11 July 2015


Anybody ever heard of Ozumo? They first opened in Citra Garden and when I heard about it, I don't really feel like visiting, not that it's far but Citra Garden area has a really heavy traffic jam each time I went there! Citra Garden and Gading is the 2 places that I will rethink over and over to visit! :')

Good thing they finally opened a branch in Serpong! Though Serpong is a bit further than Citra, but since there's a toll with less traffic, I prefer Serpong! This Ozumo is located in line with the famous martabak in Gading Serpong, which is Martabak Mickey Mouse (seriously, you gotta try it!). It's not that hard to notice the place, cause of the bright colors they have and they're the brightest one out of all their neighbors!

Inside is not that spacey but it's comfy enough, plus the foods here are really affordable! Anyways, does anyone else think that the place kinda look like Sumoboo?
Ozumo here is a Japanese restaurant if the name isn't obvious enough,so their main course mainly consists of sushi and ramen!

Tempura crunch.

Told ya the price is really affordable! I can see why they would price it that low though, since there's only 4 pieces of rice rolled in nori and tempura crunch, then add sauce. Well, the place is not really suitable if you're looking for a proper meal but it's perfect to enjoy snacks with friends and/or family!

What caught my attention is all these cute desserts they have! One of them is this ice cream with popping candy on top. The ice cream's sour and it has white koko crunch as topping, other than the candy. It's not really my cup of tea, since I don't think the taste goes well with each other and it's really just a clash of flavors but I do think it's pretty! Lol! 

So...this is said to be their most favorite menu. Wonder why people are so interested in foods that has a poop as a name..and yet, this is also one of the reason why I'm interested in this place! Oh, the irony! Lol! To be honest the actual dessert is really simple, just 1 and a half scoop of ice cream, add fruit loops and choco balls. I can even make it at home but what made it so famous is actually the toilet shaped cup! Another plus point is from the yummy vanilla ice cream!

For this next one, it might not look that promising but trust me, it actually tasted decent! Not the best edible soil that I've ever had but at least it's good. The chocolate soil was yummy, especially when eaten with the jelly worms!

Inside the soil, you'll find chocolate pudding and it was great!! Well, as great as a chocolate pudding can be that is..lol!

I know the menu said Rilakkuma but why did it came out to be this pig-like-duck thing? It's cute..but why? Well, it's true that when I came here, there're a lot of out of stock menus for their dessert, even though it's only 6 pm. This here is 3 different flavored puddings and the taste was good as well! You can't really go wrong with puddings, right? The yellow one was mango, forgot what the purple one is and the green one was melon. They all had a really strong fragrance as well, too bad it's all bite-sized portion!

Please tell me I'm not the only one that thinks this looked like a combination of pig and duck!

I would say that the place is all cutesy and all, it's a great place to hang out but I won't be coming back for the food, I would come back for the ambiance though!

Ruko Boulevard blok BA3 no. 38
Gading Serpong

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm


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