29 July 2015


Hey, did you enjoy your holidays? Sorry for asking so late but there are some who still enjoys their holidays, right? Anyways, today is another Japanese...lol! But don't worry! This time, it's a westernized Japanese cuisine called Maison Tatsuya. They already have 3 outlets as of now, Kota Kasablanka, AEON Mall, and where we decided to dine in, Gandaria City!

Since they're a western-styled Japanese cuisine, what they offer here are not only teppanyaki, but also steak and pasta with a Japanese touch!

Okay, so for the teppanyaki, they have a combo set here, where you can choose chicken, US sirloin, seafood (scallop and cuttlefish), US rib eye and US wagyu for the meat. Each set will also come with tofu, veggies, salmon, prawn, moyashi, yakimeshi and of course, miso soup. For this, we chose the US rib eye!

Here's the prawn and salmon, cooked right in front of you!

If you're wondering why there's fried rice here, well it's because this is the one called yakimeshi, which is a Japanese fried rice! It's cooked without oil, instead they used the fats from the US rib eye meat, so they'll remove the fat and use it here! Totally made into the list of guilty pleasures!

The rib eye might not be that much but with all the others, I think it's just the right amount!

Taste-wise I think they're a bit too mild for my liking, though it became perfect after dipping it into one of those 3 sauces. My favorite here would be the yakimeshi! I'm even craving for it again right now!

Now, they don't only have teppan for main courses, there's also desserts! Yeah!! You'll witness an amazing fiery flambe right on that teppan plate! Grilled buttery banana, topped with chocolate or vanilla ice cream and burnt with flambe! It's simply amazing and yummy!

Spaghetti with chef's special spicy tuna sauce.

For you who loves spicy foods, this will be perfect for you! I'd warn you that the spiciness is no joke though. Might not be super spicy for those who can take their spicy foods, but for me who doesn't often eat spicy foods, this is almost unbearable. It's delicious though, I always finds it irritating that spicy foods are always so addicting!

Spaghetti with seared shrimp in homemade basil-base pesto sauce with a hint of truffle oil.

It's really not bad but unfortunately, compared to the other pasta we ordered that day, this was the mildest, so it comes close to tasteless, as the other's flavors were too overpowering! Still, this was a decent pesto pasta and I won't mind having it again, especially if I'm up for something mild!

Fyi, though it looks like this now, you'll have to mix the pesto sauce well before digging in!

Spaghetti with sauteed button mushroom in chef's special marinated cod roe (mentaiko) sauce.

My favorite out of the 3 pastas! It's rich, creamy, and has stronger flavor, yet not in a spicy way and there's mentaiko sauce! I love mentaiko! Really liking their concept of combining Japanese ingredients into western foods!

Slice of chocolate and green tea cake topped with green tea frosting.

Really rich in green tea and even though we were really stuffed, this dessert was really easy to finish! It's really light and fluffy, yet rich in the same time! A perfectly balance green tea and chocolate, love!

When I first heard the name Maison Tatsuya, I really thought that it was gonna be a fine-dining restaurant that will cost me a lot, yet turns out, the foods were all really reasonable! With their quality and taste, I really don't mind spending that much. It really is worth it!

Maison Tatsuya
Gandaria City
GF, #MG39
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda, Kebayoran Lama
Jakarta Selatan 12240

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm

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