27 June 2015


We're back everyone!! Sorry for the long absence! We just finished our final thesis and now we're only waiting for our scheduled presentation! Wish us luck, kay? :p
Anyways, I think AEON Mall has been the top destination these days and every weekend, that place is always super crowded! It's not only people from BSD but also Jakarta, even though in my opinion, AEON Mall is not near at all! They're so far off that even the signal is bad, good thing there's a free wifi in the mall! I recommend you visit in the weekdays, maybe it might not be as crowded(?)

So, what's so special about AEON that people just can't help but wanting to come here, though the crowded atmosphere? Well, for me, first would be the amount of Japanese foods here, from restaurants to just supermarket goodies! Another highlight of this place is the RAMEN VILLAGE! Yeap, they have a Ramen Village here and it's located at the top floor, which is the 3rd, the mall's not too tall but it certainly is wide! You'll find the Ramen Village in the food court and there're 7 different ramens with very unfamiliar names! Since I didn't recognize any names here, I decided to choose the one with the most crowd, must've been the best, right?

Winner goes to Universal Noodle Ramen Nagi! Lol! The price here is similar to other good ramens shop I've been, like Ikkudo, which is about IDR 58K or so and they serve chicken and PORK!!

Since the place is not that spacey, it really feels stuffy because it's crowded!

See? It's a really bad choice to come here at weekends! I had to go on the waiting list and even after that the food took a very long time to be served! Learn from my mistake everyone, I really don't suggest coming here on weekends!

Ramen rempah cina.

The ramen bowls here are divided into 2, which are yellow, that stands for chicken and white, that stands for pork. Each ramen can either use chicken and pork, so for this one, I chose the pork! Trust me when I say that the photo on the menu looked much better than this! Lol! Was a bit taken a back by how messy it came out to be, maybe because of the rush hour? Anyways, the taste was a bit lacking, it's neither spicy nor was there any Chinese spices that the description says! Overall, it's a bit tasteless and the amount of noodle was really stingy!

Good thing the pork was in a generous slice!

Ramen unik, olive oil dan keju.

"Eww" was my first thought..I mean, it's green!!! Well, technically it's stated on the name but still... This is the waiter's recommendation by the way. Anyways, I actually ordered the chicken one for this, so I'm wondering why it's white and yet, there's no pork in it at all! Heck, there's no meat whatsoever! After telling the waiter, they said they forgot, so they'll give the pork on the side...and there's even no egg yolk, just egg white..and what's with the cheddar cheese chunks? I thought it was gonna be some grated cheese but nope! It's cheese chunks!

I really think the cheese chunks doesn't go well with the ramen, it's like a really mushy yet undissolved cheddar! :(

Ramen rasa cabe bakar.

It's said to be the most favorite ramen here and I agree! This one is the most decent out of all, too bad it's not spicy like it's said to be, even though the soup was already that red! What made me a bit displeased was the super oily soup! The contents were generous though, there's carrots and potatoes, like a curry and a piece of chicken, which I think is enough for 1 person!

Truthfully, I won't be coming back here, at least not until they've improved their service and taste! So all I could do is just wish them good luck!!

Ramen Nagi
AEON Mall, BSD City
3rd floor
Jl. BSD Raya Utama

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm


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