30 September 2015


Back to Shangri-la for another amazing dining experience! And when we say amazing, we mean super amazing! It's Supreme Brunch and just from the name, you know that it's going to be awesome! Especially since it's from Shangri-la, a hotel with Satoo as their restaurant!

Wondering what Supreme Brunch is? Well, it's a brunch promotion available from 2nd August - 7th December 2015. The promotion is a monthly culinary carnival, where guests can explore delectable international cuisine from India, Thailand, the West, and China and appetizing Indonesian hawker food!

So by paying a certain amount of money, you can have an all you can eat buffet at not only Satoo but also Shang Palace! Yeap, you can explore both restaurant freely with more selection of cuisines than usual! Doesn't that sound marvelous?

Seeing as we've already experience an incredible dining at Satoo, we're totally psyched after hearing that we got a chance to try Shang Palace as well! Whereas Satoo has a various range of cuisine and Shang Palace focuses on Chinese cuisines, the greatest cuisine in the world!

It was both a fulfilling and fun adventure, where it's as if you're on a food scavenging hunt! There's even a map in the middle of Shang Palace and Satoo, explaining which cuisine goes where!

The desserts offered were also different than the ones we had before, since last time was the red event, where the desserts are all colored red. This time is more colorful, though the types of desserts were not that much different! The new ones I noticed is probably the cones, now we get to have ice cream on a cone!

If you're thinking of taking you're kids, have no worries, since they also provided a kids corner! There's a special corner of kids foods and game center (not the machine kind of game)!

As you can see we went full out! Yeap, this was what we had! It's not just the 2 of us though, so please relax those judging eyes..lol! We just can't help it, since the foods here are all superb and definitely high quality!

What surprises me the most was probably these fresh seafood! As you can clearly see from how many we had on our plate!

On Shang Palace my favorite would be the pork rice noodle roll (Cheong fan) and the mantou with condensed milk! I think I had 5 of the mantou myself, since it's just so fluffy! You just have to try it!


Buffet Prices :
Adults : Rp.408,000++
Children : Rp.204,000++

Supeme Brunch at Satoo & Shang Palace
Shangri-la Hotel Jakarta
Kota BNI, Level 1
JL. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 1
Jakarta Pusat

Opening Hours :
1st Sunday of the Month : 11:30 am - 03:00 pm


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