30 August 2015


Yeah!! Another new interesting dining place has arrived near my place and it's Japanese too! Double points then! :p The place is called Osaka Maru and it's at Lippo Mall Puri. You can clearly see the place upon entering the main entrance of the mall before going to the parking area. I just want to take a minute to be grateful of this mall! Since it opened, there has been a lot of interesting restaurants invading, even Eric Kayser is here!

Love how the interior is really earthy and colorful! It's not that spacey but it does have a second floor and it has so many windows that makes this place filled with natural light! That only goes for the first floor though, since the second floor is way darker!

Since there's a lot of flowers and there's also a giant tree in the middle with the subtle colorfulness, I really feel like I'm in a garden or something and yet they managed to still have this fine-dining atmosphere!

Upon entering, you just have to look up and see these colorful umbrellas! Never really gave Japanese umbrellas that much of a thought until after I saw it!

This is definitely my favorite shot taken here! I could really make this a wallpaper, it's so pretty!

Welcomed with these delicious rolls and dipping! There're 3 types of dipping; butter, olive oil, and balsamic and my favorite would be balsamic!

Black burger bun, beef patty, unagi, fresh sunkist.

Though I could say that they're really cheap with the unagi, I still find this super delicious! My favorite part would be how the sunkist just freshen up the heavy taste! You might think that the portion is way too small for the price but I think with the taste and quality they offered, this is a reasonable price!

You gotta eat it all in 1 go! Don't leave anything behind!

Grill beef with asian herb, hokkigai surf clam, uni sauce.

This is my favorite dish here! Other than the fact that it's all meat, it's also super tender and grilled to perfection with a super fresh clam! I didn't even notice that it was clam, since there's no smell whatsoever! Super amazed with the quality and their attention to details!

Look at the color! Perfect medium rare grilled beef!

Breast of duck, romano letus, pomelo with black sauce.

This one's also good but after the beef hokkigai, this didn't came as big of an impact. It's still super good too though. I especially love how the pomelo lightens the whole taste and the black sauce really makes you wonder!

Spicy salmon, red chilli, nori tempura, eel sauce, spicy mayonize.

Can you believe that even their sushi is superb? Well, I never thought that sushi can taste bad, so this one's a given I guess..lol! Yet this is seriously good too, again not as big of an impact but still plenty of good points! It has a bit of a spicy kick but nothing I can't tolerate and the nori tempura gave it a nice crunchy texture! Yum!

This place really amazed me! Not only do they offer high quality dishes, but also high quality service! Really amazed with how friendly the server was, especially when we were indecisive about our table!

Osaka Maru
Lippo Mall Puri
Main Lobby GF52 & UG52
Jl. Puri Indah Raya Blok U1 Kembangan
CBD Puri Indah
Jakarta Barat

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 11:00 am - 00:00 am


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