28 June 2015


Feels like this month is filled with Japanese, huh? Really sorry but here's another ramen house in Pantai Indah Kapuk called Hajime Ramen and they're open for public last Sunday, 21st of June 2015!! They're located at Ruko Elang Laut, in line with Pala Adas and Bakso Aan, across from Itadakimasu. My prediction is that this area will also be filled with foods, since they're growing little by little!

Hajime here is a halal ramen house, so expect no pork nor lard! They claim to be a real branch from Japan and their signature is ramen with steaks! Don't believe it? Are you curious? Well, keep on reading!

Let's take a train through the history that started all of this! Hajime Ramen here originated from Tokyo and was founded by Chef Uchida Gen in 2009. Winning the "Tokyo Ramen of The Year" in 2010 and 2011, Hajime is also the first one to serve steak ramen in Tokyo! Being a successful ramen shop in Tokyo, they decided to bring all of that to Indonesia and it's all served by Uramoto Shigetoshi as the Head Chef of Hajime Ramen in Indonesia, accompanied by Sato Toshihiko as the Sous Chef. Hajime Ramen is ready to enrich Indonesia's culinary world!

Here's prove that they actually made their ramen noodles themselve!

We were fortunate enough to be given a chance to explore inside their kitchen and as prove that they don't use any pork, instead they used beef and chicken for stock!

They have 3 signature sauces as well! You need to combine all these sauces cause eating them separately just gives you this weird taste and be warned that the middle one is extremely spicy!

Even the salad uses chicken steak! I don't know if this is healthy or not but all I know is that it's good! Though I'm not that into salad, the chicken steak had a really great taste and smell! Yum!

The beef here had absolutely no taste whatsoever, so you need to eat it with the garlic and all of those things under the beef!

The garlic under the beef was really fragrant and didn't taste that strong of a garlic flavor at all, so don't be afraid of smelling like garlic! On the other hand, eating the beef with the garlic is a must!

Though the gyoza was as oily as how a gyoza usually is, I love how the skin was perfect! Not too thick nor thin and the filling's really generous as well, it's just too bad it's chicken and not pork! :(

For the ramen, they have a soup based and hotplate with either chicken or beef. If you choose the soup based one, you can choose the original or shoyu for the soup.

Made by premium beef steak with long bamboo stick and 100% pure beef broth.

I know you're looking at that beautiful steak..cause I am too! Lol! This is the original one, so the soup is really clear, yet tasty! It's my first time trying ramen with steak and I think this is a genius' creation! The beef's not under-seasoned or over-seasoned, just the perfect amount!

Made by premium beef steak with long bamboo stick and 100% pure beef broth.

The only difference between this and the last one is the soup! If the original is a clear soup, this one's a bit brown and has stronger flavor, so I'd suggest you finish the original first before trying this, since then the original will be tasteless. Other than that, everything in it is the same. I like both original and shoyu though, I think both are good in their own way!

Made by premium beef steak and combined by onion leek. Served with hot plate and beef broth soup.

THIS IS MY FAVORITE!! Ramen on a hotplate! The noodle is a bit like mie karet, which is thicker than normal ramen noodle. Not only is the noodle thicker but the portion here is pretty big! I'm pretty sure I won't be able to finish this alone! To eat it, you need to take the noodle and dip it into the soup, yet I prefer to not dip it, since after dipping it, the noodle became a bit tasteless! The noodle on the hotplate is flavorful enough but that's just how I want it. Yummy!

Made by grilled chicken with onion leek and served with hot plate and chicken broth soup.

Though both the beef and chicken hotplate looked similar, the ramen noodle actually tasted different! The noodle with the beef tasted more flavorful for some reason but still, the chicken steak here's super amazing! It's incredibly fragrant and flavorful!!

There's actually another called Chicken Ramen "Hajime", which uses the original soup and there's no shoyu for the chicken one and that concludes all the ramen menu! The chicken's not as yummy as the beef though! They also have these mochi ice cream as desserts! We got to try the strawberry and green tea and I'm deeply apologize for the lack of photo. All I can say is both tasted good, the mochi skin's very chewy and not too thick, just perfect! For their first opening, I think they did a pretty great job!

The Origin Hajime Ramen 
Ruko Elang Laut Blok C19
Jl. Pantai Indah Utara 1 No.20
Penjaringan, Jakarta Utara 14470

Opening Hours :
Monday - Saturday : 10:00 am - 02:30 pm & 05:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Closed on Sunday


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