07 May 2015


Does anybody notice how hot it is these days or is it just me? Well anyways, since we've been really stressed with our final thesis, what we really need is a nice relaxing place and this place is perfect for it! It's a homey little coffee shop at Pluit Timur residential, called Viverri Coffee Shop!

 I first found out about this place from my friend, who actually lived just a few blocks away from this place and she actually found out about it from Instagram, which was a surprise for both of us, seeing as how close it was! I stayed at my friend's house for quite a few times, since she's my partner in my final thesis, so we have been here for quite a lot of times already and we just can't get enough of this place cause it's not only cozy and close, as in 'walking distance' close, but the staffs and owner are all very friendly and they're more than willing to share some coffee knowledge to everybody!

This place used to only be a bean roaster and they only supplies beans but after for quite some time, the owner decided to just open a little homey coffee shop for the neighborhood, so here it is!! So don't be surprised that the place is really small!

My favorite drink here always changes from time to time and right now, this is my current favorite! Since I usually take my milk coffee hot, this a nice change, especially in this hot day! Little explanation of what this is, it's espresso made into an ice cube and it's going to be poured with milk that has been mixed with caramel or other syrup flavor according to your request! It's really soothing and refreshing to have for an afternoon coffee break!

This was my friend's order, which just proves how hot the day was! Almost everyone ordered something cold to drink! Lol!

Yeap, they used actual Ovomaltine for this! Though the Ovomaltine taste wasn't that strong you can still get the crunchy feeling from the sprinkled Ovomaltine on top of the foam! For the frappes here, the coffee taste is still really strong, though maybe that's because the Ovomaltine taste was a bit weak but just be warned that you non-coffee fan might not like this as much!

Okay, my memory is a bit limited, if I'm not mistaken this is what it's called but it's different from the Cold Drip. This one is the Bali, Kintamani, if I remembered correctly and the orange in the middle was just to enhance the citrus flavor! I do admit it was enjoyable, since it's cold and refreshing with the ice and citrus flavor and strong citrus fragrance!

Mocha used to be my last favorite before the espresso cube because unlike other mocha I've tasted, the chocolate flavor in this was actually strong, so it still taste like coffee but with a sweet chocolate taste!

This one's not really that different from the mocha latte concerning their taste. The only difference was that one is hot and the other is cold and the frappe has less coffee taste, so both are good for different reasons!

What really attracts me to this place is the fact that it's really relaxing here, they really gives off a feeling of 'it's okay to be lazy here' and since it's not a fancy coffee shop, I don't really need to care about what I wear and how I look, no one's judging, the only thing people care about here is getting some coffee! Another reason is of course, if you hadn't notice is the very affordable price! When I asked the owner about their pricing, he casually said that it's just how it's supposed to be priced. I know I'll be coming back here soon whenever I'm in the neighborhood!

Viverri Coffee Shop
Jl. Pluit Timur Raya Blok E Utara No.7
Pluit, Penjaringan
Jakarta Utara 14450

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm


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  2. ini ama yang di muara karang sama gak sih?

    1. Hi Yudha, sama dengan yang di Muara Karang. Jadi mereka awal buka viverri di rumah mereka sendiri, sekarang mereka punya lokasi di Muara Karang

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