30 July 2015


Wow! Can you imagine that July is almost over?! Time really flies! Well, before this month comes to an end, we'll close it with this super cool restaurant and bar that we saw at Kemang! It's called Queens Head and let me tell ya', this place is gorgeous!! Just look at those cool and crazy looking chandelier thingy!!

Love how the restaurant's divided into few sections! There's the bar, the sofa, and the dining table, all with different styles! What they want to embrace here is high end traditional British pub environment with a contemporary twist!

Warning; there's gonna be a bunch of interiors here cause I just can't help but be enchanted by the place, it's sooo pretty!!

Here's the bar section, I think it's very elegant, don't you? I bet that by now, you could probably guess that the place is huge! Well, not so much but it's pretty huge than other typical restaurants, which explains why they also have a very wide bar!

Anyway, now that you've admired the whole interior, let me make you feel proud to be an Indonesian cause all of these furniture is made from Indonesia! Yeap, these are Indonesia's arts and crafts here you're looking at!! Feel proud Indonesian!

If you're looking for a brighter spot for your photos, I'd recommend this section! The roof are made of glass, so there'll be plenty of natural lights in the afternoon, though I wonder how dark the place would become at night, since the brightest light comes from this place and I don't see any lights that could be bright enough to light the whole place!

Soy ginger glaze.

Since we came here after having lunch, we decided to just enjoy some snacks, while admiring the pretty place and these are perfect for snacks! The dumplings were moist but not oily, so it's really light! Not a big fan of ginger, yet the glaze really won me over!

Tikka marsala spiced quinoa, coriander, yogurt emulsion.

It's always fun to have some molecular gastronomy in your foods, though the price might not be so friendly because of it. Yeap, you read right, yogurt emulsion, that's the white thingy that made it look like you're eating chicken with soap! It might look strange, but it tasted amazing! Love how rich, yet not too much, the flavors were!

Spiced cream cheese.

Can you believe that the chicken was more expensive than this salmon dish? That's molecular for ya! This bagel's topped with poppy seeds, those black little dots that looks like cigarette ash there..lol! Did you know that poppy seed comes from a fruit that contains opium, which produces drugs like heroine? But don't worry, these seeds won't make you high or anything, instead they're a potential source of anti-cancer drugs! Now you know that this bagel is not only delicious but healthy as well! :p

There's another outdoor section of this place and it looks like this part can be used to held a party or meetings!

25ml tanqueray london dry gine
25ml calvados
25ml apricot liqueur
Stir in a mixing glass, strain into coupette glass. Garnish with orange twist.

Now I'm no alcohol expert, all I know is the alcohol in this is really strong! The orange fragrance's also strong that you'll feel like drinking perfume. Well, guess I'm just not good with alcohols..I can take the sweet and creamy ones but not this one. Looks pretty though!

30ml light rum
30ml dark rum
100ml pj
80ml oj
1/2 passion fruit
15ml lime juice
15ml sugar syrup
Flashmix into a tiki mug. Garnish: lime squeeze & 1/2 passion fruit.

I prefer this one than the other, since this one's less strong..still strong but less! Maybe because there's sugar syrup in it, so even though it's strong, it's still sweet. Another plus point for this one is the super cute tiki mug!! Can I take it home please?! (Kidding!)

Now I know where I'd head to if I ever want to waste time in Kemang. I won't mind spending hours just hanging out in this place! It's comfy and beautiful, the service's also incredible. Perfect!

Queens Head
Jalan Kemang Raya No.18C
Mampang Prapatan
Jakarta Selatan 12730

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 12:00 pm - 02:00 am


29 July 2015


Hey, did you enjoy your holidays? Sorry for asking so late but there are some who still enjoys their holidays, right? Anyways, today is another Japanese...lol! But don't worry! This time, it's a westernized Japanese cuisine called Maison Tatsuya. They already have 3 outlets as of now, Kota Kasablanka, AEON Mall, and where we decided to dine in, Gandaria City!

Since they're a western-styled Japanese cuisine, what they offer here are not only teppanyaki, but also steak and pasta with a Japanese touch!

Okay, so for the teppanyaki, they have a combo set here, where you can choose chicken, US sirloin, seafood (scallop and cuttlefish), US rib eye and US wagyu for the meat. Each set will also come with tofu, veggies, salmon, prawn, moyashi, yakimeshi and of course, miso soup. For this, we chose the US rib eye!

Here's the prawn and salmon, cooked right in front of you!

If you're wondering why there's fried rice here, well it's because this is the one called yakimeshi, which is a Japanese fried rice! It's cooked without oil, instead they used the fats from the US rib eye meat, so they'll remove the fat and use it here! Totally made into the list of guilty pleasures!

The rib eye might not be that much but with all the others, I think it's just the right amount!

Taste-wise I think they're a bit too mild for my liking, though it became perfect after dipping it into one of those 3 sauces. My favorite here would be the yakimeshi! I'm even craving for it again right now!

