08 July 2015


Annyeong!! We've finally moved on from Japanese to Korea..lol! This place is called Jjigae House and from the name you can probably figure out that they focus on Korean stews instead of grilled foods. Located at Muara Karang, near Sun Merry Bakery, it's not too big but I feel that the interior really gives off a family restaurant impression!

Like I said before, this place is for jjigae, so you won't find any grilled menu here! Their menu choices are also limited, since they only focus on jjigae and dakgalbi, the rest are just drinks and appetizers. These below are their banchan, be warned that there'll be extra charges if you want to get more of these!

Here, they only have like 5 appetizers and this is one of them. I do admit that I was a bit lured in by the price but that's because the portion's not that big, just enough for 1 person. Tasted great though, love the bouncy texture of the tteokbokki and that the sauce was not overly spicy!

I think this was super yummy! Even if the color's not that appetizing, the taste said otherwise. Crispy skin and tender meat covered in a sweet glaze! Superb!! Too many might get you overwhelmed though!

Ta-dah!! This is their signature menu! So they have various choices of soup; kimchi, chicken and beef, plus the portion's HUGE! Don't worry though, they also offer a portion for individual and 2 people! The one we ordered is for 4-6 people, which explains the huge portion!

In the jjigae, you'll get all these veggies and meat. You can choose the meat, there's chicken, beef, prime beef, pork, seafood or vegetarian. We, of course, chose the pork!! Lol!

You can also order some add-on if you think this isn't enough, highly doubt it though! :p The soup we got was the kimchi, which is also the most affordable! For this Pork Kimchi Jjigae, it only cost IDR 164K!

At first, when the soup was poured, it'll look really clear but the more it got boiled, the thicker the soup'll get and I can already imagine how flavorful it'll be! Yum!!

The waiter recommended us to get a ramen add-on, so we did and it was AWESOME! Just imagine having this jjigae with ramen in a cold night! Drool!!

For this, they have a set for 2 that costs IDR 56K and set for 4 that costs IDR 76K. Personally, I think this is really affordable! Just look at the size of it! Dakgalbi is a dish that consisted of veggies and stir fried chicken and that's exactly what's inside! The color might look intimidating but trust me, it's not spicy at all!

They also recommend having this with ramen and again, it's amazing! Love the tteokbokki and cheese!!

I think overall, it was a great experience! The foods great and the price is reasonable! Can't wait to go back and try the other jjigae choices! :D

Jjigae House
Jl. Muara Karang Raya No 40 A
Muara Karang
Jakarta Utara 11240

Opening Hours :
Wednesday - Monday : 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Closed on Tuesday


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