21 September 2015


Our second chance of having a wine dinner! Yeah! The first time's at Hilton Bandung and this time, it's at Vin+. What's different about that night's wine dinner was that it's accompanied with Indonesian food! Usually it's with Western food, so this is a great new experience for us!

The Vin+ we visited for this Indonesian wine dinner was the one at Pondok Indah Mall with foods made by Chef Deni Sugiarto. This isn't the first time that Vin+ offered an Indonesian wine dinner, since they do this once every year, so don't miss your chance next year!

We were supposed to only have 4 courses but lucky us, we got an extra! Can you guess what this is? What's the first thing that came to your mind? It's PORRIDGE! Can you believe that?! Though it's just a plain white porridge, it's still super tasty. For this one, there's no wine pairing to it, just a healthy mineral water..lol!

Let's start the wine party!

The first wine! Tasted the most acceptable for me, since it's 'sweet'! Don't really like strong alcohol, which in this case, it's not, so I like this! Anyway, I learnt something new from this wine dinner experience! Did you know that if you drink wine from this kind of glass, you don't have to swirl it around like how people do with the usual 'fat' glass? Everyday is a new knowledge, huh?

To accompany the first wine, here's the first dish! Okay, it doesn't look exactly Indonesian but the tuna inside is cooked with sambal matah, which is very Indonesian! It's a fancy kind of Indonesian dish after-all!

This was somehow refreshing! I guess it's because of the super spicy sambal matah, which can wake you right up, though I kinda get a Japanese feel from this, instead of Indonesian. Hmm?

Next wine! This time they used the usual wine glass, so swirl away~ Not a big fan of this one, since it's stronger than the last one and my taste buds just can't accept it.. Guess my tongue's not high class enough..lol!

Another guessing game! Bet you won't be able to guess this one either!

Yeap! It's Indonesian's nasi liwet made into a way higher level! Just look at those 2 huge perfectly cooked tiger prawns and they tasted awesome! I especially love the spices!

Ta-dah! Here's the rice, which by the way, smelt amazing! It's bland though, so you gotta use the tauco sauce!

Last one's a red wine and trust me..this is my least favorite! Why? Cause it's one of those hell'a strong wines! I wasn't even able to finish a glass of it and it's not even half the glass! Really can't enjoy these stronger ones..why can't they all be a 'sweet' wine? :p

Here comes the main course!! It doesn't look like rawon? Well because this is a new and improved rawon! Usually they're just a soupy black substance that isn't very flattering to take photos of but now, it's totally photogenic!

The rawon was made into somewhat like a steak, so the meat is covered by the soup made into sauce. They also gave extra sauce there but personally, I think the sauce covering the meat is enough!

Fyi, the meat's super soft and tender!! I don't know how a meat could be soft but it is! Perkedel on the side to add up some extra Indonesian and still equally delicious and fancy! Perfect!

Or in other words....Piscok (Pisang Coklat), a signature Indonesian dessert! Love the melting chocolate and crispy lumpia skin! As expected for my favorite traditional dessert! Yum!

Not only was it good, it's also really pretty!! For desserts, they don't pair it with wine but with black coffee or Dilmah tea instead. What a great way to end this dining experience!

Big thanks to Vin+ for the exquisite experience of this Indonesian wine dinner! Even though I'm not a huge fan of wines, I'm still grateful that I was given the chance to try some! :D


Pondok Indah Mall
Jl. Metro Pondok Indah
Street Gallery
1st Floor Unit 106
Jakarta 12310

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm


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