28 September 2015


So we came across an unusual invitation the other day. Why was it unusual? Well because it was an invitation to a private home! Not a restaurant nor cafe but to a house in a residential! Though when we came inside it was sort of like a small restaurant with only few tables that you'll easily mistaken for a typical home furniture!

This place is called Mind Body Nucleus, located at Tulodong Bawah Raya. What they offer is something everyone needs; healthy foods! But not just any healthy foods, it's not one of those no salt or sugar, less portion, all veggies kind because eating healthy doesn't mean you have to eat bad tasting foods, it's all about metabolic balance. You just gotta get creative with your foods! They told us that if you want to have a healthy diet, you need to eat! The foods here are no different than usual foods in terms of taste but if you eat their food, you won't need to feel guilty! It's not just steamed foods but grilled, sauteed, fried, they have it all! Don't believe us? Well keep on reading!

They plant their own herbs, so you can be sure that there's no pesticides or any other chemicals added! They have planted all sorts of herbs; basil, rosemary, thyme, and more! Can you believe that they did all this in just 3 months time? Wow!

Look at how fresh these all are!

Here's their kitchen! They used the similar equipment you'll find in a restaurant or hotel, only with less quantity of course..lol! Curious about how the food will turn out to be like? Let's start with the foods then!

With Sumatra sauce, sundried tomato infused mash potato.

This definitely doesn't look like healthy foods but a normal tasty looking dish, right? But they guaranteed that it's healthy! Love the Sumatra sauce, knowing it's all homemade just blew me away!

The chicken they used is a game hen. Now I didn't know what it was but it's supposedly to have a pretty good size with a reasonable price and the meat's tender as well!

Since this is about healthy and all, you gotta eat your veggies, right? Don't worry though, it's not as bad as you think as they sauteed the veggies with garlic and well seasoned too!

A closer look to their Sumatra sauce! By the way, they did a really good job on the plating, looks fancy, don't you think?

With pesto sauce, paprika infused mash potato.

Next is this salmon and there's really nothing that can go wrong with salmon! Love how the salmon is perfectly grilled making it still super soft and tender, since I'm not a big fan of cooked salmon, so it's crucial for me!

Look at that beautiful skin! Also, the salmon goes really well with the homemade pesto sauce!

Now I really like veggies to the point where I might choose them over meat sometimes but my least favorite would be paprika! Potatoes are my favorite but since they pair it with paprika, I'm really torn here!

Garlic sauteed asparagus to go with the salmon, so it's fancy all the way! Lol! The garlic flavor's really strong though, so be warned for those who couldn't deal with garlic!

With broccoli and mushroom.

Still can't believe this is healthy? Yeah, me too..lol! Seriously though, I have never thought that healthy can taste this good! Cooked to medium well, this veal's really tender and well seasoned! The tender veal goes perfectly with the crunchy broccoli and did I mention that broccoli is one of my favorite veggies?

Meat, veggies, and mushroom..the perfect combination!

Green tomatoes mixed with beef and garlic.

Our favorite!! Yes, of course our favorite just had to go to the most unhealthy looking one..lol! Don't worry though, this is still healthy! I personally think that this really looks like Indonesian dish, doesn't it? It's spicy though, so be careful but even if I'm not a big fan of spicy foods, to me this is yummy!

Anyway, I've never seen a green cherry tomato before, so this is a totally new discovery! You gotta try eating the beef and tomato in one bite, delicious!

Here's our friendly host, Julian (don't know if it's spelled right). He's the adviser for all this and just from those very few hours of meeting him, we can definitely see the passion he has for MB Nucleus and for the health of humanity!

 He's part Italian, so expect some pasta on the menu! He's also a nutritional consultant (if I remember correctly), which is why you can trust him on all this healthy foods!

We definitely needed something like this nowadays and other than becoming healthy, there's also a side effect from the foods here and that is....losing weight! You can do your happy dance girls! Fyi, they also sell this scented liquids thingy, which could be healthy for the body and soul as well!

Mind Body Nucleus
Jl. Tulodong Bawah A7
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12190


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