the quality and how fresh it is just by looking at it!


Fresh maguro anybody? Maguro is what tuna is called in Japan by the way. Love that healthy pretty pink color! I can get enough of this premium quality sashimi!

Half grilled beef roll, onion & tonkatsu sauce.

The beef tasted AMAZING, especially when combined with the spicy mayo! Can't really taste the tonkatsu though and too bad the veggies inside it kinda disturbed it or it could've been perfect but that's only coming from someone who's not a veggie fan!

Grilled cod fish with cod roe sauce.

At first, I thought this was salmon or is it? Sorry, I'm not an expert when it comes to fishes. I really don't know but on the menu list, it said Gindara Mentaiyaki, so I'll just go with that..lol! This was still half cooked, the meat inside still has that pretty pink color and very moist!

Yellow tail grilled with salt.

Super yummy!! I'd never imagine that grilled fish could taste this good, especially since it's only seasoned with salt! The meat's really soft and since they didn't use any strong seasoning other than salt, you can really taste the natural sweetness of the yellow tail!

Half grilled salmon & cheese with mayonnaise.

Salmon aburi has always been my favorite and I'm reminded again why with this one, especially since they included cheese in it! This is hands down the best maki here, pretty too! What else could you ask for? Perfection!

Mix of tempura: prawn, seafood & assorted vegetables.

Unlike any other tempura, this one has a thin layer of flour, so it's all prawn there, or any other filling! It's less guilty and more pleasure! The tempura flour also had a good texture, just the right level of crispiness!

Assorted sashimi.

After all those premium quality and fresh ingredients, you don't need to doubt this one! This sashimi comes with rice, so there's sliced salmon, prawn, tuna, crab stick, and mushroom. Perfect for those who'd love to enjoy their sashimi but thinks that sashimi isn't filling!

Here's the middle part of the restaurant!! I saw a lot of businessmen sitting here, all looked very professional! (The shot was taken before any other guests arrived.)

I just love those lamps!! It looks like an arrow or something! Very artsy and unique!

It's amazing how everything here looks so simple, yet creative and also elegant! This would be a perfect place for any occasion, from just hanging out with friends to a workers gathering! "Deliciously affordable" is what they say!

Gandaria City
G Floor, MG-43
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda
Jakarta Selatan 12240


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