30 September 2015


Back to Shangri-la for another amazing dining experience! And when we say amazing, we mean super amazing! It's Supreme Brunch and just from the name, you know that it's going to be awesome! Especially since it's from Shangri-la, a hotel with Satoo as their restaurant!

Wondering what Supreme Brunch is? Well, it's a brunch promotion available from 2nd August - 7th December 2015. The promotion is a monthly culinary carnival, where guests can explore delectable international cuisine from India, Thailand, the West, and China and appetizing Indonesian hawker food!

So by paying a certain amount of money, you can have an all you can eat buffet at not only Satoo but also Shang Palace! Yeap, you can explore both restaurant freely with more selection of cuisines than usual! Doesn't that sound marvelous?

Seeing as we've already experience an incredible dining at Satoo, we're totally psyched after hearing that we got a chance to try Shang Palace as well! Whereas Satoo has a various range of cuisine and Shang Palace focuses on Chinese cuisines, the greatest cuisine in the world!

It was both a fulfilling and fun adventure, where it's as if you're on a food scavenging hunt! There's even a map in the middle of Shang Palace and Satoo, explaining which cuisine goes where!

The desserts offered were also different than the ones we had before, since last time was the red event, where the desserts are all colored red. This time is more colorful, though the types of desserts were not that much different! The new ones I noticed is probably the cones, now we get to have ice cream on a cone!

If you're thinking of taking you're kids, have no worries, since they also provided a kids corner! There's a special corner of kids foods and game center (not the machine kind of game)!

As you can see we went full out! Yeap, this was what we had! It's not just the 2 of us though, so please relax those judging eyes..lol! We just can't help it, since the foods here are all superb and definitely high quality!

What surprises me the most was probably these fresh seafood! As you can clearly see from how many we had on our plate!

On Shang Palace my favorite would be the pork rice noodle roll (Cheong fan) and the mantou with condensed milk! I think I had 5 of the mantou myself, since it's just so fluffy! You just have to try it!


Buffet Prices :
Adults : Rp.408,000++
Children : Rp.204,000++

Supeme Brunch at Satoo & Shang Palace
Shangri-la Hotel Jakarta
Kota BNI, Level 1
JL. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 1
Jakarta Pusat

Opening Hours :
1st Sunday of the Month : 11:30 am - 03:00 pm



There's a place at Melawai or known as Blok M called Food Fighters! Why? Because it's a place of various brands all in one spot and it's our job to try them all, hence making us a food fighter..lol! I'm just making up stories here but it's legit, right?

The vendors here all came from Pasar Santa, so you'll find this like a branch of Pasar Santa..sort of, though there're few brands that aren't from Pasar Santa. What's cool about this place is how they cooperate with each other! Nobody is allowed to sell the exact same products in order to not rival each other!

Seeing as the place is kinda outdoors expect it to be hot, just like Pasar Santa, so wear comfy clothes! Though there're seats under a roof, we prefer the ones outside with all the generous lighting!

This is a product from Food Fighters itself! For beverages, it's mostly left to them, where there aren't that many vendors that sells beverages, except for Kopi Pasar, which obviously sells coffee. The kakigori here is of course, their signature, though it can create quite a mess, so be prepared! Mostly soda, syrup and ice cream, so it's really just for visual!

This burger is by Judas, yeap, the same Judas that sells juice. Here they're called Judas Kitchen, so they mostly sells burgers and other mains. Burger's not half bad actually, good price too, with cassava fries on the side!

Here is from Sate Bumbu Oma. The recipe for the sauce is originated from NTT, which what made them different and very local! Might I warn you that it's super spicy, well it's local food, so I guess it's to be expected. This here tasted sweet and spicy, something I bet locals would love!

Something that wasn't in Pasar Santa before, Bahnmily! I heard it just opened a branch at Pasar Santa recently though. Bahnmily here is one family with Mie Chino actually, hence why they're always side by side! Very tasty with a nice textured bun and a balanced portion of meat and veggies!

Of course there'll be the all time famous noodle shop at Pasar Santa, Mie Chino! Don't really think I need to explain much, since I bet many have tried! Though I didn't like it before when I tried it at Pasar Santa, this time I thought it was not bad. Maybe they've improved the recipe? Or was I just unlucky that last time?

My favorite at Pasar Santa, Zucker Waffle! Having waffle as buns for a savory experience is pure genius! I love how the crispy yet chewy texture of waffle comes together not only with sweets but with tasty sirloin steak! Gotta try this one, people!

And of course, since they are a waffle shop, they need to provide the sweet ones as well! Their signature is definitely the sirloin steak waffle though!

Who doesn't know Papricano from Pasar Santa? That one store who always have a hell of a line! Yeap, they're also available here and we went straight for their burritos!

Not missing the chance for not having to wait in line for Papricano, we also got the quesadilla! Who knows when we'll get a golden chance like this again? :p

In collaboration with Papricano to merge Italian and American together, here's Sloppy Joe! Of course, since we've never tried this before, it's a mandatory to get the originals! And might I say, it's not bad at all!

A product of Yipiko Wings. Though I was a bit disappointed that we didn't get to try the cola wings, I still think this is good. Not extraordinary but good. Love the baby potatoes though, it's very well-seasoned! I even think that they outshine the wings..lol!

