29 June 2015


HAPPY FASTING for those who celebrates!!
Here's a nice recommendation on where to have your iftar and it's at Ritz Carlton Hotel! There's a pop up buffet restaurant called Baharat and it's only available on fasting month!

Just fyi, Baharat can also be accessed from the 5th floor of Pacific Place Mall!

You can clearly see that this is made for Ramadan with all the Arabic decor and everything! Feels like your actually in Arab! :D

I rarely dine on Middle Eastern dishes, so I'm really unfamiliar with all of the names here..I was also a bit hesitant to try, afraid that it won't suit my taste.
For the appetizer they have dishes called Beetroot Feta Borani, Zaalouk, Crispy Chickenpea, Kisir, Fattoush, and Grilled Haloumi..wow! I really have no idea which is which! If you can help me out here, it'll be much appreciated! :')
I'm guessing this one below is the Crispy Chickenpea, though I didn't really try it!

This must be the Beetroot Feta Borani, you can clearly see the beetroot color. I've just found out that Borani is an Iranian appetizer made out of yogurt from Wikipedia. Wow! Love how this job helps me enrich my food knowledge!

This is the only thing I tried and I don't even know the name! All I know that it tasted super tomato..and I'm not a big fan of tomato..lol!

Moving on to the main courses, we have this squid on a stick, at least I think it's squid. It did kinda smell in my opinion but tasted really unique, maybe it's supposed to have a bit of a fishy smell(?)

On the left is lamb and it's super good with a perfect texture! Not too hard nor mushy! Yum! On the right is chicken with Indian seasoning, which was also delicious!

When it comes to middle eastern main courses, it's a must to have a biryani rice! Though these 2 have different colors, I can't really tell the difference in taste. The only taste difference is in the toppings in which one is fish and the other is fried chicken. Both topping were amazing and let me tell you that the fried chicken is really well-seasoned, maybe that's why the rice was made a bit tasteless, though it still smelt nice!

Another biryani and this time it's with chicken, garlic, raisins and onion. This one smelt the best!

Now, here's the most popular dish, Grilled Lamb! In Indonesian, it's more known with the name 'Kambing Guling'. I'm not a big fan of lambs but I love this one! Super tender and juicy meat with no smell whatsoever!

Other than the main courses above, they also have Kalimantan rice with meat stew, duck curry, fried chili prawns, and grilled fish satay. There's also barbecued goodies; Shish Tawook Yogurt, Lamb Kofta, and Marinated Calamari. Some more Arabic dishes like Chicken Shawarma, Lamb Harirra, and Makloube.
And I really have no idea about most of those weird names! Please someone explain it to me! I also didn't get the chance to take any shots of those because it was immediately attacked by people!

Well, let's just move on to the desserts shall we?
For the desserts, they have a wide range of selections and this below is the usual Surabaya Layered Cake, Spekkoek, Pastel, Bugis, Talam and more!

Here's the Arabic desserts! There's Rose Water Muhalabea, Dates Mammal, Blah El Sham, Ul Aui, Faloodeh, Cashew Nut Baklava and sooo many more! My personal favorite is the Cashew Nut Baklava, since it's like a sweet puff pastry!

Out of all of the desserts here, I only recognized Kurma and Baklava..lol! Really apologize for my limited knowledge!

This here is Baklava and this is actually my 2nd time trying Baklava. I am once again reminded why I love Baklava! <3

Other than the Middle Eastern dessert, they also provided Asian and Western desserts!
This one is a Dark Chocolate that looked like Toblerone and it's like pure dark chocolate, so it's bitter!

This is my favorite! Might only be a chocolate cake but it's uber rich! The red velvet on the background there's amazing as well!

It's always a great experience to go on a food adventure, especially when exploring a new territory and Middle Eastern is definitely a new one for me! Won't say it's my favorite but since it's a bit similar to Indonesian, I was able to adapt a little! :D This one night in Baharat is only available from June 18th 'till July 16th, so don't miss it!

Ritz Carlton Pacific Place
5th floor

Price :
Adult : Rp. 250,000++
Child (5-12 y.o) : Rp. 188,000++

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 04:30 pm - 10:00 pm


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