25 September 2015


Ready for yet another Japanese cuisine? Well ready or not, here it is! Lol! It's not exactly a new restaurant but it's a proper Japanese restaurant and the name is Kiyadon!

I guess you could say that this place is pretty well known, since it already has 7 outlets! The first Kiyadon in Jakarta is actually the one at Plaza Senayan, which arrived 15 years ago. The one we tried was at Pacific Place, which have been here for 8 years with capacity of 140 seats!

They say that this place is usually crowded by businessmen, since it's located near many offices. Well I think the interior suits the market, don't you think so too? :p

Salmon lettuce with dressing.

I think it's really fresh, especially since the dressing is made out of wasabi, carrot, and onion! It has a hint of spiciness that is just enough to wake you up! Plus, you don't need to dip your salmon to wasabi and soy sauce anymore, just use the dressing!

Love how pretty the plating is! It's a salmon flower..lol!

Unagi, kyuri, salmon, tobiko.

So the reason why this is called Tom & Jerry was because it's a sushi with salmon and unagi, where both never gets along with each other, just like Tom & Jerry. Yeap, that's all! Tasted yummy, though I rarely find any sushi with unagi and salmon that tasted bad..lol!

Deep fried beancurd with tempura sauce and bonito shave on top.

Not a big fan of agedashi tofu but I guess this one's proper! The part that I like is how chewy the bottom part of the tofu is and the salty sauce! Though it's not my favorite, it's like a must haves on a Japanese restaurant, so there!

Hot/cold noodle served with assorted tempura.

This is a very authentic dish! Not many Indonesians like it but I think Japanese would love these! The green noodle is made out of wheat and green tea and you'll have to dip the noodle to the mentsuyu. I personally like to add some wasabi to the mentsuyu, since I've had these on an airplane (it's a Japanese airline). This set will be enough to fill you up, which is why we couldn't finish the whole noodles! The tempura's no doubt delicious, with or without being dipped into the mentsuyu!

I think Kiyadon is sort of underexposed compared to other Japanese restaurant, since to me, their foods are actually good! Well, there's a reason why they've survived since 2002 until now, with 7 branches. I hope for the best for Kiyadon and may they keep standing strong 'til later on!

Pacific Place
5th Floor, Unit 41 - 42
JL. Jend. Sudirman, Kav. 52 - 53
Jakarta Selatan 12190

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 11:00 am - 10:00 pm

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