27 June 2015


Who doesn't know Crematology Coffee? They're that famous coffee shop in Senopati but now, they've opened a 2nd branch at Px Pavillion! Yeay!! The spot used to belong to BLD Breakfast Lunch Dinner and I'm just psyched that they opened near home!

Opening in April 2015, they didn't do much to the interior, just adding a coffee bar with a more hang-out atmosphere, since it's a coffee shop!

They really did a good job on up selling with displaying their cakes near the cashier! I bet your eyes will definitely wander to it and from having no interest on buying any cakes, you'll definitely start to consider it once you're about to pay! Saying from experience here! :')

Really too bad that I came here at night, since I bet the place is gonna be much more 'Instagenic' at noon with all those windows there! Imagine how much natural light there'll be!

What a pity that they had to close at 10 pm, since they had to follow the mall's closing time. I personally think they could be a night hang out spot because of the super cozy atmosphere! Really fast wifi connection, AC, and blankets, can you imagine it? A cafe that provides blankets, I could really spend forever here if I'm allowed to! Lol!

Right now, they have this Dopenuts promo but I forgot what the promotion is. All I know is that Dopenuts is a super chewy textured doughnuts and they only provide 1 dozen of it per day, so grab'em fast!

What I love about the affogato here is that there's more ice cream than coffee! Though it's good, my friend said that there's a better affogato somewhere else. Well, at least for now, this one's good enough for me!

This is amazingly good! Love how they're really generous with the Nutella and who doesn't like a good amount of Nutella, right? :p

Don't judge this little one from its appearance cause this is so yummy! Who can say no to Oreo anyways? Love the soft texture, though it's a bit sticky in your mouth but the Oreo is really generous! They're really generous on everything, huh?

The banana bread here is actually pretty good but I still think the other place's banana bread is much better (if you know what I mean) lol! The outer part's a bit crispy but the inside had become too hard, maybe because it's been there from the afternoon and I came at night. Either way, it's still a decent banana bread, so it's all good!

Overall, I love the interior the most!! It's super cozy and I've found another 'Instagenic' place that I could hang out at that is near home! It's the perfect spot to just be lazy with friends or to work on your thesis like we are! Lol!
Congratulation to Alexis Purnama for the 2nd outlet! Keep up the good work!

PX Pavilion@St.Moritz Puri Indah
Ground Floor
Jl. Puri Indah Boulevard Blok U1
Puri Indah, Jakarta

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm


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