30 July 2015


Wow! Can you imagine that July is almost over?! Time really flies! Well, before this month comes to an end, we'll close it with this super cool restaurant and bar that we saw at Kemang! It's called Queens Head and let me tell ya', this place is gorgeous!! Just look at those cool and crazy looking chandelier thingy!!

Love how the restaurant's divided into few sections! There's the bar, the sofa, and the dining table, all with different styles! What they want to embrace here is high end traditional British pub environment with a contemporary twist!

Warning; there's gonna be a bunch of interiors here cause I just can't help but be enchanted by the place, it's sooo pretty!!

Here's the bar section, I think it's very elegant, don't you? I bet that by now, you could probably guess that the place is huge! Well, not so much but it's pretty huge than other typical restaurants, which explains why they also have a very wide bar!

Anyway, now that you've admired the whole interior, let me make you feel proud to be an Indonesian cause all of these furniture is made from Indonesia! Yeap, these are Indonesia's arts and crafts here you're looking at!! Feel proud Indonesian!

If you're looking for a brighter spot for your photos, I'd recommend this section! The roof are made of glass, so there'll be plenty of natural lights in the afternoon, though I wonder how dark the place would become at night, since the brightest light comes from this place and I don't see any lights that could be bright enough to light the whole place!

Soy ginger glaze.

Since we came here after having lunch, we decided to just enjoy some snacks, while admiring the pretty place and these are perfect for snacks! The dumplings were moist but not oily, so it's really light! Not a big fan of ginger, yet the glaze really won me over!

Tikka marsala spiced quinoa, coriander, yogurt emulsion.

It's always fun to have some molecular gastronomy in your foods, though the price might not be so friendly because of it. Yeap, you read right, yogurt emulsion, that's the white thingy that made it look like you're eating chicken with soap! It might look strange, but it tasted amazing! Love how rich, yet not too much, the flavors were!

Spiced cream cheese.

Can you believe that the chicken was more expensive than this salmon dish? That's molecular for ya! This bagel's topped with poppy seeds, those black little dots that looks like cigarette ash there..lol! Did you know that poppy seed comes from a fruit that contains opium, which produces drugs like heroine? But don't worry, these seeds won't make you high or anything, instead they're a potential source of anti-cancer drugs! Now you know that this bagel is not only delicious but healthy as well! :p

There's another outdoor section of this place and it looks like this part can be used to held a party or meetings!

25ml tanqueray london dry gine
25ml calvados
25ml apricot liqueur
Stir in a mixing glass, strain into coupette glass. Garnish with orange twist.

Now I'm no alcohol expert, all I know is the alcohol in this is really strong! The orange fragrance's also strong that you'll feel like drinking perfume. Well, guess I'm just not good with alcohols..I can take the sweet and creamy ones but not this one. Looks pretty though!

30ml light rum
30ml dark rum
100ml pj
80ml oj
1/2 passion fruit
15ml lime juice
15ml sugar syrup
Flashmix into a tiki mug. Garnish: lime squeeze & 1/2 passion fruit.

I prefer this one than the other, since this one's less strong..still strong but less! Maybe because there's sugar syrup in it, so even though it's strong, it's still sweet. Another plus point for this one is the super cute tiki mug!! Can I take it home please?! (Kidding!)

Now I know where I'd head to if I ever want to waste time in Kemang. I won't mind spending hours just hanging out in this place! It's comfy and beautiful, the service's also incredible. Perfect!

Queens Head
Jalan Kemang Raya No.18C
Mampang Prapatan
Jakarta Selatan 12730

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 12:00 pm - 02:00 am



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