26 September 2015


Yeay! Finally, a new spot in Senayan area or more specifically, at Hang Tuah road. Well, it's sort of new and located across of Traffique Coffee, so if you're coming from Senayan City, if Traffique Coffee is on your left, then La Madame here is on the right! And yeah, it's called La Madame Resto & Lounge (I know I said that already)!

La Madame is not only a restaurant but also a salon and boutique! The salon is located on the upper floor but when I came here, the stairs was still on process. In the front of the shop there's a cake shop, where they mostly sell Indonesian cakes! The perfect souvenir shop, huh?

I really love the interior, like super obsessed! I'm weak to white and clean designs, plus there's natural light everywhere! It's a dreamland for me and perfect for a photo shoot!

See how lovely the place is with it's elegant style? You just can't not fall in love with it! Notice how I used a double negative? Lol!

Just looking at the place gave me an idea that La Madame is a fine dining restaurant! When we came here, most of the customers weren't our age nor were they businessmen, they're 'aunties on a social gathering' (read: ibu-ibu arisan) and they all looked like a wealthy bunch of people!

The foods they offer is not exactly Western nor Chinese, it's Peranakan cuisine, which the result of blending Chinese ingredients with various distinct spices and cooking techniques used by the Indonesian community, like fried rice, rujak, pastel, mie ayam, nasi campur and so on!

Raspberry, mint, lemoned.

I know it's overpriced but it's because this is a mocktail in a fine dining restaurant, so I guess it's to be expected. Good thing it's perfect for the warm afternoon, since it's very refreshing, not too sweet nor sour, just a whole lot of fresh!

White rice served with braised chicken in spicy coconut sauce, spicy assorted giblets and shrimp sauce, tauco sauced tofu, teri medan, fried fresh chili.

This is the type of foods they offer, it's what Peranakan food is! Most Indonesian would find this lovely and it does taste good. Though looking at the price, I don't think many would want to spend that much for these kind of food, since you can find this even in the market with lower than half the price!

There's nothing really special about this dish. Just that it's good quality and you're eating in a beautiful restaurant, I guess that's what made it expensive!

And by the way, don't worry about those red looking chili everywhere! This ain't spicy at all, trust me, I'm no good with spicy foods as well!

Fried rice, corned beef, leek, fried egg, fried chicken, brined cucumber and Indonesian chips.

This smelt super good upon served to our table!! I'm guessing it's because they cooked the rice with the corned beef, though the price is still a bit overpriced for me but at least it's delicious! Let's forget about the price for a while and enjoy! Yum!

The chicken's also specially seasoned to perfection! Just one problem, don't know why but it's way too tough! Such a shame, since it tasted amazing!

Hainan rice, chicken, fragrant spiced pork, sweet soy egg, roasted pork.

This is me and my friend's favorite and also the most expensive..lol! Still, it's super good, so let's overlook it! Sorry to say that it's non-halal though, since there's some delicious pork there! Like any chicken rice, you'll get the soup as well and the hainan rice smelt amazing. The side dishes were just average but since there're pork, I'm totally bought! :p

Just can't get enough of the interior, so I'm gonna give you more to enjoy!

The flooring is exceptionally pretty and makes you feel like living in a castle!

Okay, I'm done feeling like a princess..lol! I'd definitely suggest this place if anyone is asking for a beautiful place but I won't if they're focusing on the foods! What do you guys think? Sacrificing some extra money to dine in a palace, would you do it?

La Madame Peranakan Cusine and Bar
Jl. Hang Tuah Raya No.8
Jakarta Selatan 12120

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm


  1. Today we had lunch with some Peranakan experts. It was very disappointing with all of our order.
    Chicken rice served with black, hard and very salty stewed pork. We believe they kept heated it up for many days. Laksa Nyonya did not taste and look like laksa. Lontong Cap Go Meh & Nasi Peranakan were not recommended at all. Mie goreng Encim was ok but really salty.
    We talked to the waiter and manager. They knew nothing and they did not even offer us to change with something else.
    Sadly the owner of this restaurant was sitting nicely near our table, just pretended knew or heard nothing.
    So please do not waste your time and money to come here!

  2. Yesterday I had lunch in this new delicious Restaraunt with my family even though I have eaten here for about ten times I still can't resist it's astonishing interior design and food like Noodle Nyonya that looks like a million dollars. It's taste is so rich as rich as a billionaire. My Favourite meal is the scrumptious Chicken Rice La Madame the chicken is a good quality Chicken Speically from Indonesia. Even though this Restaraunt is a bit expensive at least it's original, good quality and amazingly delicious. The Nasi Nona Manis had a delicious Rib eye Beef Rendang that was amazing. The owner was not to far from us but we so her helping the kitchen to get a good consistency for her meals. The waiters was also quite helpful to recommend special Cocktails, Mocktails and what meal do they recommend. I wish you could come to this Restaraunt to discover it's interior design and their delicious meals.

    1. You sounded unhappy with my critics and you copied my words style to show yr anger.
      Good luck with your business ...