Now, they don't only have teppan for main courses, there's also desserts! Yeah!! You'll witness an amazing fiery flambe right on that teppan plate! Grilled buttery banana, topped with chocolate or vanilla ice cream and burnt with flambe! It's simply amazing and yummy!

Spaghetti with chef's special spicy tuna sauce.

For you who loves spicy foods, this will be perfect for you! I'd warn you that the spiciness is no joke though. Might not be super spicy for those who can take their spicy foods, but for me who doesn't often eat spicy foods, this is almost unbearable. It's delicious though, I always finds it irritating that spicy foods are always so addicting!

Spaghetti with seared shrimp in homemade basil-base pesto sauce with a hint of truffle oil.

It's really not bad but unfortunately, compared to the other pasta we ordered that day, this was the mildest, so it comes close to tasteless, as the other's flavors were too overpowering! Still, this was a decent pesto pasta and I won't mind having it again, especially if I'm up for something mild!

Fyi, though it looks like this now, you'll have to mix the pesto sauce well before digging in!

Spaghetti with sauteed button mushroom in chef's special marinated cod roe (mentaiko) sauce.

My favorite out of the 3 pastas! It's rich, creamy, and has stronger flavor, yet not in a spicy way and there's mentaiko sauce! I love mentaiko! Really liking their concept of combining Japanese ingredients into western foods!

Slice of chocolate and green tea cake topped with green tea frosting.

Really rich in green tea and even though we were really stuffed, this dessert was really easy to finish! It's really light and fluffy, yet rich in the same time! A perfectly balance green tea and chocolate, love!

When I first heard the name Maison Tatsuya, I really thought that it was gonna be a fine-dining restaurant that will cost me a lot, yet turns out, the foods were all really reasonable! With their quality and taste, I really don't mind spending that much. It really is worth it!

Maison Tatsuya
Gandaria City
GF, #MG39
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda, Kebayoran Lama
Jakarta Selatan 12240

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm

27 July 2015


Another authentic Japanese cuisine!! Whoop whoop! It's another one from the lovely Little Tokyo and this one is called Kashiwa. It might be a bit hard to find the place cause their only signage is that little wood on the photo above. After you've found the signage, just go up the stairs!

This place is much more crowded than Izakaya Taichan but I guess that's because we went here at 8ish and Izakaya at 11ish. You can immediately see that most of the customers here are actual Japanese! 

2 types of tables are provided here, the tatami or the normal table. Unfortunately, we didn't get to sit on the tatami table cause the place were just so crowded!

You'll find that most writings are in Japanese. Don't worry though, the menu has an English translation of it and by the way, all the dish here only costs IDR 28K!! I'm not kidding! Well, you'll find that some of it would be overpriced and some are very affordable!

As expected, they're super fresh and that's all you really need when it comes to sashimi! Wouldn't expect less from a restaurant that is always flooded with actual Japanese people, there must be a reason why this place is popular with them, right?

It's good, just that I was not expecting it to just be deep fried ham and cheese..lol! Nevertheless, you can't expect less from ham and cheese, only this might be a bit overpriced? For me, it is!

Look at those melted cheese!!

Loved it!! Love how the how fish was very well-seasoned, there won't be a bite where it's not flavorful! It didn't smell fishy as well, not for me at least, but even if it does for you, just add the lemon and it should be fine!

Don't really know why there's a bibimbap in an authentic Japanese restaurant but I guess this just shows that, Japanese people also enjoy Korean foods! Now, I love this, just not the part we're the rice are all burnt in the bottom of the bowl thing, though it's normal for bibimbap to be like that, especially if they used a hot-stone bowl to serve!

See the pretty color! Just makes my mouth water!

A bit too expensive for chicken skin, huh? Well, at least it tasted great! You have to eat it with the miso paste though, or it will just taste like any other chicken skin you'll find in a street food!

Have never tried cream croquette before, so this was my first and I officially fell in love! From the start, I like corns and potatoes, so to have them mixed into 1 and in a creamy texture as well, it was heavenly!

Same thing that goes with the kawa, only for this one, the price is actually normal. Taste-wise, good, but you need the miso paste, since you can find this in any Japanese yakitori shop!

The highlight of today!! This super thick okonomiyaki! This has got to be the best okonomiyaki that I've ever had! Not only is it thick, but it also has a generous amount of toppings and fillings, so it's not just all egg! The sauce and mayonnaise on top were the best part! On top of that, it only costs IDR 28K!! :D

Told ya! I wasn't lying when I said it was super thick, right?

You've tried tempura? Then it's time to step up the game, Jumbo Ebifry! Lol! I seriously can't stop laughing at this menu, though it's actually good! The meat was very tender and with a crispy outer, the perfect balance! Love the thin layer of batter, which means it's all meat there!

Arigatou gozaimashita! That's what the first line of writing says, I don't know about the next one though! Maybe you guys can help me? :p All I know is the smiley face and I know that's the face we're making after dining here!

Jl. Melawai 8 No. 2A
Little Tokyo
Blok M, Melawai
Jakarta Selatan 12160

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 05:00 pm - 11:30 pm