30 June 2015


Yet another new restaurant in Pantai Indah Kapuk and this time, it's called PNPL! Am I the only one that can't help but read it as pineapple?! Anyways, they're in line with Shirayuki and very easy to find, just look for the pineapple sign! Lol! The signage literally looked like a pineapple and it glows a really bright pineapple color at night! It's almost impossible to miss!

Super love the interior! Simple, neat, and clean! I'd recommend coming here at noon, since the shadow created by the sun coming through the glass window made the whole place looked more artistic!

When I came here, the place's not that crowded yet, maybe cause not many has known about the place but that's good news for me cause I can enjoy my time here peacefully! This place is perfect to just hang out and even to work cause of all the white and neat atmosphere!

Pineapples...pineapples everywhere!

A pitcher of this is enough for 4-5 glasses but you can also order a single glass and it only costs IDR 26K. I don't really know why but my eyes went right to this one when I saw the beverage menu, maybe because of the cute pictures? See it for yourself! :p By the way, I think they have infused the water for at least 2 days, cause you can really taste and smell the infused flavor, especially the pineapple!

Though the water might be infused for days, the pineapple slices inside is still fresh!

The signature dish here is their pineapple rice bowl (obviously) and they have various of choices but all of them comes with butter rice.

I guess the price is quite reasonable considering the unique plating and the amount of the pork! The overall portion's a bit small though, I blame the pineapple! XD What I don't really like about this is the butter rice because it smells like rice with blue band..not that it's a problem, I just expected something more!

Look at how cute this is from above! :D

This is their most recommended dish! You can choose either chicken or prawn or even both. I, of course, ordered both but turns out, I prefer the chicken because the prawn still has the skin on!  I'm not the type of person who can eat prawn skin, so I had a difficult time enjoying the prawn!

I really recommend this as well, since they're really generous with the salted egg..and I mean, really generous!

One for all and all for one.

So this is supposed to be the appetizer...and it's way more expensive than the main course! :') Well, I guess it's no wonder, since the portion fits the price. For this, you'll get 3 pieces each of bacon wrapped pineapple, onion rings, fish fingers, popcorn chickens, and last a super salty spam fries! I had all this with my 2 friends and it's just the right amount, so I think this is suitable for 3 people!

Out of all, my favorite's the bacon wrapped pineapple. The pineapple's super sweet and combined with the savory bacon, it's perfect! Fyi, they also provide beef bacon here, so for you non-pork-eaters, don't worry, you can still try this!

This is how the place will look at noon with all the shadow and everything...so yeah, I came here twice already! The first time was only to have this dessert and this is the only dessert they offer!

So truthfully, the waffle's yummy, the bacon's terrific, the ice cream also good..but that's if you eat them separately! Now that you combined them..it tasted really weird!! The bacon's not even cut into small pieces, so it's like the bacon you'll find in a burger, only change the buns to waffle and patty to ice cream! Hmmm..

Wow, it's like I know how Spongebob feels now! You'll definitely be overwhelmed by pineapples here, so if you love them, then you'll love this place! If you don't, then it's best that you stay away!

Rukan Emerald No. 25
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara 14470

Opening Hours :
Monday - Friday : 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Saturday - Sunday : 11:00 am - 11:00 pm

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