10 August 2015


Wow, it's August already! Anybody got our national anthem stuck on their heads? Lol! Let's increase our love for our country more with all the varieties of cuisines available here in Indonesia, especially Jakarta! One of them is of course, Japanese and we tried another Japanese restaurant that has opened a few months ago but we just got the chance to visit now..even though it's always in our line of path..haha! The place is called Hachimitsu and it's located at Pesanggrahan in line with Tako Suki. Pretty hard to miss their huge signage, though the place does look small and deserted..maybe that's the reason we weren't that excited to visit?

It's a 2 storey shop and had to admit, the 1st floor is a bit small, since the cashier and drink bar taken up half of the place. The ordering process here is like a fast food restaurant, you order at the cashier, pay, then be seated and the waiter will deliver the foods to you. Pretty simple, right?

The photo below here is the 2nd floor and when I came here, it was absolutely empty! Lol!

See, the 2nd floor is bigger then the 1st, though it's still considerately small.

Below is a condiment table where you can take your own chili, garlic, chives, ocha, etc. Yeap, it's a self service!


These 2 here were just average actually, the best sides was the fish ball!! But I forgot to take a photo of it..really sorry! For the fish cake and fish ball, it's 2 pieces per portion. Love how the fish ball didn't smell at all!

It's a pretty simple and common dish that you could almost find in any Japanese restaurant. It's chicken katsu with eggs on a bowl of rice, tasted great though! It's pretty decent and what amazed me was how it stayed warm for a very long time! How does it do that?!

This was said to be their best seller..but I don't really like it. The texture's a bit weird and kinda tasteless. Well, they did recommend adding chili oil to it and it's true that after adding some, it tasted much better!

Thanks to chili oil! Lol!

Here they have 2 kinds of udon, soup or fried. We decided to go for fried cause it looks really pretty in the picture on the menu. I'm not kidding, you should see for yourself, it's really neat and pretty!

Guess you could say I was disappointed when it arrived, since it didn't look like the picture at all and the udon cut short! Don't really know how, maybe too much stirring? The taste was also not my favorite, it's a good thing the beefs were in a generous amount!

Well, I pretty much know that there's not a lot of restaurants that are exceedingly good. Most are pretty standard that you won't be interested in coming back, though I might come back here for the fish ball! :p

Hachimitsu Udon & Donburi
Jalan Pesanggrahan No.56B
Jakarta Barat 11610

Opening Hours :
Monday - Friday : 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Saturday - Sunday : 10:00 am - 10:00 am

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