When we tried this, it was already too cold and nobody likes a cold pasta. Admit that it's entirely our own fault, so we do apologize. Even though it's too cold to get the best taste, I think it was okay-ish. The seasoning was nice and the pasta's a perfect al dente, so I bet it'll taste good if warm! This is from Bonara Pasta by the way!

Okay, having 3 kinds of burgers in a day is definitely not a good idea! This here is from Black Jack and they sell all kinds of black colored food! The most generous toppings for a burger definitely is this one! Too bad the fries isn't as good as the burger!

Desserts are from Memom Snacks! We had this cute looking milo lego pudding, which is a milo flavored giant lego..lol! Taste just like any other chocolate pudding but because it looks super cute, it definitely got a plus point!

Now that we have another branch of Pasar Santa, we don't have to worry about Pasar Santa being too crowded! We have an alternative now! Just wished that both weren't so far from home! :'(

Food Fighters
Jalan Melawai IV No. 7
Beside Fave Hotel Melawai
Kebayoran Baru, Blok M
Jakarta Selatan 12160

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm


28 September 2015


So we came across an unusual invitation the other day. Why was it unusual? Well because it was an invitation to a private home! Not a restaurant nor cafe but to a house in a residential! Though when we came inside it was sort of like a small restaurant with only few tables that you'll easily mistaken for a typical home furniture!

This place is called Mind Body Nucleus, located at Tulodong Bawah Raya. What they offer is something everyone needs; healthy foods! But not just any healthy foods, it's not one of those no salt or sugar, less portion, all veggies kind because eating healthy doesn't mean you have to eat bad tasting foods, it's all about metabolic balance. You just gotta get creative with your foods! They told us that if you want to have a healthy diet, you need to eat! The foods here are no different than usual foods in terms of taste but if you eat their food, you won't need to feel guilty! It's not just steamed foods but grilled, sauteed, fried, they have it all! Don't believe us? Well keep on reading!

They plant their own herbs, so you can be sure that there's no pesticides or any other chemicals added! They have planted all sorts of herbs; basil, rosemary, thyme, and more! Can you believe that they did all this in just 3 months time? Wow!

Look at how fresh these all are!

Here's their kitchen! They used the similar equipment you'll find in a restaurant or hotel, only with less quantity of course..lol! Curious about how the food will turn out to be like? Let's start with the foods then!

With Sumatra sauce, sundried tomato infused mash potato.

This definitely doesn't look like healthy foods but a normal tasty looking dish, right? But they guaranteed that it's healthy! Love the Sumatra sauce, knowing it's all homemade just blew me away!

The chicken they used is a game hen. Now I didn't know what it was but it's supposedly to have a pretty good size with a reasonable price and the meat's tender as well!

Since this is about healthy and all, you gotta eat your veggies, right? Don't worry though, it's not as bad as you think as they sauteed the veggies with garlic and well seasoned too!

A closer look to their Sumatra sauce! By the way, they did a really good job on the plating, looks fancy, don't you think?

With pesto sauce, paprika infused mash potato.

Next is this salmon and there's really nothing that can go wrong with salmon! Love how the salmon is perfectly grilled making it still super soft and tender, since I'm not a big fan of cooked salmon, so it's crucial for me!

Look at that beautiful skin! Also, the salmon goes really well with the homemade pesto sauce!

Now I really like veggies to the point where I might choose them over meat sometimes but my least favorite would be paprika! Potatoes are my favorite but since they pair it with paprika, I'm really torn here!

Garlic sauteed asparagus to go with the salmon, so it's fancy all the way! Lol! The garlic flavor's really strong though, so be warned for those who couldn't deal with garlic!

With broccoli and mushroom.

Still can't believe this is healthy? Yeah, me too..lol! Seriously though, I have never thought that healthy can taste this good! Cooked to medium well, this veal's really tender and well seasoned! The tender veal goes perfectly with the crunchy broccoli and did I mention that broccoli is one of my favorite veggies?

Meat, veggies, and mushroom..the perfect combination!

Green tomatoes mixed with beef and garlic.

Our favorite!! Yes, of course our favorite just had to go to the most unhealthy looking one..lol! Don't worry though, this is still healthy! I personally think that this really looks like Indonesian dish, doesn't it? It's spicy though, so be careful but even if I'm not a big fan of spicy foods, to me this is yummy!

Anyway, I've never seen a green cherry tomato before, so this is a totally new discovery! You gotta try eating the beef and tomato in one bite, delicious!

Here's our friendly host, Julian (don't know if it's spelled right). He's the adviser for all this and just from those very few hours of meeting him, we can definitely see the passion he has for MB Nucleus and for the health of humanity!

 He's part Italian, so expect some pasta on the menu! He's also a nutritional consultant (if I remember correctly), which is why you can trust him on all this healthy foods!

We definitely needed something like this nowadays and other than becoming healthy, there's also a side effect from the foods here and that is....losing weight! You can do your happy dance girls! Fyi, they also sell this scented liquids thingy, which could be healthy for the body and soul as well!

Mind Body Nucleus
Jl. Tulodong Bawah A7
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12190