31 August 2015


And yet another review of Pantai Indah Kapuk..I think we'll soon turn into PIK Blogger or something..lol! Bet there'll be another new restaurant next month or even less than a month! This one's called Kiin and I just think that the outer appearance is sooo cool! It's definitely unique and unlike the other Pantai Indah Kapuk tenants!

The interior's really neat and simple, perfect for a photoshoot, though the heat's a bit too much for me, since it's not fully enclosed. If you're lucky, you'll get a great silhouette on the wall, which will make a perfect background!

What I love the most about this place is the pretty porcelain tiles! Though it's very Asian, I find it elegant!

For you who's afraid of heat, don't worry, they also have a cooler area. The side effect of this area is that it's darker, especially for photos. This place's pretty spacey with a layout that you won't find in any other restaurant at PIK!

Though the design's simple, it still looks luxurious, don't you think?

Look at this crazy looking chandelier! Lol!

With green beans and kaffir lime leaves.

Since it has curry in it, it's typically spicy, though I find it much more similar to Indonesian cuisine rather than Thai and I could say that it suits my taste! :p I could just picture eating this with rice and it'll be a perfect combination! The pork belly's really generous too, you can find more of them below the green beans, so get diggin'!

If you see here, the portion might not look much but in reality it's pretty big. Guess that pictures aren't always better than the reality..lol!

With smoked chili relish and tamarind sauce.

If you haven't notice, this is actually an appetizer. Love how the pork collar's super tender, though I don't feel how this is Thai cuisine but at least it's good! Extra points from the fried shallots! The only thing Thai about this dish is the tamarind dipping sauce!

I do prefer this without the tamarind sauce, since it's tasty enough as it is. If you use the tamarind sauce, it'll become more sweet and sour, rather than savory!

Though I'm not a big fan of mints, the nutella's strong enough to overpower the mint and that's what made me like this! It's refreshing because of the mint and it's not overly sweet and overflowing with nutella, love!

With pandan custard dip.

Better known as cakwe..lol! Nothing's really special about this other than the pandan custard dipping. I'd suggest you eat this while it's warm 'cause once it turns cold, it'll be harder to chew, just like any other cakwe you'll find in the market!

With black sticky rice, roasted peanuts, coconut flesh, and mango sauce.

Now this is what I definitely recommend!! I was actually gonna go for some mango sticky rice, since it's my favorite dessert in a Thai restaurants but there's none here!! :( So the staff recommended that I try this, since he said it's similar and I decided to give it a go!

Thank God, it's not disappointing! Instead, the ice cream's super yummy, even though it's coconut! Drizzled with mango sauce, the coconut taste is overpowered by it, which is a good thing for me. Below is the black colored sticky rice, the orange balls there is somewhat like tapioca balls. What makes it better is the peanuts, which I think goes really well with the whole thing, especially the coconut flesh. You MUST try this!

I think it's been such a long time since we talked about Thai foods. Lately, it's been Japanese, so this is pretty nice change. Do hope that more varieties of cuisine will land itself SOON in Jakarta! And it's the end of August! How time flies..see you in September! :D

Kiin Thai Bistro
Ruko Crown Golf Blok D No 33 - 35
Jl. Marina Indah Raya
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara 14450

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 11:00 am - 10:00 pm

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