22 July 2015


Are you ready for something hot and melted?! Cause today will be filled with gooey goodness! It's called Melting Pot, located in Plaza Senayan! The place is a bit hard to see, since they're located in the deserted corner, along with Applebee's, which is from the same group fyi. If you don't know where I'm talking about, just find Marche and go right. Usually the staff would also be standing in front of the escalator to Marche, so can also ask them!

The inside of it is pretty spacey and I love how elegant this place is! Simple colors with classy furniture, nice!

On each table, these pots and colorful cutleries will already be provided! There's a red and black colored ones!! Sorry, just love those colors!

Aged, medium-sharp cheddar and Emmenthaler Swiss cheeses, lager beer, garlic and seasonings.

Cooked with beer made the cheese tasted a bit more sour and alcoholic. Not saying that I don't like it but I don't like it that much either. I'd prefer and salty and creamy type of cheese or a sweet one!

Here are what will be offered to be dipped in the melted cheese! Was a bit confused with the apples but turns out, apples and cheese creates this awesome sweet and savory taste! I, personally, liked it!

Crisp romaine and iceberg lettuce, cheddar cheese, fresh tomatoes, crispy croutons, and sliced egg finished with your choice of Peppercorn Ranch Dressing or our sweet and tangy House Dressing.

They have 3 choices of salads here and we got to try all of them! This one here is my personal favorite, with it's sweet and sour dressing, this is really satisfying for me! I love sweet and sour taste you see..lol!

Mixed baby salad greens, Roma tomatoes, candied walnuts, and Gorgonzola cheese with a raspberry vinaigrette.

My 2nd favorite, since this one also tasted kinda sweet and sour, though leaning more on the sour side. The only thing I find off is the candied walnuts..I thought it was candied so that it would be more crunchy but turns out it became more mushy and didn't set well with the whole plate! I'd prefer crunchy walnuts for my salad!

Crisp romaine lettuce, shredded Parmesan cheese, crispy croutons and an added touch of Parmesan-encrusted pine nuts, tossed with Caesar dressing.

It's your everyday Caesar salad, so there's really nothing special about it. Decent though, which is good! Just that out of all 3 choices, I'd go for this one last! What I do love about all the salads here is that they used fresh ingredients, so the veggies are all good and crunchy!

Fontina and Gouda cheeses, spinach, artichoke hearts, and garlic.

For this melted cheese, they don't use beer or any alcohols, instead they use Buliong vegetable oil. This one tasted more savory with all the spinach and artichoke! I don't really know if it's supposed to be much oilier than the cheddar or not but that was what happened to ours, maybe it's because they used vegetable oil instead of beer?

A signature and delicious blend of lemonade, blackberry, and sage.

Might be weird after hearing the word sage, which fyi is a culinary herb, but turns out the sage wasn't really that strong, which might be a good thing! If I didn't read the description, I would've thought that this was a blackberry virgin mojito, cause it tasted like one!

The perfect balance! White chocolate and vanilla blended with ice cream and topped with chocolate shavings.

Don't worry, though the name's martini, there's no alcohol at all in this drink..only some vanilla and chocolatey goodness! I don't usually like any chocolate shavings in anything, not on cakes and definitely not on drinks, but this one is strangely satisfying!

Fresh watermelon, lemon, and lime juices with flavors of bright red berries and mint combine to make this a delicious and refreshing drink.

A bit similar to the blackberry sage lemonade, just subtract the blackberry and add the watermelon! It's a bit of a sweet and tangy, with mint herbs, so it's also somewhat like a virgin mojito. They weren't kidding when they say it was refreshing though!

A smooth and tasty blend of sweet pineapple with creamy coconut.

Never really like pina colada, since there would be coconut in it! This one's not an alcoholic drink though and the cream of coconut didn't have a strong coconut taste in it, so it's great news for me! Dare I say that I actually liked this, since it's sweet, smooth and creamy!

Dark chocolate and marshmallows topped with bits of delicious chocolate cookies.

We got to also try the desserts and what other melted desserts that is better than chocolate fondues? There're various choices of fondues but we tried this one, since I think it's the most interesting! There's marshmallow with cookies 'n' cream, it can't get any better than that! They also gave a little attraction of making a flambe out of it right in front of us! Cool!!

I just started drooling on this part!

Here are the things for the dipping, there's fruits, cakes and cookie covered marshmallow!! Yum!

Why is this plate has more amount than the ones above? Well, cause this below is for 2 portions, so they just doubled the amount!

I somehow think that the prices aren't really reasonable, since for IDR 100K you'd only get a bowl of melted cheese with a small plate of foods to be dipped. I guess they're confident with their prices cause as of now, they're the only ones with this concept, yet I do hope they'd consider the price a little bit more! Anyways, I'd wish them the best of luck!

The Melting Pot
Plaza Senayan Mall
5th floor, unit CP516
Jl. Asia Afrika no. 8
Jakarta Pusat 10270
021-5790 6057

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm

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