25 August 2015


Super amazed by how Pantai Indah Kapuk always has new members opening every month! This is another one, though it's located in the far off Elang Laut area, at least it's still in PIK! Called Jack's Belly, located in line with Hajime Ramen and owned by one of our church friend! It's a small world now~ *'scuse the bad singing* lol!

The outer appearance really looks like a place to just hang and drink and stuff, so I thought it was a place only for light bites..but after looking at their Instagram, turns out it was more of a place for dining!

It's a 2-story ruko but I didn't see the 2nd floor, so please be satisfied with just the 1st floor 'kay? :p When I came here, there's a menu photo session, since their menu was still words only. Yeap, that's just how new this place is!

A delicious combination of Seattle Squid, Buffalo Texas Spicy, Idaho Crisp, and Grilled Sausage served with made-from-scratch Jack's White Louisiana Salsa and Charlie's Honey Mustard Dip.

For starters, we had this complete platter! Lol! What? We wanted to try them all, so of course, this is our immediate choice and the price's reasonable as well!

Love the calamari! It's not tough like some calamaris I've had before and the crispy skin's really thin as well, which means more squid than flour, the salsa's also another huge plus! Too bad the chicken's a bit dry or else it would've been perfect!

Not really fond of the idaho crisp cause maybe I don't really like truffle oil, since it smells like gas..lol! The sausages were delicious though, it's smeared with bbq sauce!

Dory slightly breaded with homemade batter mix and roasted fir crispy taste. Served with homemade cream cheese.

Dory!! :D Saw this on a photo that it looked super huge, so I decided to get this, plus they offered a good bargain for a dory this big! You can choose either homemade wedges, idaho crisp like the ones above, or this volcano mash potato for the sides! Why'd they call it volcano? Probably cause there's a super yummy sauce coming out of it!

The dory tasted nice but I do think that the flour's a bit too thick, still good tho!

Topped with smoked beef, beef sausage, bacon, pepperoni, oregano, and cheese.

Not saying that it's bad, just...ordinary! It's really like any other pizza that you can find anywhere! There's nothing special about this pizza, which kinda disappoints me but I guess it's expected from a meat lover pizza!

The interior's pretty good, there's a stage that indicates that the place probably offers live music, they could do better with the food though! Wish that they'll improve the taste and this place will be perfect because it's just too bad if a great place like this only offers mediocre foods! Knowing that the place belongs to a friend makes me wish harder for the best for them!

Jack's Belly
Ruko Elang Laut B47/48
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara

Opening Hours:
Sunday - Thursday : 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Friday - Saturday : 11:00 am - 01:00 am


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