23 September 2015


Yeah! There's a new gelato parlor in town!! Can't be more happy to hear that!! Though it's located at a place that I don't visit too often, which is Pacific Place, I'm still psyched about it. Heard that this place just opened last week or something, so it's still fresh from the oven!

The place is called GROM and what's great about this place is that since they're not one of those technology kind of ice cream, they're just classic Italian gelato, so they decided to offer various flavors as their plus point! And when I say various flavors, I really mean it. The flavors are really different and new, like Sicilian Cake, Cinnamon, various types of chocolates, or their flavor of the month!

You can clearly see that they're new from all the congratulation bouquet all over the place! I totally had high expectation for this place, since GROM is actually pretty famous in Italy and it's gelato..from Italy, a country where gelato came from, so of course it's gonna be good!

Anyway, good news is you'll feel less guilty with this, since they have less fat than usual gelato with no preservatives nor coloring whatsoever! Plus, they use real fruits, so it's all good!

Aside from the white and blue theme they enhanced for the counter, they chose wooden furniture for the table and seats, which is perfetto for me!

2 flavors.

The flavors I chose here is Menta & Cioccolato, which is Mint & Chocolate Chips and Cioccolato Fondente, which is Dark Chocolate. For the dark chocolate there's this one, which is mixed with milk or the pure dark chocolate, which is called extra dark chocolate. Since I'm pairing this up with mint, I thought I had to have a sweeter taste, so I chose this one, though I'd love to try the extra dark chocolate!

You can tell how creamy it is, just by looking at it! The mint wasn't that strong, which is great and the dark chocolate was just marvelous! I really love this combination, though next time, I'd definitely go for the extra dark. I thought the mint was gonna be strong but turns out, it's already sweet enough to balance itself!

2 flavors.

For the cup, I chose Crema Di Grom, which is actually the flavor of the month and Cassata Siciliana, which is Sicilian Cake. The Crema Di Grom is made of egg cream with GROM's corn biscuits and Colombian "Teyuna" chocolate chips and for Sicilian cake, if you don't know, it's a traditional cake from Italy, they taste like vanilla with candied peel. Yes, for this one, I wanted something more adventurous!

I've got to say that even though I've never tried anything like these two flavors, I think they're super good! I especially love the Crema Di Grom! I really recommend that you try it before they change the flavor of the month!

I'm really glad we were able to try this and it's all thanks to our friend, Willy Anthony, who told us about this place! It's good and it's healthier, what more can we ask for? Thank you and congratulation GROM!

GROM Il Gelato Come Una Volta
Pacific Place Mall
1st Floor #70-72
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav 52-53
Jakarta Selatan 12190

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm

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